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Sailormoon Fanfic by Pandabear234 a.k.a. Dora Ng

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*Beep beep beep beep*

A hand stretches out from under the blanket and presses the button of the alarm clock.


A voice comes from outside of the room, "Serena, are you awake?"

Serena sits up on her bed and rubs her eyes, "Yeah, Ka-san."

"Ok, good, breakfast will be ready in 15 minutes, so hurry up."

"Yea, sure…" Serena yawns as she stays in the bed.


"Ok, ok, ok…" Serena yawns again as she gets up from the bed.

Sailormoon fanfic by Pandabear234

A Different Time, Place, and Life

Chapter 1- A Different Time, Place, and Life

~Another place


In the control room, "Venus! Mars! Mercury! Jupiter!"

"Gasp… Artemis!   Luna!"

*KABOOM* as smoke fills the entire room.

"Cough, cough"

Luna gasps, "Artemis!  The smoke button!"

Artemis rushes to the other side of the control room and pushes the button.

The room with the four sailor scouts clears up.

Venus gets up frustrated, "Argh!  What went wrong?"

Mercury sit kneeling on the floor typing into her mini compact computer, "It seems that we had run out of time before the bomb exploded."

Jupiter stands up, "Darn, if we had another minute Mercury could've solved that last part of the mission…" and helps Mars stand up.

Mars she looks up and faces the glass, "Luna!  Open the lockdown door!"

The lockdown door goes up.

The team of four walks up the stairs to the control room.

Mercury pushes the code into the slot of the door.

The door slides open.

Luna looks up from the computer after typing in their latest data, "Hello scouts, good job, your level have boosted up to 20."

Artemis walks over and pats Venus, "Venus, it's Ok, you'll do better next time.  You four just stumbled into this mess, and it's still training period."

Venus sighs, "Artemis, I thought we would get it all together for our first mission to find our scared crystals, and to find our missing moon princess…"

The door slides open again and three women of medium height come in.

"It's Ok Venus, You all did a great job." Says Uranus.

Venus sighs and looks down, "Pluto, Uranus, Neptune, you three have officially became agents…"

Pluto smiles, "Sailor Scouts, agents of the Silver Millennium Academy, all four of you have been chosen out of the entire population of the world and become secret agents in training."

The Four Sailor scouts sit down and sigh.

Neptune joins in, "Your levels have risen tremendously from only 0".

Uranus looks at the computer screen at their latest data and smiles, "20 out of 40 levels, not bad, in only three weeks."

Pluto winks, "You're only half way there girls, you are past the lower-levels anyway."

The four scouts look up and smile as their spirits rise.

Venus says, "Maybe…" and looks at the other sailor scouts; "We'll get past this level soon won't we?"

Mercury, Mars, Jupiter reply, "Yea!"

The Three upper-leveled scouts smile.

The door slides open as 5 young men walk in taller than the other scouts.

The young man that came in first blinks and yawns, "Morning everyone?"

Luna looks towards him, "Darien, it's 7:30, you just missed morning practice."

Darien looks at the clock, "WHAT?"

Artemis smirks, "What is the matter Darien? And Nephrite, Zoicite, Jadeite, Malachite?

Darien stares at his watch, "Oh, sorry Luna… Artemis… My watch was wrong, and apparently so is my clock in my bedroom…"

Nephrite stammers, "Same reason."

Zoicite answers, "I was reading late last night."

Jadeite replies, "I had a late night snack."

Malachite counters, "I was training late last night here."

The females giggle behind Luna and Artemis.

Luna stares at them strangely, "Good Reasons, but training after school here at 4:00.

Artemis smirks at them, "Ok, good reasons, I agree, but Darien's and Nephrite's were the worse ones."

Darien and Nephrite falls on the floor anime-style.

Luna sighs and presses a button, "Anyways, don't be late you five.  Now it's time to go to school.  Everyone go up and change into normal clothes before you are late for school."

The Door slides open; everyone walk down the stairs.


Serena gets up from the table, "Thanks Ka-san, Breakfast was good!" as she walks over to the put the dirty dishes in the sink, then out towards the door.

Ikuko-san smiles "Thank you Serena, don't forget your lunch!"

Serena comes back into the kitchen and takes her lunch smiling, "Thanks for this too."

Serena walk towards the door and puts on her shoes, "Bye Everyone!"

Kenji-san says behind his newspaper, "Wow, that girl is so perfect."

Ikuko-san sits down at the table, "Yea, I know. Sammy, Are you ready for school?" as she yells towards upstairs.

Sammy mumbles, "Yeah, Coming…"

~In another place…


"Metallia!  Be careful of where you shoot!"

Metallia frowns, "So what?  Zirconia, this is practice anyway!"

Then from a distance, "YOU MORONS!  Quit your annoying bickering and help us complete this training session?"

Both of the quarreling people turn towards Nephreina.

Nephreina gasps and shoots her laser behind Zirconia and Metallia.

Zirconia and Metallia then glare at Nephreina both saying, "We not going to say thank you…"

Nephreina, "I really don't care… and look behind you."

They both turn around and see a big robot facing them.


Looking down on the training team, "They are getting better off than before.  What level are they?"

Kaori Knight looks up from the file, "Chaos, they are now at level 17 out of 20; they are still in the training period."

Chaos smirks, "Raise it to 18."

Kaori's eyes widen, "WHAT? They are barely finishing this level…"


Kaori gasps and looks down, "I'm sorry Master Chaos; I shouldn't have done that.  Yes, I will raise the level", and presses a button.

The door behind them opens as a female walks in.

The female smirks at Kaori, "What is the matter Kaori?  Afraid of being beaten by a couple of lasers?"

Kaori grits her teeth, "Shut up!"

"Now, now, ladies please calm down…"

The female turns towards Chaos, "Master Chaos, I have reached up to level 19 yesterday."

"Good Job Mistress 9."

Mistress 9 smiles at Kaori.

Kaori just glares with contempt at Mistress 9.

*BEEP BEEP BEEP Big Energy Reading near Infinity College*

Chaos looks up to the screen, "Mistress 9, show me the readings!  Kaori, get me a clearer picture!"

Mistress 9 types rapidly into the computer, "Getting readings…"

Kaori types trying to scan the best picture she can find, "Found one!  Sending to the main frame!"

Mistress 9 stops typing and gasps, "The readings match my DNA, Sailor Scout of Saturn, the scout of destruction!"

Chaos' eyes widen, "I want this one!  Kaori, you go with Eudial, and Tellu!"

Kaori stands up and smirks at Mistress 9, "Yes Master Chaos!" and leaves the room.

Mistress 9 looks up at Chaos, "Are you sure about sending her?"

Chaos smirks and shrugs, "Doesn't really matter, she's is replaceable, unlike you…"

Mistress 9 smiles at him…

~ Back at the Silver Millennium Academy

*ALERT, ALERT, ALERT!  Big Energy Reading near Infinity College*

Luna rapidly takes off her glasses and looks up from her computer screen to the main screen, "Artemis!  Call the agents!"

Artemis quickly looks up, presses a different button and holding it down, "

Everyone hurries from their rooms into the control room.

* Big Energy Reading near Infinity College*

Luna gasps and talks towards the screen, "Central Control, Show us the source of the energy!"

*Scanning picture, uploading in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…*

They all look up at the screen waiting for the picture to be clearer.  

All their eyes widen, as the picture becomes clearer.

Another screen comes up, and it shows the power, body, mind, and matches with the reincarnated sailor scout of destruction, Sailor Saturn.

Pluto's eyes widen, "Isn't that… Hotaru?"

Luna sees Pluto startled, "Setsuna, you go there with Mercury, Neptune, and Venus."

Mercury, Neptune, and Venus look at Luna.

Luna says, "What are you looking at?  Hurry up and go change into your sailor suits!"

The three girls hurry back to their rooms.

Pluto looks at Luna and smiles, "Thank you so much, we will bring her back safely."

Luna answers and smiles back, "I know you will."

Everyone us smiles, "GOOD LUCK!"

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