The Lone Wolf

Well, that was…interesting…

A lost shard of my past, returned to me in the flesh of an old friend…

Kinda ironic, don't you think?

But the world has been weird lately anyways, so surprises are irrelevant…

I make my way to my first period with Dream Theater's In the Presence of Enemies blasting through my earbuds deep into the recesses of my psyche…

However, before I could reach my first period even, I am sucked into a foul daydream that resembles a wicked spore-forest that smells of cyanide…

Of course… This couldn't be more convenient…

However, before the owner of the realm could make their move, I hear a familiar voice as William runs towards me, "Oh hey, Paul!"

I reply with shock as my eyes widen, "William? Why are you here? You don't have a…"

However, before I could reply, a wicked figure that resembles a scarecrow made out of scrapped steel appears behind William and says as it knocks him out, singing his hair with a flaming breath, "Shut up, vessel!"

I reply with a chuckle as I signal to another figure behind it, "Oh… So you are a Phalosian then… Even though I loathe your existence, I suggest you duck. Now."

It replies with shock as it just barely evades a vine with a keen blade on its end, "Woah! What the…?"

I reply as I draw Reasonslayer and point it at the approaching figure that cracks a dissatisfied frown as she summons a thorny lance-type weapon, "Reckless as always… Don't you ever learn…Mistleteinn-chan?"

She replies with annoyance in her tone as she summons another bladed vine and directs it towards me, "Go away, you baka-poet! I am hungry and I shall feast no matter what!"

I reply with a chuckle as I rend her vine asunder, right through its blade, "You should know by now which of us is more skilled in a dream… Now then, who did you unite with this time, Woodland Sadist?"

Suddenly, an older man flips into the scene and says exuberantly as his grey ponytail whips about, "Well, this is a predicament… Now then, it is THINKING TIME!"

I reply with a sadistic chuckle as I pull a pen to hand and lick its tip, "Fine then… Guess it is also Tasting Time… Now then, Mistleteinn-chan and…mister henji-san... You have two options at this time. Either you and Mistleteinn-chan live to fight another day and get perished by me AND Cynthia-san, or I just put you two out of your misery here…"

Mistleteinn turns to the weird man and says with a scowl, "What do you think, Wolf-sama?"

He replies with a sigh as he facepalms, "I told you… Call me Timmreck-sensei… Or Roy… But Wolf?"

I reply with a sigh as I cross my arms with impatience, "Just go with it, Wolf-san… The Sadist is not exactly complete in the logic department. Now, for your choice…"

He replies with a scowl as he gives Mistleteinn a nod, which is her signal to dissolve the daydream, "Fine… I will allow this prey to live for now… But, we will return at lunch, and we will see if your threat is true…"

I rush into tutorial as I shout to Emily with a sour frown on my face, "Emily! I have bad news…and good news."

Emily replies with a sigh as she gives me an exhausted look, "News for just me, or for Cynthia?"

I reply with a chuckle as my pupils flash their true shapes, "What do you think?"

Cynthia promptly takes over and replies with an even more annoyed sigh, "So, what news do you bring?"

I reply with a sigh as I cross my arms and look up at the ceiling pensively, "Before school, I encountered Mistleteinn targeting one of my friends and a Phalosian dream demon that he attracted somehow… I fought her off easily, and gave her mercy…"

Cynthia interrupts with a gasp of shock, "You gave her mercy? Why?"

I reply with an annoyed tone as I glare at Cynthia, "It was so YOU could get some glory… Jeez… So, anyways, her vessel is this odd gray-haired teacher by the name of Timmreck… I heard his name mentioned before, but… I don't know him enough to judge why he made such a stupid choice."

I hear Emily's voice echo in my mind as she exclaims with shock, "Eeh? Timmreck-sensei? Then again, he so would…"

I reply with a frown as the bell rings for tutorial's end, "Whatever… Let us just ready our forces by lunch…"

Cynthia replies with a slight chuckle before switching back to Emily and taking their leave, "Fine… Guess we will have to negotiate with a freaking Phalosian. I thought I never would see the day..."

Neither did I… But these are odd times we are living, even for Dream Demon standards…

But it is my duty to deal with the recurring pieces of trash that infect reality over and over again…

I may not LIKE it, but someone has to do it.

I just wish that SOMEONE was not me sometimes…

The bell rings after third period to signal the beginning of brunch, and before long, Emily arrives and exclaims with glee as she cracks her knuckles, "Ok… Let's do this!"

William then walks up and inquires with a puzzled look on his face, "Do what?"

I reply with a wide grin as I weave my daydream realm around us three, "That is not for you to know, my friend…"

As the daydream finishes taking shape, William quickly collapses as the scarecrow Phalosian steps forth and exclaims with a scowl, "Yumechi… Let me guess… You dragged me here to exterminate me in a more human-friendly way before Mistleteinn decimates me, haven't you…"

I reply with a dissatisfied tone as my grin twists into an annoyed frown, "Oh, you really do not know how I go about things, do you… Even though you ARE a big threat to reality at this time, it is dream-world mandate that there is a ceasefire whenever the Woodland Sadist shows her wicked face in reality… So, until her demise comes, which will be quite soon, we will be temporary allies. Understood, Phalosian?"

The scarecrow replies with fury in his voice as he breathes a jet of flame down onto me, which I deflect with a shield of liquid shadows, "Work with a traitor to our kind such as thee who murders my kin on the grounds that they are incorrect in their pioneering efforts here in Reality? Why should I conduct such foul blasphemy under the benevolent gaze of Elcres-sama? What gives you the right to-?"

I interrupt with a sigh as I threaten him with Reasonslayer before trapping him in a stasis field, "Whether you comply or not, this will get resolved, Phalosian… Guess if you will not become a temporary ally, you will become our…bait."