I'm such a procrastinator.

One day I'll finish one of my first fics.
It's harder then it looks.

This is just…a preview I guess. It'll be kind of short.

It's like a prologue.

I watched Paul recently, for my 17th birthday, and I immediately fell in love with it.

I already loved Nick Frost and Simon Pegg, and I fell even more in love with Seth Rogen's voice, and I fell in love with Jason Bateman.

I fell in love with a lot of things in this movie.

And I'm sorry if I get any of the original dialogue wrong. I do not own the movie yet and I can't find the clips I want on Youtube.



If the two sun-burned, sweat soaked, rednecks weren't quietly deciding to kill her after they had picked her up off the side of the road, she thought the 100 degree weather that was seeping through the black exterior of their truck was going to finish the job. Neither of the men knew how to work their brand new AC, and they wouldn't dare roll down the back windows for her.

They had picked her up on the side of Highway 6, just outside Tonopah. From there on, they had dragged her down that highway, all the way across Nevada. She could truthfully say that she had no idea what their actual destination was, partly because they never answered her question about it. When they had picked her up, they claimed that they were on their way to Moorcroft, Wyoming, just where she needed to go.

After two hours of being yelled at for staying on the floor behind the front seats of the black truck for two hours, she fell asleep to the sounds of their country music, loud laughing, and jokes about what they were going to do with her once they reached a rest stop. The floor felt cool against her hot pink cheeks, but the sight of a large rifle stuffed under the driver's seat left her sleep deprived eyes a little scarred.

But after that one or two hours of looking around and trying to ignore the rifle pointed at her face, she fell asleep for an hour before she woke up to an immobile car. Her eyes fluttered open, and she felt even dirtier than she did before. They had kept the back windows closed while she had slept and her black hair was stuck to her sweaty neck and shoulders.

She quietly tried to push herself up onto her knees, so she could look around and was disgusted to find that her shirt had stuck to her wet stomach, and that her shoes had slipped of her wet feet. She felt like a pig in heat.

Suddenly, as she felt comfortable setting her knees on the hard floor, she got a slap on the behind and a pat on the head. Her knees collapsed under her and she set her hands on the floor to keep herself stable.

"Don't be getting' up any time soon, kiddo. We're goin' in ta get some grub." The driver growled, while the passenger wailed with laughter.

"Yeah, so, don't even think about leaving!" he cried out as the two men opened their car doors and slipped out. She looked up at the doors, peeking through the crack in between the wall and the driver's seat, noticing that the windows were still rolled up.

She gasped and threw herself in between the front seats, "Wait!" she cried.

The passenger, a short, blonde haired man, shut his door, ignoring her protest, while the driver, a tall, large-bellyed man with a mustache, just turned and stared at her oddly, looking rather amused at her sudden desperation. He stood there, looking back at his buddy, pulling up his pants and setting his hands on his hips as he waited for her to continue.

She stared up at him rather intimidated by his stance. She looked him up and down and smiled sweetly at him, "You can't—just—leave me here! It's over 90 degrees out there! How do you think it's gonna feel in here? You wouldn't want me to—to die of heat stroke or something!" she asked, shrugging a bit and gripping the seats.

The driver smirked and looked back at the passenger. They began to laugh, "It's probably pretty damn hot then!"

He slammed the door shut and then knocked on the window as she shut her eyes tightly and let out a sigh, dropping her head in despair.

"Besides! We left a window cracked!" he laughed and she could hear their boots crunching on dirt and gravel, the sound slowly retreating.

Her head rose and she stared at the cracked window in amazement. She crawled into the drivers seat and stuck her lips into the crack, trying to twist her head so she could get the best acoustics to call out for them. Her knees sunk into the hot upholstery and she could feel and smell the sweat that had emanated off of him. Her hot hands created fog on the blacked out windows as she set them against the steaming hot surface, and she felt like her skin would melt against it.

"Hey! Hey!" she called out desperately. The footsteps stopped and she peeked through the crack to see them staring at the car.

"…C—can I at least go to the bathroom?" she asked, scrunching up her face, a nasty habit she had when she lied.

The men hesitated and they looked at each other awkwardly. The smaller, blonde passenger rubbed the back of his head and squinted at the driver.

"Sh—should we Gus?"

"Uh…shit…uh…I don't—I don't know, Jake."

"Let's just let her piss. She does look like she needs to go." Jake said, pointing at the car.

She nodded her head like they could see her and scrunched up her face, "Oh, yeah, I really need to piss!" she called unconvincingly.

The large driver, Gus, sighed and trudged back to the truck, reaching out for the handle of the truck as he stepped closer. She peeled her hands off of the window and wiped them on her damp dark gray shirt. The door swung open and she nervously smiled at the big man, who she came face to face with even when she was on her knees, elevated far above the ground. His hand grabbed her arm roughly and he tugged her out the car and into the open air.

A gush of relief washed over her and she was able to stand there and take in the glory of a warm wind. She looked down at her feet and wiggled her toes around in her flip-flops, feeling the dirt under her heels that had jumped into her shoes after she had tried not to fall to the ground after that rough tug. She sucked in a breath and smiled as she lifted up her arms to air herself out.

Gus' large hand came in contact with her shoulder and he shoved her forward, almost causing her to trip over a few rocks. He laughed and wrapped his fat fingers around her small arm. She gasped and looked up at him in disgust and alarm, taking a moment to glare at Jake the passenger. The two started a boring conversation that she droned out easily, letting the sun and the building before them take up her attention.

"The Little A'Le'Inn" was what the large sign next to the building said. Stickers of aliens were used as cheap graffiti all over the building and the sign. She looked over her shoulder at the truck, sneering at it, knowing that she couldn't pretend to be peeing long enough to stay out of the horrid thing. After staring at that for a minute, trying to ignore the sudden tug on her arm, she looked up at a large RV that seemed to appear out of nowhere.

She quirked a brow at it and pressed her lips together, hoping it wasn't some poor family that would have to run into the two brutes that had kidnapped her. Well, not really kidnapped. She willingly got in their car after they convinced her they were heading her way.

They didn't seem like the type that would keep her forever or rape her or kill her. Only just rough her up, threaten her, maybe do a little something-something and then let her off in an unnamed, middle-of-nowhere place to let her fend for herself as they drove off into the distance laughing.

Still, her heart went out to the souls that had to cross them, when anything someone said could offend them in some stupid way that really just gave them a reason to fight. She hoped that there weren't any brave soldiers in the small restaurant that would dare try and confront them. She was sure that the straps around Gus' arms weren't a fancy pair of suspenders. Maybe the family was even planning on leaving soon.

Jake pushed open the door, staring back at Gus as he told some joke that she didn't even hear and wouldn't have even understood. Gus threw her further inside and she stumbled in, almost having her arm pulled out of her socket as he grabbed her arm again and pulled her back; the two men just laughing carelessly.

For a split second, she was able to look up through her hair and look up at a small man with ginger hair, light facial hair, and a pointed nose that was smiling at the group and beginning to snicker at the joke Gus had made. She looked between the man and the rednecks, looking skeptical at the outcome of the situation. With her free hand she pushed some of her hair behind her ear, reaching back to play with the small ponytail that held up only half of her hair, the rest falling down over her shoulders. Then she tugged at her jean shorts, looking around awkwardly as the rednecks confronted the ginger man.

The man could only suck in his laughter and spin around in his seat to face the space behind the counter. She awkwardly looked up to the two rednecks and she looked back at the ginger man who was shaking his head in response to the men's questions about what he thought was funny or what his problem was.

Gus looked down at her and sneered, "Get goin'." He growled, pushing her in the direction of the bathroom. She almost crashed into a table and could only look back over her shoulder and stare at him angrily. The ginger man peered over his shoulder nervously, watching her as she sneered at Gus and carefully look over in his direction. He turned his head so it didn't look like he was watching, but she saw him, hoping he would figure out something about her situation.

She walked around the table slowly, looking straight at the door of the women's bathroom, right next to the door that read "MALIENS". A loud bang caused her to jump and shut her eyes, stopping her in her tracks.

"Don't be long, little lady! You need to get yourself back to the truck!" he growled, having smacked a table. He glared at her and she sucked in a breath, feeling the eyes of the ginger man land on her again.

She rolled her eyes and turned around to look at the gross men who smirked at her sudden annoyance. "I have a name you know." She growled, keeping her stance steady, wringing her hands. The two men began to laugh louder then they needed to, and they grinned at each other. She looked over at the ginger man who was looking between the amused men and the nervous girl, his eyebrows cascading down in terror and interest.

Her eyes met his and she sucked in a breath, looking at him helplessly, knowing the two men were never going to let her live down the fact that she was trying to stick up to them. Her face softened, beginning to look tired. She weakly smiled at him, feeling defeated by exhaustion suddenly.

"It's Amanda." She said quietly, scanning the ginger man. His eyes slightly widened and he scanned her as well. The red necks slowly stopped laughing and they both stared at the ginger man maniacally, constantly sending a few looks her way.

The ginger man, again, sucked in a breath and spun around in his chair, looking away from all of them. She sighed and looked back at the men, "Gimme a few minutes." She muttered, rolling her eyes and rubbing her hands on her shorts. She spun around and carried on her voyage to the bathroom.

Suddenly, the door the MALIENS bathroom pushed open and a large man with stubble and long brown hair came out, looking satisfied. He almost bumped into her on his way back towards the ginger man.

"Graeme—Oh, I'm sorry! Graeme!" the man called, looking at her awkwardly as she raised her brows and pursed her lips. She walked into the bathroom and spun around to push the door closed slowly, making sure it didn't slam, so it wouldn't echo across the whole building.

The moment the door closed, her heart began beating faster then it had when Gus and his lacky had picked her up. She frantically looked around the bathroom, hoping there was a window or a hatch up to the roof or something. She scampered across the multi-colored floor, looking around at some alien memorabilia, stickers people had stuck up on the walls, quotes from famous sci-fi movies and pictures of famous alien citings. She could only find one window, and it wasn't big enough for her to even get her head through, only as wide as her shoulders.

Frustratedly she stamped her foot and ran her hands through her hair and down her face. She walked into a stall and stood up on the toilets, trying to get a better look at the ceiling. But there was nothing. Nowhere for her to go.

'So much for an escape', she thought. She walked over to the mirrors and looked at herself, wondering how she had gotten to this spot.

Her hair was all over the place, she was covered in dirt and sweat, and she had rips in her clothes from trying to squirm around in the back of the truck. She had only figured out that she had been kidnapped when they didn't take the exit that would take them to the highways that could take them into the state of Wyoming in general. She quietly decided to get onto the floor and allow them to figure out that she had figured it out. Why she had gotten on the floor, she didn't know. But they figured out that she did, and decided to play with the idea that they had a "scared" hostage. They probably thought she would probably comply with anything they wanted.

But she wouldn't. Not at all.

She was in her twenties and wouldn't give up that easily. Though she had wondered how she had gotten herself into that situation if she was using the excuse that she was twenty something as how she wouldn't give up to get out. She confused herself sometimes. She especially confused herself when she would then think about why she was hitchhiking in general. She had asked some of her friends in Vegas if they could give her a ride to her families place in Moorcroft, but they were all busy. She could've saved up money to buy a bus ticket too, but instead she decided to hitchhike. Like a dumb ass.

Wearily, Amanda groaned and slumped her shoulders. She rubbed her hands together and proceeded to wash them and all the way up her arms and her neck and face to get rid of the layer of sweat. She flung her arms around to dry them off and then exited the bathroom hesitantly. She looked over at the table where Gus and Jake were sitting; the men were staring at the large man and the ginger man named Graeme.

Her eyes trailed to them and she watched as a waitress called out and appeared from the back with a large green milkshake with a sparkler sticking out of it. With her big, bright, blonde hair and low cut blue shirt, she waved it around, making fake space ship noises as she set it down in front of Graeme.

Amanda's lip twitched as she tried not to giggle at the sight of a grown man receiving a milkshake with a sparkler in it. The milkshake was set down with a clank, the fizzing continuing, as Graemes head dropped and the large one just seemed to sit still. She looked around awkwardly and shrugged.

"I'm done peeing now!" she exclaimed loudly, lifting her arms up and raising her brows in expectation. Gus and Jake narrowed gaze returned to her and they grinned.

"Well it's about time! Jake, take this empty bladdered, probably tired and hungry, young thing back to the truck! Lock her right up!" Gus laughed, leaning back in his seat, teasing her, thinking that most hostages were always tired and hungry. He had seen too many hostage movies. Besides, she had eaten just before they picked her up 3 hours before. Jake grinned and stood up.

"A 'course Gus. Come on!" he smiled devilishly. Amanda stared at his hand and then up at Graeme and his friend. Only the friend dared to turn around. He looked over his shoulder, watching her and her interaction with the small red neck. His brows raised and his mouth twisted in confused interest. But he turned back around when Gus shot him another deathly look.

The waitress looked at the two men and smiled, "Hey boys, how you doin'? You look like you two need a beer." She called, walking around the counter. Jake reached forward and grabbed Amanda's arm.

"What kind of place is this? A gay bar?" Gus asked, glaring at Graeme and his friend. Jake slowly pulled her towards the door, both of them encompassed in the present conversation.

"Just a place where you can get good eats and maybe have a close encounter." The waitress shrugged, setting her hand down on the counter so she could lean on it.

Jake laughed and his grip loosened on her arm, "Sure sounds like a gay bar." He sneered. Amanda glanced at him after noticing a slight change in Graeme and his friends' demeanor. They could tell the red necks were getting hostile.

She looked between Jake and Gus, not wanting to call them by name out loud, but at least wanting to say something, "Then…if this is a gay bar…why are we here?" she asked, trying to cross her arms unsuccessfully. Jake's hand got in the way.

Gus looked over his shoulder and glared at her while Jake just squeezed her arm tighter and tugged on it. Gus threw his hand into the air, dismissing them.

"Jake, get that little shit outta here!" he coughed.

She glared at him, her mouth dropping open and her arms flinging out in anger, "Wha—I'm just saying! Leave the two guys alone! If they wanna chill at a gay bar and you don't then let's just fucking leave!"

Jake pulled open the heavy door and shoved her outside. She stumbled, gasping. After she caught herself, she looked back at Jake who stood in the doorway.

"You better get back in that truck…or else…or else…we'll do something bad to ya'." He threatened feebly. Amanda narrowed her eyes at him.

"Fine, I'll be sure to do that. Don't want to die at your hands or anything." She sighed, crossing her arms and spinning on her heels to walk back to the truck.

She didn't know their destination, and they probably didn't either. But at another rest stop, if they were closer to Wyoming, then she'd find another time to run off. No use in putting up a fight now. Jake watched her as she climbed into the large truck and sat in the drivers seat uncomfortably, the door shut, the window cracked, and the dark dashboard boiling. Her eyes trailed along the interior of the fancy truck and then out the blackened windows.

Two figures had speedily walked out of the restaurant, and they didn't look like the two red necks. So they had decided to stay, and they let Graeme and his friend leave. The large one jumped immediately into the RV and started it, while Graeme played frantically with a large sticker and proceeded to retreat to the bumper of the vehicle.

She smirked, 'So they own the RV.'

He gently, but hurriedly, placed a large yellow bumper sticker on the back and then rushed into the RV. The bumper sticker read, "ALIEN ON BOARD". Her smirk grew into a grin at the sight of the sticker.

"How touristy." She spoke out loud. The lack of moisture in the car caused her voice to crack and her throat to tickle. She coughed and rolled her eyes. She laid her head against the back of the seat and then began to press random buttons all over the dash and the radio.

Unbeknownst to Amanda, though, the RV was slowly backing up right towards the truck. She lifted up her feet so she could hug her knees. In a split second after she did that, the truck tilted and the door jutted inside, smacked her. She fell over into the passenger seat, screaming as she came face to face, separated by glass of course, with the spare tire of the RV. Her eyes jotted around the back of the RV in astonishment as it pulled forward and began to drive away.

Taking in what had happened, she pushed open the door and lunged out of the car. She let the door shut on it's own before she turned back and stared at the large dent. She let out a loud laugh, staring at it incredulously.

With a quick whip of the head, she watched the RV stop before it even decided to pull out onto the highway.

In a last minute decision, she decided to run after them. Whether they did it on purpose or not, they had a lot of balls to just smash into some assholes truck and then run. She rubbed the side of her face and looked up at the restaurant.

What if they came after her? What if they came after the men and caught her as well? Then they would surely live up to a threat.

Quietly, she sucked in a breath and shook her head in defeat, "Fuck this shit. Fuck waiting for a better opportunity." She growled and peeled off her sandals. She held them both in one hand and took off at a sprint after the RV, which was just about to pull out onto the highway.

She caught up to it as it straightened out, picking up its speed. Her hand slammed down onto the door, the metallic sounds causing the RV to swerve a bit and come to a stop. In shock she almost bumped into the large machine and then almost ran past it when it stopped. She saw the thing shifting back and forth, leading up to the moment when the two men pushed open the door and stared at her in terror.

Immediately, she lifted up her hands and took a step back, holding onto her sandals tightly, "Don't worry fellas, I'm harmless!" she laughed nervously, scanning the boys up and down. They did the same, and the large one seemed to shift uncomfortably, while Graeme looked a little nervous, looking at her like she was some sort of bomb set up to go off at any moment.

"I see that you…fucked up their truck." She said, pointing back at the black truck. Graeme and his friend poked their heads out and squinted in its direction.

"Oh…uh…yes…that was me." The large one said awkwardly, pointing to himself, his English accent thick.

Her eyes shrank into slits and she slowly smiled at them, "you guys are definitely not from around here."

Graeme rubbed the back of his head and shook it, revealing his matching English accent, "No, not really."

"We're not even from this country." The large one shrugged.

She nodded, "Don't worry, I know." She laughed.

They nodded awkwardly and Graeme looked around the doorframe, the other just sort of stared at the ground in front of her, probably staring at her dirty feet. She looked down at them as well, wiggling her toes on the concrete. Graeme lifted up a hand and pointed at her, "Amanda. Right?" he asked.

Carefully she nodded, "Yup."

He looked back at the restaurant and pointed at it, "Did those men kidnap you?" he asked.

She hesitantly looked up at them and then slowly let her head fall and rise over and over again. She wasn't proud of saying yes to that question, but it was the truth.

"Welcome to America." She grinned, mocking the good old American cheer. Graeme looked at his friend and they began to whisper with each other.

"We should—"

"No we shouldn't! They could—"

"They wouldn't—"

"But they could—"

"They won't—"

Amanda sucked in a breath and raised her brows, "Could I get a ride? Please?" she asked, looking at them skeptically.

The two foreign men looked back at her and then shared a glance.

"Where do you need to go?" the large one asked.

"Um…I need to get to some place pretty far…but, you could just drive me up the road. To the next town or something." She shrugged, thinking that was a good start.

Graeme shrugged and nodded, looking up at his friend who just glared at him. Amanda rolled her eyes and shrugged, "Hey, I'm not asking for a long term relationship. I just need a ride to the closest town. After you two hit the truck, I thought, why wait for the next opportunity to split, when I have you two runnin' from the scene of the crime right now?" She exclaimed, getting their attention.

The large one sighed and began to nod, allowing Graeme to smile, "We can do that!"

She nodded, "Awesome, thanks." She sighed, smiling up at them.

Graeme and his friend stepped back and allowed her to climb inside. Graeme and his friend trudged back to their seats and sat down quietly. She went over to their couch and sat down on it, throwing her sandals by the door. She looked over at them as they started the RV and continued driving.

The entire RV was decorated like the 70's, not including their few souvenirs from conventions and other alien gift shops. She smirked at all of the big eyed, green, alien heads.

"So," she started, standing up and walked up in between the front seats, "you both know my name. And I have the general idea of yours. What's yours?" she asked, looking from Graeme to the large driver. He peeked at her and then looked back at the road.

"I'm Clive Gollings, the author. And this is Graeme Willy, my…." He hesitated.

"Colleague." Graeme finished, pressing his lips together and nodding his head.

She smirked, "Riiiiight…colleagues." She teased, looking around the floor.

Graeme laughed, "If you're thinking we're…homosexual, we are most definitely not."

"Yes, we are just good friends." Clive added, almost immediately.

"If you say so!" she shrugged, "what's this?" she asked suddenly, quirking a brow at something she found.

She grabbed a book off the floor and stared at it oddly, seeing a beautiful green alien woman with three tits and many other alien beings surrounding her. She nodded her head impressed when she saw the Authors name was his.

"Three tits…awesome." She admitted, awkwardly. Graeme smiled and pointed to himself.

"That was me." He said accomplished.

"You did this?" she asked, holding it up. He nodded, looking away awkwardly and she twisted her mouth, looking impressed.

She nodded and set the book down on the floor again, "So where are you guys planning on heading?" she asked, trying to make conversation to get through what she thought was going to be along trip to another town.

Graeme reached forward and pulled out a map, messing with it so he could hold it out flat and show it to her, "We are traveling from Comic-Con, all the way across Nevada and New Mexico, looking at UFO hot spots." He explained.

Again, she nodded, "Comic-Con. Nice. Where do you plan on stopping next?"

"The Black Mailbox." Clive said with a grin.

"The Black Mailbox? I haven't been there in ages." She muttered.

"I guess people who live here see it all the time?" Graeme asked. Amanda shook her head.

"Not really. You see it once, and you feel like you've seen it a million times. I went and saw it with my Grandma. She tried to break into it to see if there was any mail for the FBI about…certain aliens." She shrugged.

Clive's brows furrowed and he turned to her momentarily, "And your grandmother lives where?"

"Wyoming. My whole family lives in Wyoming. That's where I'm trying to get to. She believes in practically everything when it comes to aliens. She actually thinks she came in contact with one once." She explained.

Graeme nodded, "sounds like we should stop there." He laughed.

Amanda chuckled and nodded, "Yeah…but thanks again for the ride." She said in advance as she got up and walked back to the couch.

"No problem. Is it all right if we stop by the Black Mailbox first? It's on the way to the next town." Clive answered with a shrug.

"I don't mind."

As long as the two red necks didn't catch up with them, she was fine with wherever they would take her. They were trustworthy. They were nice, they were shy, they were innocent, and they were perfect people to hitchhike. She could tell that they were least likely to run into any type of trouble.

Well, almost any.