Idiot. Imbecile. Stupid. Reckless. Gill hated Angela. He hated her stupid high pitched laugh, her lack of knowledge of anything, and her showoff, try-hard attitude. Her only good point was that she knew when to shut up. Sometimes. She always talked back to him when he told her to leave him alone. What was even worse was that her and Chase were two peas in a pod. They were equally sharp tongued when they were joined, though Angela's would fade when they were apart. He was some sort of fuel for her arrogance.

She showed up on the island bright-eyed, and in about a week, Gill despised her. The rest of the island loved her for whatever reason, and she had only been there for a week. A week! Chase and she clicked as soon as they met at the Brass Bar and were soon gossiping about other people on the island in the few days she had lived there.

"Gill, are you alright? You're looking angry today. Something bothering you?" Elli tapped the seething boy's shoulder. He nodded.

"That idiot farmer, Angela. Who does she think she is? She always comes in with that just-as-idiotic chef and poke fun at me." Elli laughed.

"For someone you 'hate', you sure do talk about her a lot. It's always 'Angela this', and 'Angela that'. You're just angry because she knows exactly how to push your buttons. She just wants to be your friend is all." Gill scowled at her and left the room with a "hmph". Elli leaned back in her chair as the day began to end. She was about to drift into a light nap, when Angela, without Chase for once, stepped inside. When her partner in crime wasn't with her, she was quite kind, and never talked back to anybody except Gill. She and Elli had become fast friends in the short time she had lived there, and a pleasant chat between the two near the end of the day calmed them both down. "So what brings you here today, Angie?"

"I came to see the Grinch, but I'm guessing he's sulking, right? That or he's hiding from me. What do I do that pisses him off so much? I just tease him. He acts like he's a king or something." She sighed and drummed her fingers on the counter. Elli bit her lip and looked from side to side.

"Could I talk to you in private about that? I'll come to your house after work is done and I'll tell you all about it." She whispered. Angela looked at the ground and nodded, disappointed. She murmured a quick "goodbye" and left. A slight smile brightened Elli's face as she watched her go. Elli knew very well that she and Gill would end up together somehow, although they would be quite the mismatched couple.

The "Grinch" sat in a chair in his very orderly room, tapping a pen on the arm of it. Despite how quiet the girls tried to be, he heard everything, but he couldn't make out the last part He figured they were going to have another slumber party like Maya and Luna did almost every week. That idiot wanted to be his friend? Gill didn't need any of those; they would just get in the way of his work. Besides, Angela already got in his way just by being there. He shook his head quickly as he realized as he was thinking about that nitwit again.

A soft knock at Angela's door caused her to snap out of her state of wonder. As promised, Elli showed up with a couple bags of cocoa mix. Sure, it was summer, but some hot cocoa was never a bad thing.

"Where to start…Alright, I've got it! See, Gill doesn't really have friends. I mean sure, we talk every day, and I'm pretty sure I've got him figured out. Kay, so, Gill was really close to his mom, and when she died, he was just crushed. He had plenty of friends at around that age. He was, I'd say, seven years old, poor thing. So after she died, he just stopped talking to everybody. I was kind of his second mommy for a while, but then he became a teenager. He got arrogant and moody, like most boys at that age. He's just coming out of those years, but he's still arrogant as ever. Anyway, I think he's just lonely."

"I've got it!" Angela exclaimed suddenly, startling Elli. "From tomorrow on, I'm gonna become his friend, whether he likes it or not! You'll help me, right?' Angela asked, looking hopefully at the weather girl. She nodded, and they started to discuss their plans to make Gill come out of his shell.