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A Beacon Lost

Chapter 01: The Start

It smelled. It always smelled. Every time Obi-Wan entered Jabba the Hutt's domain it always smelled of smoke and trash. Every type of trash. To spoiled food on the floor to the dancing, sweaty Twi'leks girls each scantily clad as they moved their bodies sinuously around the floor, pleasing the many alien males though Obi-Wan wasn't among them. He had lost all such foolish emotions with his heart when he had found out of the Duchess of Mandalore's, Satine Kryze, death.

Obi-Wan didn't have time to dread on the past. More dancers were pouring in, signifying Jabba was close.

The people around him pressed more as they made room for the seductive Twi'leks as they danced their sexy dances. Some danced on the floor and groaned with pleasure as the males eyes watched them while others danced in pairs, stroking each others' bodies with delight. Kenobi had seen the same dances many times before. Jabba was never very creative. Never for the three years Kenobi had been here had he seen Jabba change the dances, just the dancers.

The crowd pressed closer, causing his hood to fall down. No one cared. He was a regular, trusted by Jabba and even rumored to be the right-hand man of all the most powerful Huts, though most of the time he worked with Jabba.

Obi-Wan's nose wrinkled when a particularly smelly pig alien squished next to him. "Roses and dandelions, roses and dandelions," Obi-Wan whispered quietly as he tried to remember such sweet smells in such a rank area.

The Gamorrean alien snorted something unintelligible in reply. Obi-Wan nodded and folded his arms. "Yes, I do agree. Your smell does seem to have an intoxicating aroma." The pig snorted again. "Really? Is that a new cologne? I should get some of your 'snrt' next time I need to go shopping." The pig suddenly grabbed Kenobi's hand and slipped a small item into his hand. "Thank you, I will use this cologne later." The pig's beady eyes turned to him as if asking for something. Obi-Wan nodded and gave the pig a couple of hundred credits in return. The alien snorted in acknowledgement before moving through the crowd with apparent ease, for his size and bulk cleared the way.

Obi-Wan turned his attention back to the dancers after he placed the small object into his pocket. It was obvious that they were tired and overworked. He'll need to tell Jabba to get a new batch later.

As if summoned, the music changed and lights were turned on as Jabba came into the room with his silver 3PO droid. It was still unnerving to Obi-Wan how so much lard and fat could move.

The dancers ran out of his way, melding with the crowd to the males delight as many were sexually harassed or groped. Two such dancers, one a dark reddish tinge with only a silk dress that clung to her breasts due to her sweat and enticing figure while the other a turquoise color that wore a much too small, tight bra that seemed about to burst any second from her impressive bosom, came next to Obi-Wan. No one came near them. As if thanking him from keeping the dirty males away, the two dancers clung to him tightly, wiggling their bodies against his, trying to draw out a sign of enjoyment from Obi-Wan which they would take as a view of appreciation.

Jabba, his mounds of fat jiggling under the many lights, finally slithered to his perch where he could see the entire dance floor. Many of the aliens raised their glasses to him and roared in their gratitude for having them at the party. He nodded, his several chins shaking as if attacked by an earthquake, and clapped his hands, signifying the new entertainment.

More dancers as well as a frog-alien singer came out and provided the audience with a large spectacle of singing and dancing. Obi-Wan truly found it amazing and hard to understand how the crowd of testosterone could get so excited by just body movement and a string of words that held no real importance or meaning. Then again, lust was a powerful emotion.

"Master Kenobi." The said looked to the 3PO droid who had singled out in the crowd. The aliens around the Jedi dispersed away from him, except for the dancers who still clung to him, although both looked as if they wished they hadn't. "The Great Jabba the Hut wishes you to join him." Kenobi nodded in compliance.

"Tell the Great Jabba the Hut that I would be honored to be graced with his presence." Changing his gaze to the gallons of fat, the Jedi bowed his head to Jabba who laughed happily. As if by an invisible force, the crowd separated in front of him giving him a easy pathway causing more than one voice to curse something obscene.

Although walking slowly, it took only a minute for Kenobi to reach Jabba who actually smiled in greeting. The 'Great' Jabba, his voice rumbling, spoke to the robot. "The Great Jabba the Hutt hopes you will enjoy yourself while watching new entertainment." What Jabba considered 'new' was the same number and dance though this time with different dancers. As far as Obi-Wan could tell, seeing a Twi'lek, he didn't remember, kissing a second one was the same routine that had been played for years within these walls.

Kenobi shook his head. "I must apologize for my lack of obvious enjoyment. Especially since, the Great Jabba the Hutt has been a gracious host, but there are matter of certain importance which require his great scrutiny." Jabba nodded, his chins flopping, and looked to Obi-Wan in complete concentration. "We first have the dancers from the last dance and currently being... entertained by the crowd. However, unfortunate, they need to be replaced since they are unable to keep up with your refined standards." Jabba, eyeing Obi-Wan, had a thoughtful look on his face, but, after a moment of thinking, nodded anyway, seeing no harm. "I will keep them as usual with your permission of course." Jabba nodded again looking bored after just hearing the first report. He had hoped for more groundbreaking happenings. Though he would put up with the usual reports since Kenobi provided him with useful information from time to time.

"We also must discuss the slave auctions as well. Tomorrow there will be a couple of Wookies as well as Ewoks coming in." Jabba, tired to such miscellaneous reports, waved his hand in acknowledgement as he turned his attention back to the dancers who had begun to straddle the poles and rub the walls.

"The Great Jabba the Hut had foreseen this and has already preorder their shipment," the 3PO droid, also Jabba's secretary thus knowing every decision Jabba made though the memory is wiped clean every 24 hours so as to prevent the information from leaking, said mechanically.

Kenobi frowned, his beard starting to feel itchy under the oppressive heat. "No. The Great Jabba cannot buy these slaves. I have seen them for what they truly are, and they are no ordinary slaves. They are possibly bounty hunters." Jabba laughed, but was more like an earthquake as his whole body rippled.

Jabba spoke to the 3PO droid again which translated, "The Great Jabba the Hutt finds your caution unneeded. His magnificence believes that these slaves will make great sport for the Arena."

Obi-Wan sighed unable to hide his annoyance in his voice, he wish he could, but he wasn't the idol Jedi everyone thought he was. It had been so hard to please them- his master, Qui-Gon, who always heaped him with praise he never deserved, Master Yoda always had respect for his decisions that he shouldn't have receive, and Anakin who would never admit it, but Obi-Wan knew better, that he was proud to have such a 'perfect Jedi' as a master. He didn't and hadn't deserve any of it. "The Great Jabba the Hutt has seemed to forgotten about the last set of slaves that were to fight in the Arena. They, being bounty hunters of lower calibers than the ones I suspect now, almost killed him as well as the others among the Grand Council. Your status, I dully remember, fell." Jabba bristled at hearing his failure, his eyes warning Obi-Wan to go no further.

"The Great Jabba the Hutt dislikes your tone."

"The Great Jabba can dislike all he wants. If he doesn't listen to it, then I'm afraid I would be unable to protect him from this threat." While the droid translated, Jabba seemed almost afraid as Obi-Wan evenly stared at the tub of lard. Jabba knew Obi-Wan was an important asset and ally, he had already saved Jabba's life five times. If he is right again, which he is usually, then Jabba would be without a powerful ally that may turn on him by switching sides to another Hutt, and that would be devastating for Kenobi knew almost everything about Jabba's crime organization and personal life, somehow creating contacts and friends under Jabba's large eyes.

Jabba grumbled something to the droid. "The Great Jabba the Hutt will take your caution under advisement. He thanks you for such news as it will surely affect his decision."

Obi-Wan nodded, but remained expressionless. Satisfaction was hard to find him these days. "The last matter of the day is Separatists and the Republic are all now vying for new allies. The Hutt Council shall meet in a couple of months as you well know to discuss the matter and meet their diplomats. I might suggest for the Great Jabba the Hut to rethink his position among them." Although Obi-Wan didn't say it in too many words, he hoped Jabba would get the message.

While the droid translated Jabba finally noticed the dancers who both shivered under Jabba's gaze clinging to Obi-Wan. He pointed with his meaty hand and spoke to the droid angrily. "The Great Jabba the Hutt demands why these two are here instead of providing entertainment for his majestic self."

Being the objects of Jabba's ire, the two, scantily-clad dancers clung to Obi-Wan ever harder. He could feel them shaking in fear, their bodies covered in a cold sweat. Jabba the Hutt was a infamous, horrible master. "Unfortunately, these girls are now my property since you've agreed for me to get rid of them." Jabba glared at Obi-Wan whom was completely calm, not at all afraid of Jabba The Hutt decided not to make a big deal out of it. Obi-Wan had the right to claim them since Jabba had already given the word. Even if he didn't, Jabba wouldn't stop him, Obi-Wan was too great an asset to lose, at least for now.

Jabba waved his pudgy hand, the fat rolling across his arms, and turned his attention back to the other available dancers and singer who began a new number. The droid stiffly bowed to Obi-Wan. "The Great Jabba must rest." Noting the signal to leave, the Jedi nodded and bowed to Jabba before looking for the five other dancers that had been caught among the male aliens.

As Obi-Wan slowly found them among the crowd, he watched as one was stripped of her clothing, while the males unzipped their pants, revealing harden dicks. The beautiful, lithe Twi'lek girl yelled in horror and struggled to no avail as the males held her down, letting the first of them, a leathery Weequay, about to enter her.

"ENOUGH!" Obi-Wan shouted, using the Force to amplify his voice so that it blew back the crowd of males that held the dancers down. Like an invisible hand, the aliens were picked up and thrown across the room like rag dolls as they were caught by their comrades or simply left to hit the ground and walls, apart from the five dancers who still stood, shocked. All eyes were on him, except Jabba who clapped his hands in amusement, his body jiggling due to the impact of such lard filled arms. He did love to see the Force being used.

Obi-Wan surveyed the crowd, especially the males who had almost raped the Twi'lek slaves. Though his face was calm, he really felt disgusted that he was even the same gender as them. Instead of saying something vile at the Weequay, Obi-Wan simply said, "Sorry for interrupting the party, but my girls and I must go." He didn't need to signify his 'girls' since they were the only ones in the immediate area that were still standing. Emotionless, Kenobi walked toward the exit while Jabba laughed and clapped his hands after him. The Twi'lek girls, seeing their chance to be rid of these unpleasant fellows, followed him, happy to be away from the lustful crowd and with their bodies unsoiled.

Before he could reach the exit however, a group of twelve, armed Weequay space pirates were blocking his path. "Where are you taking our entertainment?" the leading one asked suspiciously. Every time, Obi-Wan had stopped the leathery aliens from their fun while it was getting good and each time he got away. Not this time.

Obi-Wan calmly stared at him. To say the least, the unyielding gaze was unnerving the Weequay. The Jedi's eyes would not falter and his gaze steady and unyielding, but there something more that expressed a hardened will that would not bend, the pirate leader had to look away. "These girls are mine. If you have problem, I suggest bringing it up with the Great Jabba the Hutt. I'm sure he is more than willing to hear your misplaced complaints" Obi-Wan motioned to Jabba who was busy watching another performance of singing and dancing. Although he could've used his powers to simply yell past the pirates, Obi-Wan wouldn't use the Force again it was too dangerous if another Jedi felt a disturbance by him and would start looking him.

As most of the crowd pick themselves up and turn to watch the performance, forgetting about the Jedi, the pirate leader grimaced, his eyes glued to the ground. He wanted the dancers, badly, but he didn't want them at the cost of Jabba's anger. "Fine, but Jabba won't be able to protect you forever, Ex-Jedi." The Weequay leader spat out the last word and on the floor as he made room for Obi-Wan and his slaves.

"Well when that happens I'll be sure to visit you," Kenobi, unfazed by the threat, said lightly as the last of his dancers filed out. Seeing the last one was completely naked, Kenobi gave her his brown robe which she took happily especially since it covered her from the harsh arid atmosphere outside. Kenobi thought he felt someone familiar nearby when he gave the girl his cloak. No, it was impossible. No one would find him here.

-Smooth Transition-

Aayla Secura, in her tiny black bra and tight black pants, couldn't believe her eyes as she danced next to her counterpart. She had been in guise of a slave hoping to influence Jabba with her 'skills' at the askance of the Senate, however that was only half the mission. So she never thought she would see the famous Obi-Wan standing next to the great crime lord.

What is he doing here? Aayla thought as she hid herself using her partner as a shield when Obi-Wan stood next to Jabba, more than a little curious. They were talking about something, but the damn singer next to her was too loud. She had to get closer somehow.

As Aayla moved to get closer, her partner in a similar outfit stopped her by embracing her sensuously, crushing their breasts uncomfortably in between the two sweat riveted bodies. "You can't," the purple Twi'lek whispered, her voice tickling Aayla's ear, as she stroked Aayla's well-defined butt, causing shivers to go its owner's body. "The master would be displeased." Aayla was about to open her mouth in retort, but the other Twi'lek used her own mouth to shut Aayla's. Secura tried to get away, but the purple Twi'lek kept hold, wrapping her tongue around Aayla's. The damn bitch was using her lips to keep the Jedi's mouth open.

The men around them yelled for more. They were hyped up for more, too hyped up. Now Aayla couldn't get anywhere without tugging her deadweight partner as well as being watched by hundreds of eyes.

Although her lips locked, Aayla watched Obi-Wan with her eyes as he kept talking to Jabba at the same time trying to free her tongue from this harpy.

Secura's eyes lit up when she felt her partner reaching for the Jedi's pants. The slut was trying to strip her! She even had the gall to start rubbing Aayla's sweet spot.

Aayla beat her to the punch. She gave up on freeing her mouth and grabbed her partner's bra and ripped it off, showering the ground with sweat, and threw it to the ground. All eyes were on her partner for her dark purple nipples were in full display and erected as well as her sexy tan lines that gave her breasts a lighter hue of purple than the rest of her body. Aayla's partner tried to scream, but Aayla didn't let her go as she held onto her partner's arms and tripped her.

Falling to the dance floor, the slave let go of Aayla's mouth at the same time Aayla let go of her arms. She hit the colorful floor hard and was about to get up, but Aayla placed her crotch into the slave's mouth effectively shutting her up from giving away Aayla's position to Obi-Wan. The Jedi also grabbed her partner's right boob with her hand and rubbed it in circles, every once in a while twisting the nipple to cause a muffled scream from the Twi'lek under her. She placed her own hand against her crotch, pretending to rub it, and rocked back and forth. She body rolled slowly, her abs showing and her bra straining to hold her bosom in, exciting the males around them who had hoped for a complete strip show. She closed her eyes, feigning pleasure, but she kept them slightly open to see Jabba pointed at Obi-Wan's two dancers.

"What is he doing?" Aayla muttered, twisting her partner's nipple harder causing her to scream in surprise, but was muffled. Why was the Negotiator here? After so many years of Anakin's and Ahsoka's fruitless searching, why did she, someone who didn't care for him as much, find the man of interest. It hardly seemed fair for her to find him, after all Anakin and his young padawan never gave up while she just gave up about the whole ordeal.

Although no matter how unpleasant being watched by all these disgusting male aliens, Aayla had to at least pretend to be enjoying this and keep the lingering thoughts in the back of her mind.

Finally, the singer got softer. Taking advantage of the situation, Aayla strained her head trying to listen. Come on, a little closer.

She blinked as she flew through the sky, the room whirling around her. She had never seen nor heard of this before. Obi-Wan had somehow combined the Force with his voice; it had caught her completely off guard. She smashed into a group of male aliens whom were equally caught by surprise and didn't even bother catching her as she thumped into them.

Freeing herself from the tangle of limbs, Aayla tried to get up, but one of those smelly Gamorrean aliens grabbed her firm ass with a meaty hand. Reflexes taking control, she whipped around and punched hard him across the face. Holding his snout, the swine fell back in pain as she got up to her feet. It was hard being female sometimes. How did Ahsooka deal with it when Anakin starts going hormonal? Probably sends in his girlfriend.

All around her people had been lifted off their feet as well as been blown back into the crowd.

It took a minute to orientate herself, but she just saw Obi-Wan without his robe walking away from the room. So she was right. But damn. She had been so close to finding out what he and Jabba were talking about. But she couldn't help but ask herself this question, what was Obi-Wan doing here?

-Smooth Transition-

"Damn Jedi," the Weequay pirate leader spat, his saliva quickly covered by the sand, as he followed Obi-Wan and his dancers through the alleys. Obi-Wan had gone through a maze of twists and turns, that even the pirates who knew the streets like the back of their hands almost got lost. They had planned to ambush him when he was out of Jabba's home, but Kenobi somehow kept ahead at a walking pace. Although surrounded by bustling criminal activities and other such justified professions, the alleys he took, however, were always empty. He was never obstructed nor stopped by anything or anyone thus keeping his lead over his hunters.

"Come on!" the leader shouted as he saw they were finally gaining on Kenobi who had slowed down his progress along with his seven dancers. Turning the last corner, the pirate understood why. It was the Jedi's Palace, Obi-Wan's home.

"Hey why are we stopping?" one of his henchmen asked from behind. The leader surveyed his eleven men behind him, they had only brought blaster pistols. He wasn't too sure it would be enough.

"Shut up," the leader snapped, turning to the building once more. It was a large four story building that had almost no windows besides a balcony on the third story and four windows on each side of it. It was too risky to try and climb up the tall building to the balcony so the only way would be the front door. It was a normal door that looked to be voice activated.

"What are we waiting for sir?" another henchmen asked ready to shoot some Jedi and to rape some Twi'leks. The latter thought of last caused the Weequay to lick his dry lips in anticipation as well as enjoy the sensation of blood rushing to his more hormonal appendages,

"Shut up!" the leader whispered harshly. "Don't you know where this is?"

The henchmen had been whispering to one another mostly about what they would do with their soon to be new toys, but now went silent. They all heard the stories. The Jedi's Palace or Obi-Wan's Palace was a true enigma, but the known stories are that anyone who had gone in has never come out. It was generic story really like a cannibal cave or a ship-sinking cove or just some random poisonous meteor.

Yet, what gave the Palace its extra touch was that people could hear giggling and laughter as the people found the heads of the intruders in the main plaza, being eaten by various carnivorous birds and pet aliens. The eyes were always torn out, the tongue ripped in half and their scalp shaved off. But there was another rumor that kept such fools coming. One worth dying for.

"Let's go, boys!" the leader, gathering up his resolve, yelled driving away his fear at the uncomfortable thought. His men yelled in reply as they shot the door down. The leader screamed at the top of his lungs as he ran into the dark room. His men followed loyally, expecting to be cut down, but they were happily surprised. Well more than happy. More like lustfully satisfied.

Inside was almost like heaven. A red carpet was laid out before them that was surrounded by stripper poles and the strippers on them, but also led to a giant white bed in the shape of a circle. Above the poles were suspended cages that had locked up stunning Twi'leks inside who were dancing to the music that had immediately stopped when the pirates had came in. Above the pirates were also dancers who held their voluptuous bodies up by only using the colorful array of streamers.

The room was lit by multiple lights of diverse colors that blended and mixed together, making it seem like the room was a different color every couple of seconds.

"Tell me I'm dreaming," one of the henchmen whispered in awe as he let go of his gun. His weapon landed with a muffled thump against the carpet, unnoticed by its master. He stood there, staring at all the dancers who wore different outfits from tiny, blue nipple tassels to black dominatrix leather.

The captain couldn't agree more. "So both rumors are true." The other rumor had been that Obi-Wan stockpiled all the disposed dancers and based them here for his entertainment. By now he had to have at least over two hundred or even close to four hundred for all the years he's been serving the Hutts. Yet, the captain noticed there were only Twi'leks as far as the eye could see. Where were the other races of dancers?

On the bed was a light red, almost pinkish Twi'lek who wore a black eye patch around her left eye. She sat on the fluffy bed, her tattooed brain-tails almost reaching her waist, with her lean arms supporting her from behind. She adorned a furry, white robe that was tied with a equally white and furry sash at her waist, giving them a glimpse of her well-rounded, large breasts and very low cleavage. She had some kind of mark on her left breast, but it was half hidden by her robe. She stared at them, her blue colored lips pursed in curiosity.

"Well, what do we have here?" she asked, her voice surprisingly sultry, causing the Weeguays' hearts to leap in their bodies. Besides her sat other Twi'lek women whom all stared at the intruders each had eyes filled with a certain hunger that made the Weequay raiders swoon with pleasure.

The Weequay pirates stuttered. The pink Twi'lek was nothing like they had seen. She was hauntingly beautiful with delicate, rounded features, and incredibly well formed even for a Twi'lek, but in addition her fired-up eye was exotic as well as its purple pupil. She was a being that would haunt a man for all his life. A woman whose eye would suck the very life out of any living male. A woman who could steal a male's spirit and tear it up, and he would still love her.

The leader found his voice first. "W-we..." He didn't get to finish as multiple Twi'leks of varying colors surrounded him and his stunned crew, each being pulled into a different direction. The Twi'leks deftly and slyly took their guns away while tugging the slack-jawed Weequays, except for the leader who refused to let go of his, a little more cautious than his shocked crew.

"Come here," the pink one said, more of a command, courteously, batting her one eye, as two striking Twi'leks, a green and yellow one, pulled him toward her. "We must celebrate, we do not get many males around here." Although his body tingled with warmth, the Weequay captain tried keep his mind clear to think, but all the aromas from the perfume as well as the soft touch of the Twi'leks clouded his mind. It was just a celebration. He had wanted this, right? Or was it something else? He couldn't remember all of the sudden, his anger being replaced by a faint sense of bliss.

His men were each led and secluded to a different area, surrounded by at least three attending dancers. Overwhelmed, the lucky leader was led directly to the eye-catching, pink one. She was a rarity. A lithe Twi'lek with large tits were very hard to come by.

"Come sit," she implored, her voice more like an enticing purr. A large pitcher of crimson, red liquid was next to her as well as two golden cups. "Drink." She handed him a glass that had already been filled. The captain couldn't stop himself. He swallowed all of the blood-colored liquid, draining the glass to the last drop. Well satisfyingly smacking his lips, he could hear his men laughing and enjoying themselves from the giggles and teasing slaps. Maybe it was his turn.

Abruptly, he reached out for the pink Twi'lek's impressive breast, but he must have miscalculated the distance for she was beyond arm's reach. He almost fell over but caught himself at the last second, partially due to the fact that a Twi'lek behind him held him up. Regarding him due to his sudden movement, the one-eyed Twi'lek tilted her beautiful face to him, her one eye drawing him in magnetically. "Is anything wrong?" Just hearing her voice made the Weequay's body tingle with delight.

"N-no," he replied drunkenly and somewhat hesitantly. What was in that juice? It tasted sublime, yet his head was so dizzy he could hardly focus on the beauty in front of him. Beauties, he corrected himself as the liquid caused him to see multiple Twi'leks. He felt as if his head was floating in the air and that his body was warmed by a cloak of heat.

"Excellent," she said softly as she scooted closer to him, her body resonating warmth. Her face just inches away from his rubbery one caused him to feel more than a little hot. He could feel the heat rising to his face and rising in his little friend between his legs as well.

She was a goddess.

He couldn't help but gape at her breasts that were almost spilling out from her robe as she breathed heavily. "Now what may I ask did you come for?" Her words were so tantalizing and so graceful, he was afraid that he would lose control and just rape her there. He was so entranced by her that he didn't even noticed his goblet being refilled by a serving Twi'lek.

The leader knew he shouldn't tell her, but she was just a woman, right? "We came looking for the damn Jedi," he, his mind cleared due to his antipathy, answered viciously, his voice drunken, but without stutters. He raged for a bit about how the Jedi thought he was better and got all the good things, and so on and so forth. Three years of jealousy uncorked and all told to the listening Twi'lek who blinked every time he said something nasty about the Jedi. He thought it was her just being surprised at the unfairness of it all, but he was wrong.

"So you are going to try and slay him." If the leader wasn't so drunk he may have noticed the giggles had disappeared. He may also have stopped himself, but he couldn't. It was too tempting not to voice his thoughts.

"R-right! Kill, butcher, and chop him up to itty-bitty pieces so that I can feed my birds with his shit corpse!" he hollered as loud as he could, raising his golden glass in a toast, the contents dribbled over his hand from his hearty shake. For a second, he regained his senses due to the ice-cold liquid on his hand that slightly sobered him on. Surveying around him, he studied the stares of the surrounding dancers. They were those of hatred, not excitement. He also noticed his men or the lack of. Where were they? What had happened to their laughter and excitement?

"So you wish to kill Master Kenobi?" His heart leaping in his chest for an entirely different reason this time, the leader turned around to see the pink Twi'lek staring at him with the same hate as the rest of the Twi'leks.

Holding his breath, the Weequay didn't answer, still looking for some sign of his men. A cold sweat went down his spine as he felt the glares from the dancers, the hairs standing on the back of his neck...wait he didn't have any. The beauties were like tigers ready to pounce on him, waiting for him to make a wrong move.

Giving up on finding his men, he then moved his eyes forward as he slowly reached for his pistol. All he needed to do was grab it and place it against the Twi'lek in front of him and use her as a hostage.

Before he could he even put a hand on it, one of the ribbon dancers quietly lowered herself from behind him and casually stole the pistol from its holster. His fingers grasping, the Weeguay's hand grabbed thin air, his eyes in shock. He heard someone laughing above him. The leader took a moment to look up, curious to see who had done it. The dancer had wound herself up, out of his arms reach and was laughing at him, taunting him by dangling the gun barely out of his reach.

"No one shall touch him." Feeling the animosity raging toward him, the Weeguay looked back at the hauntingly beautiful Twi'lek. His head angled at a perfect forty-five degree, he felt a cold piece of metal slitting his throat. It was a small, curved dagger. His body felt cold as his lifeblood poured from his neck. Although he tried to stem it with his hands, there was too much gushing out from his neck. Struggling to get some aid, he sluggishly fell off the bed and onto the ground with a heavy thump, his body twitching as the last of his conscience faded. Pushing his head up weakly, he was able to look up one last time. The pink one's crest. It was a the Jedi's order emblem, upside-down.

"Damn you," the Weequay rasped out with his last breath, the last of his blood squirting onto the carpet. The pink Twi'lek threw the knife away, the disgusting liquid from the incredibly annoying and ugly alien coated it.

"Naarva?" Warmth overcoming her body at the sound of Kenobi's voice, the pink one looked to Obi-Wan who had been watching the whole charade from a one-sided mirror in the room twenty feet behind the bed. He had walked out from the room with the seven dancers each wide-eyed at the spectacle. They had needed to see this to erase the horror of almost being raped, especially the one who clung to Obi-Wan who wore his robe. Those males were the ones that embodied the horror of such a crime. "What was that?"

Naarva smiled, her face free of tension. After listening to that incredibly rude man, it was good to hear Obi-Wan's voice. "It was what you taught me. Divide and Conquer." True to the tactic, the other eleven Weequay were all dead, expertly slit in the throat by other dancers who sheathed away their knives. It amazed Obi-Wan, an expert Jedi, how they wore such little clothing, yet still be able to hide weapons. Each one carried the same mark as Naarva on their breast.

Kenobi rubbed the back of his head, a little uncomfortable with the fact that twelve dead bodies were in his house though it wasn't the first time. "Yes...but I had hope you would spare the carpet." It was true. The carpet was stained with the Weequays' yellow blood and now looked unnaturally like something else Kenobi wouldn't care to say. Naarva shrugged unconcerned seeing it had nothing to do with herself.

"It gives it color." Kenobi shook his head. True it was a white furry floor surrounding the red was more of a pathway to the bed, but he didn't want it stained with yellow blood. Red to match maybe, but not yellow.

"Right," Kenobi commented, stretching out the word doubtfully as he sighed, his hand over his face in frustration. "Just remove the bodies at least." He didn't need to ask for the bodies had disappeared already, probably by some of the dancers from early. Although addressed to Naarva, she didn't deem it her duty to.

With a tilt of her head, Naarva motioned for a grey Twi'lek dancer wearing only two straps that failed to cover almost any part of her body except for her 'female parts', to come over. "Let me introduce Yura. She will be your guide for the tour around your home, should you wish to stay with us." Opening his mouth, Obi-Wan had wanted to do that himself, but the girls were whisked away by Yura before he could say anything. He also noticed that many of the dancers were watching him, waiting for him.

"Alright, go ahead." The dancers went to their various positions, some straddling the poles, others aerial spinning in the air, and some dancing in front of him without any clothing, their breasts bouncing in the light with sweat trickling down their petite bodies. The music started up again, making it seem like the whole place was a strip club...oh wait it kind of was.

Obi-Wan sat down on the bed with Naarva who grabbed his arm, pressing it against her large tits. The large orbs were heavenly soft, but Obi-Wan could feel the hardness of her nipples through her supple white robe. She rested her head against his broad shoulder, watching two Twi'lek dancers, one yellow and the other orange, try to do their best to make Obi-Wan notice them. Slithering against one another, they rubbed against each other with oil, their bodies glistening in the light, but Obi-Wan, his thoughts elsewhere, seemed to stare past them. They rubbed their bodies together even harder, eliciting a pleasured moan from each of them that would have lesser men on their knees, but still Obi-Wan would not pay attention to their erotic dancing.

"Master Kenobi." Snapped out of his thoughts, Obi-Wan turned to Naarva. Finally, he, his eyes pure, looked at her. She still couldn't get rid of the sense of feeling dirty just by being near the dead Weequays, but Obi-Wan's gentle gaze stopped her agitation.

"Naarva, I told you already I'm not your master. Just call me Obi-Wan," the 'master' replied softly as he draped his arm around her shoulders and hugged her warmly, but not flirtatiously nor suggestively. Wanting more than just comfort, Naarva grabbed his other arm and held it tightly in front of her. At that moment Obi-Wan was hers, not her fellow dancers, not to the Jedi Council that plagued his memories, nor the Satine ghost, but hers.

"Fine. Obi-Wan," Naarva said, conceding for now, "I am feeling unnaturally hot."

Worried, Obi-Wan eyes widen, searching for any symptoms. "Where? Are you alright?" He stared at her trying to discern her illness. Could have been the Weequays? Did they had some sort of disease?

Done with his search of her body, his eyes were on her face when she stopped him, "Not there." Tugging his hand delicately yet persistently, she slipped his calloused hand into her white robe, guiding him to her hot, right breast. "Here." Kenobi, although against the thought did not stop her, sighed, a little flustered and exasperated.

"Right now?" Oh Kenobi, anytime is a good time.

"Now." Without warning, Naarva stood up and grabbed his armor. With vigor and vim, she tore it off piece by piece until he was completely naked, his cock hanging limply. Naarva was going to fix that. She needed it. She needed to feel clean. She needed his giant cock inside her pussy, rubbing away the dirt.

Slowly undoing her white robe's sash in an attempt to entice Obi-Wan, her only article of clothing fell to the floor; her incredible body was in full display. The robe may have shown her cleavage, but it failed to accent her breasts. To be honest, Kenobi have never seen such large ones. To call them large was an understatment. They were more akin to two round mountains. He had to use both of his hands mostly cover one. Her thick, inch-long nipples were a dark red that only intensified her beauty. Her hips were wide that accented her equally wide ass, her slim, long legs with tight thighs smooth and firm, and her long, supple backside that seemed to go on forever. Truly an alien of beauty.

"Naarva." The said ignored him as she, although taking the initiative, tentatively pulled him to the edge of the fluffy bed. He was still her master, and he needed to be treated with respect."I'm tired and I need sleep for the slave auction tomorrow."

Naarva looked at Obi-Wan, her one eye told him politely to shut up. Why do men never understand these things? "Then this will make you sleep better." Naarva suddenly bent in front of Obi-Wan, her large jugs jiggling, sexily. With her delicate hands, she grabbed Obi-Wan's cock and rubbed it back and forth with quick small strokes, warming the appendage. Although Obi-Wan said he didn't want to, his dick was of a different mind.

Although used to watching his cock grow, Naarva, surprised as ever, watched as it grew to reach almost a foot in height. It was wide enough that she could barely grab it with both of her hands and his balls were each almost the size of the her fist. Unable to contain herself, Naarva shivered in delight and anticipation, thinking of how much he would make her feel 'clean'.

"Please enjoy yourself, Obi-Wan." Without a another word, Naarva stopped stroking his shaft and grabbed the front of her massive breasts. trying to envelop them around his cock. Naarva was completely and pleasantly surprised when she saw his dick still three inches above her giant tits. Naarva licked her lips. She caressed his dick with her tits, slowly, but with long strokes. Obi-Wan didn't respond until the fifth stroke in which he unconsciously bucked his hips forward, slamming his balls into the bottom of her breasts causing them to delightfully shake.

Naarva smiled as she saw Obi-Wan closing his eyes in pleasure, his neck arched back. Serving him with her tits, she loved to see him so pleasured. "Let me titfuck your giant dick senseless." Giving his consent, Obi-Wan nodded, his senses completely gone as he could only focus on the incredible softness, but tight feeling of her tits rubbing against his cock. With renewed vigor and lust, Naarva tighten her grip and sped up her strokes, so fast that any observers would have thought she was on a vibrating chair.

Her breasts were heavenly soft yet also hellishly tight. Obi-Wan could feel his cock chafing against them, begging to let loose his seed. They were so warm, very warm.

Each time her breasts came down, they were met by a meaty thwak from Obi-Wan's balls. All the dancers could hear the two love-making even with the music on and were doing their most not to stare, but every one of them couldn't help it. Still, they danced and were rewarded with Obi-Wan's gaze as he felt lust creeping into his body from the titfuck and the alien beauties' exotic dances, from striping to pole dancing, that would have left many men pleading for reprieve.

Warmth rising through his body, Obi-Wan could feel his dick twitching as Naarva suddenly stopped using her incredible tits and engulfed his cock's head with her mouth, trying to deep throat it. Yet, it was too much no matter how willing she was. Naarva pulled her head back needing air. Feeling Naarva's grip loosen around his giant cock, Obi-Wan took advantage of her momentary weakness.

"Naarva." Frowning at herself at being unable to please her 'master' more, the said looked up. With incredible quickness, Obi-Wan carefully picked her up and laid her across the bed. Obi-Wan could feel his dick stir for more at the sight of such a beautiful creature. Feeling the warm, soft skin under his hands, he turned her around, her light red ass waving in the air for him.

Lustfully impatient, Naarva wiggled her ass, jiggling enticingly, again and sultrily moaned for his huge cock. Unable to contain himself, Obi-Wan grabbed her thick ass cheeks roughly, his hands digging into her skin, sending waves of pleasure throughout her body. She could feel the tip of his impressive head come into contact with her pussy, she took a deep breath readying herself. Taking a pause, Obi-Wan shoved his entire twelve inch length into her hot body, his tip reaching into her womb.

Naarva yelped in surprise and in pleasurable pain. The pink Twi'lek loved it. It was like almost having a monster inside her vagina. It stretched her pussy wide and pounded her womb like some sort of animal. It was a thorough cleaning to say the least.

"Fuck!" Naarva screamed in enjoyment. "Fuck my little pussy!" Obi-Wan pulled his hips back until only the tip of his head was inside of Naarva. Addicted to his cock, Naarva wiggled, bodily imploring for Obi-Wan to enter her. Obi-Wan rammed his large dick into her wet pussy, harder than last time causing her entire body to jiggle. Naarva was happy that she was soaking wet for if she wasn't the Twi'lek wasn't too sure if she could take it. "S-so huge...too much...I-i'm going to cum." Obi-Wan didn't pay attention as he repeated the process again and again. He at first started slow, but he quickly built up so that his body was always in motion.

Every time he moved, a small moan escaped from Naarva. It was wonderful. She could feel her conscience fading. No...she will see this to the end. "Fuck me harder, master. Fuck me upside and down with your cock. Rip my pussy apart and fuck my little cunt again and again. Rape my brains out, please, master, and make me your bitch." She knew it was more than rude, but it just was too much for her to contain.

"Alright, but stop calling me master will you," Obi-Wan replied lightly, a little surprised by her lack of polite words.

Even with all his Jedi training, Obi-Wan could feel a beast from within trying to break free. It wanted to screw self restraint and fuck that pussy until she was begging for him to stop. Obi-Wan harnessed that beast. He would get rid of all his stress of all his fears by fucking her senseless. No more worries, no more fears, just him and her, slamming his cock until her butt cheeks were glowing red.

She was so tight and it felt so good as his dick grinded with the insides of her. Her pussy was hotly sucking his dick as he slammed back down. It was if her body was trying to engulf him in a sea of pleasure that coursed through both their bodies.

Pleasure shooting through her, Naarva screamed lustfully for more as she was grinded against the bed, her hard nipples rubbing against the sheets in delightful ways. Naarva clawed at the sheets, her thoughts swirling in her head with only one thing in mind, 'Fuck me more'. She needed him to clean her inside and out or she won't be able to feel sanitary.

Suddenly Obi-Wan let go her plentiful butt cheeks, much to Narva's disappointment, and lightly held onto her braintails. Naarva felt an electric shock go through her body as he rubbed her braintails lightly. It felt so good! Like every molecule in her body was being electrified, and all her senses were at their peak. Numbed with pleasure, she could hear Obi-Wan's grunts as he forced his cock into her womb, she could feel the sweat trickle down her spine and fall off as her body was shaken by Obi-Wan's movement, she could smell the precum coming from Obi-Wan. She felt so alive.

The Jedi softly pressed down on the tails causing to Naarva arch her back in pleasure. With a sudden energy fueled by desire, her body rose from the bed and her legs wrapped themselves around his waist. Obi-Wan lifted her with his cock as she panted in exhilaration with each stoke. He used her braintails as reins so he could push his dick in farther as he slammed his cock into her cervix.

"I-I'm...going to...fuck...come...too good...soon!" Obi-Wan changed to short quick strokes that were as strong as the ones before causing to Naarva to reach her climax sooner than expected. "FUCK! I'M CUMMING!" True to her word, Naarva came multiple times, but Obi-Wan didn't stop as she slumped to the bed in exhausted bliss. Obi-Wan brought his dick out from inside her and turned her around so that she was staring at him with her one purple eye. She was panting, her giant chest falling up and down as sweat glistened her body, her legs askew. Temptation got the better of Obi-Wan who knew he should stop, but it was her fault for having such a bombshell body.

Obi-Wan moved her legs out of the way by placing them on his shoulders as he entered her again this time with renewed force. Her brain unable to take in all the sensations, Naarva moaned in pleasure, "So...good."

With hard thrusts, Obi-Wan moved his hips around, feeling all around inside her.

"Oh fuck...don't stop...fuck me like a bitch." Obi-Wan complied as he brutally shoved his dick in again and again. Naarva begged for more. She stared up to Obi-Wan's eyes. She could see them finally looking at her instead of through her. It was good for Obi-Wan to finally look at her. Almost as good was her hips convulsing from another orgasm.

"Can't...stop...oh, fuck...cumming...fuck me raw!" Naarva yelled, her sultry voice rising once more, as Obi-Wan again grabbed her braintails. He massaged them so that her whole mind seemed to be fuzzy but enjoyable. Her vision began to blur. Her senses seem to dull, but she could still feel the giant dick tearing her apart and ripping her pussy.

The bed creaked and bounced as Obi-Wan continued to rape Naarva's pussy. Letting go of the braintails Obi-Wan twisted her erected dark red nipples hard. Naarva arched her head back in pleasure.

Obi-Wan could feel his dick straining and his balls throbbing. "Alright, Naarva I'm cumming to."

With the last vestiges of her logical mind, Naarva stared at him as her hands gripped the sheets hard, trying to burn the memory of his face inside her mind. "Inside...please cum inside..." At the words, Obi-Wan grimaced painfully. Narva had tried, but she knew Obi-Wan still wouldn't come inside her. Why didn't he? It was odd for usually men would take any chance to come inside her, at least in her experience they always wanted to except Obi-Wan, the only man she wished he would come inside her.

Trying to get in as many strokes as possible before he came, Obi-Wan grunted loudly as he thrust into her, hammering Naarva's womb savagely. Naarva couldn't feel her hips as Obi-Wan fucked her up. Finally, Obi-Wan slammed his entire length and balls into her. Naarva screamed in bliss, but was disappointed when Obi-Wan slid out of her at the last second and came all over her body. Globs of semen flying everywhere, her tits were covered in the white liquid as well as her stomach. He even reached her face.

Thankfully, she had her mouth open as a glob fell in. It tasted salty, but it was so good. She seductively licked it off her lips and slowly used her fingers to clean off as much as she could before popping it into her mouth.

Obi-Wan stared at her, his breathing only slightly ragged. She looked like she had just been in an avalanched. The beast within him whispered how she should be like this all the time. She should be on her hands and knees with his semen all over her face begging for more. They could do this every day. Before he could take the words back, Obi-Wan whispered, "Your mine." Although Obi-Wan didn't know, Naarva heard him perfectly. She may be his, but he was also hers.

Seeing the massive white feast, nearby dancers came to the bed and wanted a piece of his semen. They all tried to lap it off of Naarva who wanted to drink it all herself.

"Master," she said as she fended off a Twi'lek who had wanted to suck some from her breast. Giving up, Naarva was sucked and licked by at least seven different dancers who cleaned her body thoroughly with their tongues and slim fingers. "That was incredible."

Obi-Wan shrugged, regaining control of himself. "It was nothing." Inside he chided himself for losing control. How could he have lost control? He used to be a Jedi! He should understand the code...but he found a new one, reminding himself. A new code. A new way of life.

Pushing away such thoughts, he was now done and could go to sleep. He waited for the dancers to move from his bed, but they all were staring at his muscled hips and licking their lips. "What?" Obi-Wan looked down and groaned.

Naarva was wrong from before. It was going to be a long sleepless night.


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