Rose Tyler sat in the TARDIS study. Donna walked in quietly. "Rose I know we haven't known each other very long, but I'd like tot think we can be honest with each other." Rose looked up and smiled.

"Of course." She stated standing up.

"Are you and The Doctor dating?" Donna asked hesitating the answer. Rose nodded. "How long?"

"A few months." Rose sighed. "We were planning on telling everyone next week."

"I'm not giving up on us." Donna said firmly fallowed by Rose chuckling sadly.

"You never give up do you."

"I know him better. We're closer than-than you two are!" Donna persisted.

"Then why'd he choose me?" Rose retorted.

"Why are you being so mean?" Donna asked not believing it. Tears springing to life in her eyes as Rose just sighed and moved closer.

"Do you want to hear the truth?" She asked and Donna nodded, unable to find a vocal response. "I get The Doctor and you get heart broken. I get to travel and marry him; you take the job at Torchwood that Jack offered you. You can't hate me for helping you. That's were you belong, not here. Not with him!" Rose said looking directly into Donna's eyes. Donna shook her head unable to believe Rose.

"No you're wrong. It's not over for us-"

"Yes it is!" Rose yelled, cutting Donna off. "God you're so frustrating sometimes. You live in this perfect fantasy and you keep pursuing a guy who doesn't want you! In the end you're going to miss true love." Rose huffed, taking a deep breath; she calmed herself down and smiled at Donna. "Now with that out of the way, you can help me with this puzzle." Rose turned around.

"No." Donna whispered, her voice broken. She turned to leave, opening the doors, only to find The Doctor standing there. Donna looked between Rose and The Doctor before leaving the room, tear finally spilling over. The Doctor looked to Roe, but she averted his gaze and settled into a seat.