A quick few 'thank you's.

First to C. Theron Vulpin for editing out my gramer and spelling mistakes, and improving the quality of this gibberish. Any errors left over are his fault, so blame him.

Second, a thank you to the ponies managing Equestria Daily. Because they posted updates to this thing, and it lets me read some comments on it.

Finally, a thank you to you readers. Because you read this, and apparently that warrants praise. Good job, I guess?

Anyways, a lot of speculation was thrown around about where this story was going. I admit, it changed a lot from some of my intial ideas, but one thing remained the same: Sepia Tock never was going to Doctor Whoof. Out on point, I thought about turning him into Hayseed through time shenanigans, but that seemed to odd a fate. So he starts and ends as Sepia Tock, sarcastic clockmaker.

Also, because some have asked: yes, you may use Sepia Tock in your stories. He's meant as my gift to the fandom. It was the fact the fandom had decided one of the background ponies was a time lord that got me into the show, but it didn't strike me as fair that he doesn't have an interpretation more in line with the actual show. As fun as the concept is, Gallifrey just doesn't fit into the Ponyverse. At least, not in my mind.

So, please, use Sepia. Alter his personality however you need. Keep him sarcastic, or turn him into a mad scientist, heck, make him a mad pony who thinks he's actually is Doctor Whoof. Whatever fits your story. The template here, use it.

Anyways, I wrote a piece of fan fiction, and (I assume) you just read it. I enjoyed my side of the arrangement, so I hope you enjoy your side.

I'm going to go do something else now.


edit 9/22/11- you do not have to credit me for use of Sepia. You can if you'd like, but you don't need to.

Also: if you want a sequel, write it yourself. I honestly have no idea how to continue this story, and I'd like to work on some original content fiction.