The Doctor walked up the steps and onto the podium, facing the small gathering of family and friends. You see the Doctor never truly was good at public speaking. He took another look over the crowd, when he caught Donna's eyes. She was smiling and urged him to go on.

"Uh-my name's The Doctor, as many of you know, and I've known Donna for a good part of my life." He looked down at her and smiled. She looked so lovely in her wedding dress. The Doctor sucked in a breath. "Actually the first tie I met Donna was on her wedding day, and she saved my life, just as she has over the past years. So its only fitting that I let her go at a wedding." He smiled when he caught Jacks cheeky grin.

"I'm entrusting her to you." he announced pointing to the groom. "So if you hurt Donna, remember this, you can run from a Time Lord, but you can't escape from one." The Doctor saw Donna roll her eyes, smiling up to him. "So I guess I've reached the part in the speech where I congratulate the two of you. So Donna, Owen congratulations! I wish you all the happiness time and space has to offer." He smiled and looked at the couple.

"Everyone I present Mr. and Mrs. Owen Harper." The Doctor raised his glass out and everyone cheered. The Doctor watched as Donna looked up at Owen and kisses him lovingly.

The Doctor walked into his TARDIS drained of all energy and happiness. Don't get him wrong, he was ecstatic that Donna got her happy ending, because if anyone deserved one, it was her.

He threw his tuxedo jacket onto the railing, as he walked up the ramp. So now once again, The Doctor was left alone and companion-less. He sighed and tried to take his mind off of Donna. After all losing your best friend, someone who knew things about himself that he'd rather forget, was hard. Someone who had been his equal for long, was now gone.

The Doctor started to walk off to change when he heard the doors open. He turned and found Donna and Owen standing there, on the ramp, smiling at him. "Wha-What are you guys doing here?" Donna just smiled and walked over to him.

"We're here to travel. You didn't think you'd get rid of me that easily, did you?" The Doctor just grinned at the couple stuffing his hands in his pants pockets.

"Allons-y!" The Doctor chimed.

"Allons-y." Owen repeated as he walked over to the two friends, entangling his hand in his wife's.

And just like that, they were off.