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Chapter 07: A Beacon Lost

The eleven members of the Jedi High Council sat in their meeting room, completely silent. Only the slight breathing of the members and the background clamor from the outside could be heard. Meditating in the unlit room, all of the serene Jedi had their eyes closed and were in complete concentration.

There was a certain tranquility in the air. Strained, yet surreal. It was as if time had stop only in this very room while the world outside kept moving.

Amidst the serene silence, Windu opened his eyes and, shattering the glass-like silence, uttered the word, "Guilty."

After him, Plo Kloon opened his eyes and spoke the word, "Innocent."

Then Eeth Koth, "Guilty."

Kid-Adi-Mundi's eyes opened. "Innocent."

Adi Galli paused before saying her answer, "...Guilty."

Even Piell cleared his throat . "Guilty."

Glancing at Aayla, Kit Fisto sighed sadly, his face tense with thought. "Guilty."

Without a second thought though with a second glance at Windu, Aayla Secura immediately answered, "Innocent."

Shaak Ti closed her eyes again, trying to find peace among the chasm between the Jedi. "Innocent."

Her voice restrained, Luminara Unduli said, "Innocent."

After a couple of seconds of silence, all eyes were on Yoda who still kept his eyes closed who was deep within his mind, processing his thoughts. His emotions was like the sea, calm and peaceful; but at any moment would crescendo into a maelstrom that would cloud his judgment, leaving his mind in a wreckage of feelings. He had to give an answer. Not moral answer, but the right answer.

After what seemed like hours, Yoda finally answered.

-Smooth Transition-

Standing on the floating platform with Naarva and Beela flanking his sides in front of the whole Senate, Obi-Wan's face held a small smile as he surveyed the Senators around him. This is what the clones fought and protect? This is what so many have died for? For a bunch of overly rich, pompous, and arrogant politicians to flatter and bribe one another. To protect men and women who see themselves above the common man and politicians who fight for more money and fame as men and women on the field fought for their lives. The ex-Jedi couldn't help but finding amusing, chuckling at the sight. This is what the Republic stood for?

"Master Kenobi, do you wish to give your message?" the Supreme Chancellor Palpatine asked politely, seeing Kenobi's amusement.

"Indeed, Supreme Chancellor, I would." The floating platform beneath moved forward until they were in the center of the great room. Obi-Wan could feel hundreds of eyes boring into him willing for some unexplainable phenomenon to strike him down. The Senators saw him as a deserter, but, even worse, a traitor. However, Obi-Wan ignored their gazes, his eyes scanning the room and noting the various humanoid handmaidens, 'secretaries', and courtesans at the sides of at least a tenth of the 2,000 senators. "Jabba the Hutt wishes you know what you can offer him."

There was a pause, amusing Obi-Wan, then the whole Senate was in an uproar.

"Offer Jabba?" "He comes to us!" "To a drug lord, never?" the Senators yelled indignantly some individually while whole groups joined their resentful voices together. Them giving terms to a backwater drug dealer? The Republic offering to a Hutt? Never!

The old, more naive Obi-Wan would have stood there waiting for their complaints to die out, yet the new Kenobi couldn't help but callously chuckle at the politicians in their bluster even though their fluster seemed restrained. Although he chuckled softly, it rang throughout the grand hall as one by one the senators quieted, curious, yet slightly frighten at Kenobi's cold chortle.

As the Senators fell silent, Obi-Wan stopped chuckling, the faint sound of his voice echoing throughout the hall. Although he never locked gazes with any the Senators as he surveyed them, the Senators could not help but somehow feel small under his sweeping gaze.

After a pause in silence, Obi-Wan began, "I apologize, Senators, but I find your words terribly amusing." They stared at him in incredulous rage, yet overwhelming confusion came over them, cowing them into silence. There was nothing amusing with their words.

Obi-Wan had a small, knowing smile. "As I remember, the Senate asked for Jabba the Hutt. In doing so, the Senate asked me to be here. The Senate will offer me terms." Obi-Wan said it with such confidence, such strength that it didn't feel as if the Senators were not talking to a mere delegate, but an emperor on his throne, confident that all would bend to his will. Somehow, all the Senators wanted to do was to please the emperor. To bow and scrape before him, for they were unworthy of his time.

Even as the words left his lips, Obi-Wan could feel a certain pleasure. It tingled throughout his body like a cold breeze, but it was soon replaced by a warmth that wrapped him a tight cocoon, sheltering him from the cool breeze. So this is what Dooku felt like when he used the Dark side of the Force, bending others to his will. It was pleasure, it was bliss, it was temptation. Yet attracted, Obi-Wan couldn't help but feel repelled by its hypnotic nature.

No. It wasn't repelling, using the Dark side. It was strange and alien, like someone had taken over his body for a moment. Someone completely opposite of him. Someone who now wanted freedom. Freedom from Obi-Wan's cage. It was someone unlike Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan would never have used the Dark side unless under the most extenuating circumstances, yet he had use it, or the beast did at least, escaped from its cage.

With great effort, Obi-Wan pushed the beast back into its confines before anymore damage could be done. With a final roar, the beast fell back and Obi-Wan locked it back in, determined not to let the beast breathe freedom. The ex-Jedi was worried. It seemed that every time the beast broke out of its cage, it gained more and more of a foothold in Obi-Wan.

"...Do you accept these terms, Master Kenobi," Palpatine asked as the Senators who had seemed so adamant at not giving terms changed their minds.

Obi-Wan looked to Naarva who nodded. She had had noticed he had been preoccupied with his thoughts and thus began to listen to the droning, debating Senators whom had bickered about the terms for a surprisingly short time even with the helpful 'persuasion' on the ex-Jedi's part. Obi-Wan found it odd that usually such a topic of importance, which would usually take days, would only take a couple of minutes to settle. "I will verify with the Great Jabba." Obi-Wan felt his shoulders loosen, relaxed due to the ease of the agreement.

"There will be no need for that," a familiar voice said from behind him.

Obi-Wan turned quickly to see Masters Windu, Yoda, and Kit Fisto behind him on another floating platform. Before Obi-Wan could even ponder why the three of them were within the Senate, scores of hidden troopers, pointing their blasters at Obi-Wan's party, moved their platforms around Obi-Wan, cutting off any exit he might of had.

Beela, snarling making her attractive face a visage of ferocity, shuffled protectively closer to Obi-Wan, while Naarva, serene on the outside, connected herself with the Force, readying for a battle.

Obi-Wan did not blink as he coolly assessed the troops. They were Commander Cody's troopers, though the commander himself was absent from the deception.

Obi-Wan's eyes didn't leave the troopers, but he could hear behind him Mace Windu talking to a hologram, "Thank you for your cooperation, Master Jabba. Your help is greatly appreciated."

Blocking out all outside sights and sounds, Obi-Wan finally figured it out. It all made sense now. Jabba sending him, a large group of clones saluting him, how quickly the Senate had come to an answer, everything. Jabba had betrayed him, sold him out, though it didn't matter since he would've return to face the consequences one day. Yet it was unlike the Jedi to resort to such deceptions and trickery.

Had Aayla known? What she said all just a lie to convince him to stay? Had he been a fool all this time as she laughed behind his back?

"Kenobi, what now?" Beela asked softly between her teeth, wishing she had brought her trident with her, instead of leaving it back in their room. She was fast, but not fast enough to dodge over a hundred blasters, and she hated it. Hated that these weaklings could overcome her with mere toys. Hated that she wasn't stronger, wasn't faster.

Obi-Wan took a calming breath. No...what Aayla said was not up to him to judge. It didn't change the feeling inside him. It was probably better this way. No messy goodbyes, no needed heartbreaks.

"Master, please run. I'll hold them off," Naarva whispered urgently. There was no chance in any hell or heaven that she would let Obi-Wan be caught, not after all this. If he was gone...Naarva could already feel her body running cold from the thought and the controlled fires of rage coursing through her veins.

"You mean me right, whore?" Beela, satisfied at seeing her companion back to he normal bitch-like self, growled, her soft voice heated with incredulousness.

Choosing silence over their usual banter, Naarva didn't retort, concentrating, for the three Jedi Masters' platform came closer toward them.

"Master Obi-Wan, I, Mace Windu of the Jedi Council, charge you with treason, desertion, and inciting desertion. You shall be punished accordingly for your actions. Accept your punishment and may the Force look kindly on you."

Obi-Wan smirked, knowing that his time on loan was finally up. "Alright Master Windu, I surrender." Obi-Wan put his hands behind his head in surrender. After a second Naarva and Beela copied his motions, both unusually docile as if they shared a mental thought. Maybe they knew Obi-Wan had to do this. Maybe...maybe.

-Smooth Transition-

Anakin paced back and forth across Obi-Wan's room, every once in a while stopping and turning his head to the door, willing it to open and reveal his master, but the door did not feel like complying today.

"Anakin, please stop. I'm sure there's nothing to worry about," Amidala, sitting on the couch, told her beloved. Although the Senate was in session, the Supreme Chancellor, knowing Amidala's friendly relationship with Obi-Wan, decided that her friendship would influence her decision thus asking her to not participate in gathering, though that had only been the pretext covering the real reason.

Anakin stopped immediately with unusual military precision that only gave away his nervous state. He turned to her his eyes looking past her as if he was staring past the walls and trying to gaze into the Senate itself. "Something is wrong," his eyes fixed upon Padme as if willing for an answer, "very wrong."

Amidala shook her head. The Supreme Chancellor had guaranteed that Obi-Wan would be completely safe from any revenge from the Republic and Jedi.

Before she could reassure him with her knowledge, the door slid open, revealing solemn Luminara in her black attire and headdress. "May I come in?" Unduli asked politely, but before either could answer she walked in, the door hissing behind her as it closed.

Even without the Force, Padme could easily feel the Jedi Master's urgency. Although not physically revealing her frazzled state, Unduli still gave off a tense air around that shouted that something had gone wrong...terribly wrong.

Forcing herself, Unduli met both of the two lovers' gazes. "Master Kenobi has been captured."

Before either women could react, Anakin suddenly grabbed Unduli by the front of her dress and picked her up roughly, her feet hanging in the air. "Where is he?" Anakin asked, his eyes flashing rage. He felt the anger warm his body. He felt its need for action. He felt its want for justice. Yet he didn't repel it nor did he embrace it and that what scared Unduli the most. Not his gaze, not his hands, not his battle-scarred look, but the fact that he was on the line between the Light and the Dark. "Where is Obi-Wan?"

"Anakin! Put her down!" Amidala, getting up from the couch, yelled at her lover. She could see that this man was not the Anakin she fell in love with, not the kind, gentle, caring, young man that she loved. And he proved her right for he did not even turn to acknowledge her. "Anakin!"

Like awakened from a dream, Anakin shook his head and lowered Luminara to the ground, all the while wearing a confused expression. He stepped back, holding his forehead, obviously trying to figure out what he had been doing. "I'm sorry, Master Unduli. I was just..." Anakin felt so stupid. He had lost control of his anger again and to top it off in front of a member of the Jedi Council.

"Worried about you're master," Luminara finished for him. "I understand, Skywalker. We all are." Although seemingly understanding of Anakin feelings, Luminara could not help but feel alarm for the young man. She could feel that the Chosen One was on edge between the Dark and Light sides. The others may not see it yet, but Luminara could, and she was frighten of the consequences that might be brought about if Anakin did turn. "If it wasn't for the Supreme Chancellor, Master Kenobi would have had a chance to get away, but, instead, he had been betrayed."

"Obi-Wan betrayed? How?" Padme asked, her worry seeping into her voice.

Anakin grimaced at hearing Padme's intoned worry. Was he not the one who had almost crossed the line between the Light and Dark. Wasn't he the Chosen One? Wasn't he her husband? So why was she worrying about Obi-Wan instead of him!

Luminara sighed, not at Amidala's questions but at the state of the Jedi. Were they so desperate as to betray one of their own? "The Supreme Chancellor didn't let you bring the clone troopers just to salute Master Kenobi. They were to make sure he wouldn't escape and therefore become imprisoned by the Jedi with no trial, no judge, and no jury."

Anakin was shock to hear of Palpatine's double-dealing, but he had no time to contemplate for he heard a loud thud behind him. Looking back quickly, Anakin saw that his beloved as sitting on the floor, her whole body stunned and shocked. "Padme!" Anakin cried out, worried.

Padme put a hand over her head, processing the information. "I'm fine, Anakin. I was just a little dizzy." Though the betrayal of Palpatine was shocking, it wasn't the real reason she had fell. Anakin didn't seem to even hear her words for he crouched and lifted her up. "Anakin!"

Slowly placing her on the couch, Anakin pampered Padme, "Are you alright? Do you need anything? Food? Water? I'll get water. No a pillow, no a blanket-"

"Anakin. Anakin!" Anakin stopped his babbling, looking incredibly embarrassed with himself. "I'm alright," Padme said, soothing the young man whom believed her words as mere bravado.

Unduli couldn't help but imagine herself in the loving couple's position. Her and Obi-Wan caring for one another as these two did. It was almost like a fantasy, or maybe it was at this rate.

Brushing such thoughts by shaking her head, Unduli came back to the matter at hand. It didn't matter if she fanaticized it, not now at least.

"I'm sorry to intervene in your moment," Unduli said, feeling a little sad herself for brushing away her fantasy, "but we need to talk."

-Smooth Transition-

Obi-Wan meditated in the prison room, enclosed by three walls and a plasma door, guarded by two, purple Senate troopers. Although to the naked eye seemingly at peace, Obi-Wan was far from it. The betrayal of the Supreme Chancellor wasn't surprising, being a politician, but for the Jedi to instigate his betrayal was beyond shocking. It showed Obi-Wan that the Jedi did not have the have enough respect for him to trust him anymore. Maybe that what surprised him the most. Yet, what really baffled him was the need of such a ruse to bring him here. Why deceive and lie to him?

But it did lead Kenobi to an unwelcoming thought. What about Aayla? Did she know about this beforehand?

Contemplating, Obi-Wan also thought of Unduli, but he already knew the answer. They both knew she was a stickler to the Jedi code, so he wasn't surprised at her lack of warning. It may have been callous of her but that was how she was. Yet, in contrast to her callous nature, her confession puzzled him. Was it all a lie to confuse him or was it the late truth?

Obi-Wan, hearing voices, was disturbed from his thoughts, "Ma'am, you are not allowed to see the prisoner."

"Out of the way, scraps," came the soft, but heated reply. Obi-Wan could just imagine the woman warning the two guards by flashing her razor sharp teeth.

"I'm sorry, Ma'am. No one, not even the Jedi, are allowed to see the prisoner. And how did you get past the guar-?" The overly polite guard didn't finish and the next noise Obi-Wan heard was one body then a second fall to the ground with a muffled thump.

Walking in front of the plasma door, Beela sat down, leaning backwards while resting her right arm against her upright knee. "Hey, Kenobi," Beela said simply, her voice still soft but without the heat.

"Hello, Beela," Obi-Wan said as simply.

They sat there in silence, neither willing to make the first step. After two minutes, out of impatience, Beela slumped her shoulders, unused to drawn out silence. "I don't see why you are in here," Beela commented, breaking the ice between them. "I mean, even the bitch could break out of here, though keeping her legs closed is a different story." Her anger simmering, Beela had a hard time keeping her voice soft. Why was Obi-Wan doing this? The strong lived and the weak die, yet he is letting himself die, letting himself be killed by the weak. It was not right.

Obi-Wan grimaced at Beela, giving her a patronizing look for insulting Naarva. "I'm sure she could," Obi-Wan said, answering only the first part while the second was quite obvious to both of them.

Beela smirked and said, "Yes, of course she could." Obi-Wan didn't even need to the Force to sense that Beela was being sarcastic again. Why the two of them, Naarva and Beela, never get along was a mystery even the Force couldn't explain. Her smirk did not last long as she realized that the other guards would be back soon. She became solemn and asked softly, "What's the plan, Kenobi?"

Obi-Wan put a hand under his chin, pretending to think. "Well, sitting here seems like a good option," he said with a hint of a smile crawling across his face.

Beela, tired of playing games, rolled her eyes. "Kenobi, we can get out of here right now and no one could stop us." She motioned with her hand toward the cell's control console.

"Perhaps," Obi-Wan replied, baiting for Beela to continue.

Beela looked to her sides, already hearing the faint footsteps of other troopers and then quickly turned her attention back to the sitting ex-Jedi. "Let us leave this den of weaklings. Now."

Obi-Wan smiled at her fondly, confusing the Togruta, before shaking his head, and replying gently, "I will not leave, Beela. I owe the Jedi my life and have betrayed their trust and loyalty. I deserve the fate the Force has destined for me."

Beela could feel the restrained anger in her flare up. Obi-Wan acted as if he owed something to these weaklings. It was the damn honor they had instilled into him that caused him to be this way. Damn them. "Keno-" Beela didn't get to finish as the increasingly loud footsteps came closer to their position. "A hunter does not leave her prey behind," Beelam, her time up, finished instead as she got to her feet and bounded away with long strides akin to a graceful, lithe forest animal. In a few seconds, just like the wind, she was gone.

Moving quickly and quietly escaping the troops, Beela finally stopped running when she saw Naarva leaning against a nearby wall, obviously quite close to the cell but far enough so as to not arouse suspicion of her actions.

"Beast," Naarva, glancing at her with her purple eye, greeted coolly. "I'm assuming you failed."

Beela grimaced and gnashed her teeth, restraining herself from getting into another argument with the damn pink slut. "Why didn't you talk to him, then?" Beela asked, defending herself by changing the obvious subject, though she doubted the whore could do any better except by spreading her legs to bribe the guards to open the cell.

Naarva was quiet as her cheeks changed into a darker red. Beela chortled at Naarva's embarrassment. The hunter didn't know what ailed the slut, and she didn't care though it was amusing to see the bitch squirm. "I-I-I, I know who can," Naarva, still embarrassed by her abrasive actions with Obi-Wan, stuttered out at first then was able to gain control of herself once more. Feeling herself back in control, Naarva walked toward the direction of their 'help'.

Beela rolled her eyes. She didn't need help. She truly didn't. It was just... a hunter needed a plan B sometimes...yeah. She had a hard time convincing herself that.

-Smooth Transition-

Obi-Wan waited patiently, waiting for troopers to check on their buddies. However, surprisingly, when the troopers came they were not part of the Senate troops. They were the Sky Battalion's. The four of them were Cody's troopers. Planting alcohol on the bodies so it had seem that the two unconscious purple troopers had simply drunk themselves to sleep, probably will be severely punished, the four troopers made way for the last of their party, Cody.

"General," Cody hailed as he saluted in front of Obi-Wan while his four troopers went to guard the two doors in the hallway, wary of patrolling Senate troopers that may have heard Beela's 'entrance' or were coming to replace the two guards.

Obi-Wan smirked with a hint of sadness on his face. "Again, I am no general, Commander, just plain Obi-Wan."

Cody said nothing letting the silence between them stretch out to minutes as neither dared to move their gaze from one another.

When it seemed like a hour had passed, Cody finally spoke, "General, why did you abandon the Republic?" The trooper was curious, more than curious, to hear Obi-Wan's reasoning. He risked career and life just to talk to the ex-Jedi.

Obi-Wan smirked ruefully. "The Republic? Tell me, Cody, have you ever voted for a Senator?"

Cody blinked, surprised at the odd question. "Of course not, sir. That right is for the people of the Republic to decide." Cody was confused, more than confused. What did voting had anything to do with the current situation?

Obi-Wan's smirk seemed to grow even more regretful and, yet, retain a certain mocking nature. Was he mocking himself? Cody? Or maybe the Republic? "Cody, have you ever made a decision?"

Cody took a second to formulate his thoughts, the silence deafening his ears, then spoke hesitantly at first, trying to decipher the connection between his two questions and the circumstances at hand, "I...I have made some decisions, sir." Cody put a small emphasis on 'some'.

"But have you ever made one yourself, Cody?" Obi-Wan asked softly, empathy creeping into his voice. "Have you ever, just for one day, just do what you wanted to? To watch a sunset with your friends? To stare at the stars at night? To talk to the citizens you protect? To take a walk around the streets after dark? To be whoever you wanted to be?...To love?" Cody felt a sharp pain in the pit of his stomach with every question Obi-Wan asked about whether or not he had made a decision.

"Of course-"

"Don't lie to me, Cody," Kenobi told him, his voice steeled with gravity. "You were never very good at it."

Unflinching under Obi-Wan's piercing gaze, Cody squinted his eyes. "No, sir," Cody admitted, finally.

Suddenly, like a mountain being life off of his shoulders, Obi-Wan leaned back and smiled. It wasn't one filled with pleasure, though Cody did detect a hint of happiness, but with triumph mixed with regret. "Now you understand, Cody. In the end it doesn't matter if you fight and die for the safety of fat politicians. It doesn't matter if you gave up everything you were or could be. The only thing that matters..." Obi-Wan smirked, mockingly at himself. "No...I will let you find your own answer, Cody. An answer that I look forward to hearing someday."

His face devoid of emotion, Cody did not bother answering Obi-Wan. He understood the implications of 'someday'. Someday was a code. A simple code that meant only one thing- never.

And so the two of them waited there in silence until the patrolling guards finally came back.

As Cody walked away, he heard Obi-Wan murmur, "In another lifetime, Cody," so quietly that the trooper had thought it had been his own imagination. Yet, as he turned back, Obi-Wan only smiled and nodded his head. "May the Force be with you, Commander."

Cody just nodded in reply and walked off leaving Obi-Wan in silence once more.

-Smooth Transition-

Aayla sat alone in her chair among the Jedi Council meeting room, her tranquility stunning under such circumstances.

Holding onto the Force, Aayla already felt the presence of Mace Windu as he walked through the hallway and into the room. Aayla opened her eyes slowly, her gaze moving toward the Jedi Master. "Master Windu," she said, her voice calm and serene.

"Master Secura, I'm surprised to see you here," Windu answered back as he sat in his own chair across from Secura.

Aayla breathed, holding back all her emotions and finding the peace within her before asking her question, "Why did you betray us?"

Windu's eyebrow rose, confused at what he had done. "Betray? I haven't done anything to jeopardize the Jedi nor our ideals."

"Let us not play this game, Master Windu. You asked me to take on the hazardous mission of plotting with Jabba under the rumor that Obi-Wan may have been on Tatooine, then, when he was miraculously found, you asked me to seduce him so he would not try to escape, although he was willing to accept his punishment, and after that forcing the vote to a tie so that Master Yoda would have to make a heart-breaking decision." Aayla took a breath, reorganizing her thoughts. Like a man possessed with zeal, all of Windu's actions were flawed, risky, and dangerous which was very much unlike him. "That is not the Jedi way, Master Windu. The lying and scheming is more akin... to a Sith."

If looks could kill, Aayla would be disintegrated for Windu's hard gaze bore into her at the mention of his likeness to a Sith. "I have done all I can to preserve the Jedi Order and the Republic." How dare she think that he was anything close to a Sith! He gave his life for the Order! He gave everything for the Jedi! His loyalty was by far the strongest and unquestionable by anyone, anything, or any Jedi.

"By bringing in Obi-Wan, one of the greatest Jedi of our time? And the master of Anakin Skywalker, the Chosen One?"

Composed, Mace Windu was unfazed by the accusation, confident that he had done all this to preserve the Republic, but also sensing a dire feeling coming from Aayla. "Do not let your feelings cloud your judgment, Master Secura. Obi-Wan was a traitor and deserter to the Jedi and, most of all, the Republic."

Aayla bit her lip, confused. 'Most of all, the Republic'? Obi-Wan had left the Order which was clearly not part of the Republic, being their own entity of military power. He had never deserted nor betrayed the Republic. Also...it was the first time she had ever heard Windu put the two together as if they were one. And he said it as if they had always been the one and the same.

It unnerved the Twi'lek. Windu had always been a supporter of the Republic but not to this extent. It was like she was staring at a entirely different Mace Windu, and she didn't like what she saw.

Seeing Aayla's nervous look, Windu said gently, "I understand your feelings. It is hard to let go of someone whom you have recently fallen for. I understand. We may be Jedi but we still have emotions." For a second, Aayla thought Windu had turned back to normal, but she was wrong. "Yet, we are Jedi and the Republic. Forget the traitor and do not let his death hinder your duties. You are a Jedi. You are a general of the Republic. Do not fail it."

Holding back her silent question of whether Windu meant the Jedi or the Republic, Aayla watched as the Jedi Master left the room, seeing no reason to continue their conversation.

For a long while, Aayla stood there, crossing and holding her arms. What was happening? To her and to the Jedi? She wasn't suppose to feel anything toward Obi-Wan. She wasn't suppose to let her emotions cloud her judgment. Yet, she had lost herself to him. She had given herself to him in body and in soul. What was happening to her?

Things were not making any sense. Just like her, the Jedi were changing: Yoda was losing power and respect, Windu reporting to Palpatine, students coming to the Jedi from nowhere.

Also, there was no Council anymore. Somehow, slowly but surely, one-by-one the Jedi Masters succumb to Windu's will. It frightened Aayla. What was the Jedi becoming?

"Aayla," Kit Fisto said. So caught in her thoughts that she hadn't heard the Jedi Master come in. "Is everything all right."

Aayla shivered. "No. Everything is wrong. Very wrong." Needing some physical touch, Aayla hugged Fisto. Caught by surprise, it took Kit to hug her back warmly.

They stood there both lost in a sea of lies and deceit. In a storm of confusion and change. In a world where the Jedi were becoming engulfed. By what? Maybe the darkness and they had no Beacon to light. For they were Lost.

-Smooth Transition-

Obi-Wan ducked under the imploring hands as he escaped from his cell. Dodging the fingers, Obi-Wan made it past the two figures before running toward the lighted hallway.

He needed to go. He had to go.

He could hear his pursuers running after him, calling for him to stop. He couldn't and he wouldn't.

His ear feeling like a drum as the blood pulsed through his body again and again with increasing speed, Obi-Wan could see two troopers ahead of him, both armed with a blaster rifle.

"Stop," one yelled at him, holding up his rifle and taking aim at the convict.

Obi-Wan kept running forward, hoping to get past the two, but the steps behind him kept getting louder and louder. They were gaining ground with every passing step.

Obi-Wan used all his strength to propel himself forward, but the trooper, with uncanny aim, shot him full on in the chest with a stun round. Obi-Wan felt his strength give way as his world began to sink into darkness, the steps slowly fading out.

He could hear the voices of the two Jedi calling at him and their hands pulling him up.

No...no. He had to get away, but a mechanical hand and green hand prevented him. No...he had to go. He had to escape from these two.

-Smooth Transition-

It is not often one sees a Jedi hung for desertion. So for this ostentatious occasion, a large crowd of Senators waited under the cloudy sky that had plagued the planet ever since the delegations with Jabba. Hundreds of troopers waited in neat rows and columns, waiting for the demonstration to be done, none betraying a single emotion.

Standing next to the Supreme Chancellor on the balcony, Padme nervously opened and closed her hand again and again, wishing that Anakin would be with her right now, comforting her; however, he was with the other Jedi, guarding the Obi-Wan, below. Padme wasn't comforted that Obi-Wan's Twi'lek was only a couple of feet away from her. Amidala had only met Naarva's eye once, but she saw only a complete loathing toward the Senator and everyone else, except for Obi-Wan who lighted her eyes like fireworks.

Padme refocused herself at the event below her. For a futuristic socitety, the scaffold with a noose and blackened Senate trooper could be seen as a touch too medieval. Next to the trooper was Unduli who had the 'privilege' of overseeing the execution and was dressed in her usual black garments.

The female Senator only had a few more moments to think before Obi-Wan was escorted by a guard made up of four troopers. Although his hands cuffed and hundreds of eyes staring at him, Obi-Wan walked with a relaxed demeanor.

The entire Jedi council, besides Unduli, and Anakin were in front of the scaffold. Aayla, Padme noticed, was the only one who looked away from the walking ex-Jedi. Yet, Obi-Wan stared at them without ever flinching.

While Obi-Wan finally stopped in front of the Jedi, Mace Windu stepped forward, representing the Jedi. "Obi-Wan Kenobi, you have been tried and found guilty in a court among peers. You are found guilty of the charges of desertion, inciting rebellion, inciting mass desertion, theft of Jedi tools, and traitorous actions. Thus being, we, the Jedi Council, sentence Obi-Wan the deserter to death." Mace Windu stepped back and let the troopers proceed though the Master Jedi was surprised at the vehemence that came from Obi-Wan's silent glare.

Like a king ascending his throne, Obi-Wan stepped onto the scaffold and surveyed the troopers and Senators who stared at him while the Senate trooper and Unduli placed the noose around his neck, tightening it.

To Amidala, Obi-Wan was not standing on a scaffold, ready to be executed. He was sitting on his throne, amused at the peasants before him. His back straight and gaze firm, Obi-Wan was more of a regal martyr than a traitorous deserter.

The Senator looked to Naarva who betrayed no emotion as the trooper on the scaffold stepped toward the lever and placed his hand on it.

The trooper waited for a moment then pulled back the lever.

The trapdoor opened under Obi-Wan, and he fell through. Obi-Wan did not struggle as his feet dangled a good half of a foot off the ground. His eyes never wavered as the last of his life seemed to drip out of him like a leaking pipe. He just stared at the Jedi around them. His dead eyes silently asking them, "Is this the best you can do?"

Padme couldn't watch and looked away. Her gaze wandered to Naarva who, instead of tears like Amidala expected, had beads of sweat going down her braintails.

It took a couple of minutes, but the Force surrounding was gone as was his life. Unduli stepped forward and checked for a pulse on Obi-Wan's neck, but there was none.

"He is dead," Unduli pronounced. The onlookers took the words in. After what seemed like hours, the Senators began to clap in satisfaction that justice had been served while the Jedi were devoid of emotion. Whether they were satisfied or felt the punishment was unjust, none could say. The troopers on the other hand were happy they had their helmets on, otherwise they would have betrayed their rage. This is how justice was done in the Republic. One had to follow everything the Republic says or if one went against it, they were executed like Obi-Wan.

Amidala, not clapping with the other Senators, noticed a small smile appear on Naarva's face.

Naarva smiled.

For the Jedi had lost a light. For they had lost something irreplaceable.

A Beacon Lost.


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