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"Shame Feather lost," Orlando sighed. "Had most of my money on her. But I can't be blamed for making a bad bet, right?" He looked hopefully to Toby for support, who nodded earnestly.

"Yeah! I mean, you guys had all those nightmares! And not to mention…" Toby trailed off, realizing what direction he was going. Glancing to Jonny then to Orlando, he hung his head. "…Wow, it's been a while, hasn't it...Do you think he's okay, wherever he is?" Jonny took a drag off of his cigarette, and Orlando took a drink, but neither chose to reply. But both of them eventually glanced to the bar, where Boss cleaned a glass and hummed to himself.

Orlando checked his phone, looking to the last thing that Vincent Brooks had ever texted. It'd been several weeks, maybe almost three months now, and the search for Vincent had gone cold. But both he and Jonny knew that Vincent wasn't going to be found. Vincent had won his freedom…as well as theirs. All of the surviving men from those nightmares, from the desperate climb up…It was because of Vincent that they were alive and feeling good.

In fact, in a twisted sort of way, Vincent's disappearance had been good for Jonny, too. He picked up Katherine on the rebound, and really, they both were doing pretty good. Jonny voiced guilt, but they knew Vincent wasn't planning on coming back for Katherine. Regardless, they didn't talk about it in front of Toby. It was shit he didn't need to know. As far as Toby knew, Vincent had run off when the stress had got to be too much. Last they saw of him, really, Vincent had been fucked up and talking about illusions and how his cheating girl had vanished…So it was better Toby thought he had snapped.

"I miss him. I mean, he was so messed up. I hope he didn't get himself hurt," Toby sighed. Orlando glanced to him and shrugged.

"Aw, you worry too much, kid," he mused. "Vince's alright, wherever he is…You better run on home, yeah? Past your bedtime."

"Aw man, you're so mean!" Toby whined. "But I do need to split. Erica's getting some time off tonight." Both Jonny and Orlando flinched a bit but said nothing. They had come to the agreement that unless Toby figured it out or Erica said something, neither of them would 'go there' and explain some heavy truths to the poor kid. Toby stood and took off, looking like he was on cloud nine, which left Jonny and Vincent alone.

The news on the TV mentioned the series of deaths during the nightmare week, followed by the ongoing search for Vincent Brooks, and Jonny sighed, rubbing at his eyes.

"What did he say again?"

"'I've won. You guys are safe. I'm meeting up with Catherine. I've made my choice'," Orlando reeled off, half from memory, half from his phone. "You think he seriously is with her? Boss over there said she was some sort of illusion, though. And has played dumb since."

"More beer, sir?" Boss chimed in, and Orlando groaned a bit, shutting an eye.

"And continues to listen in. Tend to your bar, geezer."

"Of course, sir."

Jonny shook his head and took a drink himself. "I don't know, and frankly at this point, I don't care. Wherever Vincent is, he's probably happy to be in his selfish and commitment free lifestyle. But don't take that the wrong way…He wasn't happy, and neither was Katherine."

"Oh? And is she now?"

"Better than before," Jonny said.

"What about you?"

"Better than before…But it's only been a few months. She still calls me his name sometimes, but I don't really care. They were together for five years. I'm just glad I got a second chance to be with her. That sounds pretty selfish…so I get no right to be angry with Vincent."

"I'd kill to see him," Orlando admitted. "I mean, if he hooked up with some illusion and lives in some dream world, that's crazy." He grinned. "I'd love to see that. I wish I got to see his girl just once."

"Orlando, what part of 'illusion' and 'dream world' did you miss? She isn't real and Vincent's probably in some crazy house," Jonny muttered bitterly, rolling his eyes a bit.

"I was just joking, and don't say he's in a nuthouse," Orlando said, smiling a little. "Though he could be. I hope not, though."

The two talked for a while longer, before Jonny decided it was time to head home. Orlando nodded and left too. When he laid down to sleep, in his large, lonely bed, his thoughts drifted again to their missing friend—to where he was and what he was doing.

Jonny, too, laying down beside Katherine, felt his mind wander to Vincent. The two men fell asleep with their thoughts on a certain man, and little did they know it, when Toby fell asleep like a baby beside Erica, his mind traveled there too. Vincent Brooks…Where was he now?

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