Eternal Flame

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After the battle with the Volturi, with the help of our friends on the side of the Authority, we all tried to move past the events of the day. The Authority came in to do clean up and to thank us that rid them of the Volturi threat in the weeks after the battle and even offered a few of us a job, to which we all turned down.

After the battle the Cullens all stayed around the Bon Temps and Shreveport area but each mated couple ventured out on their own within the area. Carlisle took a position at the local hospital to help care for the humans in the area and because of his goodhearted nature, the people flocked to him. Esme finally opened her own interior design firm and has had quite a bit of business from wealthy homeowners around our area and the area of New Orleans and Baton Rouge.

Jasper went on to work for Bill Compton, King of Louisiana, as his secretary of defense so to speak because of his vast knowledge of vampire armies and his ability to tame newborns. They hit it off during the whole ordeal leading up to the battle with the Volturi because they both fought on the side of the Confederacy once upon a time. Alice put her knack for fashion to good use and is now one of the top designers in the world, and yes she still forces me to play Bella Barbie from time to time to see what her creations would look like on a human.

Emmett went on to work with Alcide at his construction company because he said he found his calling in building things, just as Alcide had once upon a time. Rosalie opened her own garage so that she could say that she owned one of the only garages in the south that didn't screw it's patrons with high labor costs, having her patrons pay no labor and half price for parts. Smart girl, that Rosalie, she made a FORTUNE!

Edward and Jessica stayed close by also being as Jessica really didn't feel like being away from her maker and Edward wanted to stay close to his family. Edward went on to follow Carlisle's footsteps in working at the hospital after getting his doctorate in medicine. Jessica found her calling in dance and is now one of the top dancers in the country, everyone wanted her for their shows, videos, etc.

Seth moved two houses down from Alcide and I to be close to me since we had formed a brother-sister bond after Leah's death and he stopped phasing shortly after imprinting on Heidi. Seth teaches out at the local college now, Native American folklore and history. Heidi put her good looks and people skills to good use by opening and becoming a spokes model for a company she started to help the newly turned cope with their lifestyle.

Marcus refused to work for the Authority after he saw how easy life could be from a position that didn't have power. He stuck around Bon Temps for a while and got to become really close to Eric and Sookie, going into business with Eric to expand on his night clubs for vampires. There are now 25 vampire night clubs spread throughout the United States and they have booming business.

Sookie and Eric FINALLY got married by both human and vampire standards, I was the matron of honor, and shocked everyone when Sookie became pregnant with a hybrid baby. Little Leah Pauline, named after those fallen, was so adorable. Eric stepped down as Sheriff and handed the position off to Jasper, who like I said is also like a secretary of state for Bill. They now live peacefully together, happier than ever. But that doesn't mean go fuck with them either because Eric is still that same old ruthless Viking he always has been.

Jake eventually stopped phasing and moved down to Shreveport to be close to us. He lives right next door, in fact, and is Godfather to our children. He co-owns the garage that Rosalie opened and enjoys every minute he spends tinkering with the cars he is brought.

As for Alcide and I? After the battle, we spent the next few years raising our children, I eventually became a stay at home mom and I have enjoyed every minute of it. When little Chloe was about 4 I found out I was pregnant with our daughter, Cheyenne. She was our little miracle baby because I never thought I'd have anymore after Chloe and after taking in CJ and Nathan…but we make do with out 5 children. I love them all very much.

The Volturi battle was a huge milestone for all of us but it helped to pave the way for our futures. Futures without threat of death because of exposure. I hate that we lost those that we had but they did not die in vain. They died to keep us safe and free and to Paul and Leah, I will always love them for that. The experience also made Alcide and I stronger as a couple because you never know just what you have until you almost lose it. We have been enjoying every minute of our time together.