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"Blaine! Welcome back!" The brunet in question smiled at the sound of his name. He had just entered Anderson's Loft, a gay club he had created that was quickly becoming one of best and well-known in the country. They always played the best music, had great food, and the male dancers he had hired were some of the hottest L.A. had to offer. Before he could speak, Blaine found himself enveloped in the firm embrace of the club's manager and head bartender, Noah Puckerman.

"Puck!" Blaine exclaimed as the taller, straight man released him and took a step back. "You taking good care of my business?"

"Of course, I am!" He shouted over the loud music. "This month's profits have nearly tripled that of last month's, and we still have two weeks to go!" Blaine grinned at the statement and raised his hand to high-five his manager.

"That's great! Remind me to give you a raise." Puck chuckled and shook his head.

"No need. The tips I get pretty much do that for you." The owner crossed his arms and rolled his eyes.

"Really? They give you that much?" Puck nodded. "And they know you're completely straight?"

"Yep!" He answered. "Apparently most of them think they can 'tempt' me. And what kind of person would I be tell them no?" Blaine shook his head and punched Puck in the shoulder.

"Whatever man. Look, not that I don't love visiting, but I've got a lot of paperwork to get done if I plan on opening a new club in Vegas. Why'd I need to get done here?" Puck nodded and motioned for Blaine to follow him. The two men made their way through the crowded club to a door in the back. They entered it and shut the door behind themselves, instantly muffling the sounds of loud music and excited drunken men. They were in a small room with no windows, no other exits and only a staircase leading up to a second level. As they headed towards it, Puck began to talk again.

"Well, you remember how we couldn't seem to find a new angel? Well, I do believe that I've found one." Puck was referring to Anderson's Loft's main attraction, The Anderson Pleasures. The Anderson Pleasures was a group of handpicked guys that with an appointment and for the right price could make any guy's year. There were fourteen of them and they were all based off of the seven deadly sins: lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy & pride, and the seven virtues: temperance, charity, diligence, patience, kindness, humility & the new one they needed, chastity. Their previous chastity had quit a few months back due to personal reasons. They had been having trouble locating a new one ever since. Blaine arched an eyebrow.

"You think you found a new one?"


"And he is of age, right?"

"Yep. Checked myself. And I called you down here because I wanted you to be the one to…break him in, so to speak." Puck said, smirking. Blaine nodded, catching his drift. By now, they had walked up the stairs and were stopped in front of a plain bedroom door, the booming sound of the bass from downstairs, able to be felt through the floor. "Well, I'll leave you to it. Find me downstairs when you're done, so we can discuss his pay." With a wink, He headed back towards the stairs and to the front of the club. Blaine placed his hand on the door and opened it, falling in silence as he stared at the boy in front of him.

True to the theme, each pleasure acted and dressed according to their sin or virtue. Sam, who was Lust, wore nothing but a tiny red thong and was practically always ready to fuck regardless of who or how many. Mike, who was Diligence, would spend hours at a time with a single guy, making sure that both he and his customer were fully sated and could barely walk by the end. Jesse, who was Wrath, was for those in the BDSM community, tying men to the bed and controlling them until they were practically screaming for him to fuck them. The other sins/virtues were all the same way.

Chastity was the hardest to hire, because you had to have someone who looked innocent, acted innocent, and would put up a "fight". They would have to appear as if they didn't want it before giving in. In simplest terms, "chastity"had to be almost angelic, a pair of soft white wings adding to the illusion. As Blaine looked at the boy in front of him, he could see why Puck had decided to hire him.

He had some of the softest looking chestnut hair Blaine had ever seen. Electric blue eyes stared at him, from over a small button nose. His lips were a bright pink and he was biting softly on his bottom one. His torso was bare and Blaine could see pink nipples, small abs and a slight happy trail that was honey colored. He was wearing tight, white skinny jeans that clung to every curve and muscle he had. He wore no shoes on his small feet and the only other thing he was wearing were the angel wings. Blaine nodded in approval. He was perfect.

Throughout his silent evaluation, the two had maintained eye contact, and soon the new employee was shifting uncomfortably on the bed. Blaine entered the room, locking it securely behind him. He moved until he was sitting on the bed beside him and stared at the clearly younger man. Blaine placed his hand on the boy's knee and rubbed it gently. The boy instantly went stiff, as true to form.

"My name's Blaine." He started. "What's yours?"

"Chastity." The boy muttered quietly. Blaine smirked. He knew the role well. "My name is chastity."

"Well, Chastity," the owner started, "Have you ever done this before?" He asked as he slid the hand touching the boy's knee up his leg until it was resting at the junction where his hips met his pelvis. The boy blushed deeply and shook his head.

"No! Of course not! I'm not married and I don't know what you thinks gonna happen tonight because I will not be sleeping with you." Blaine nodded, playing along. This was all part of the act. Puck had clearly explained the part well.

"Don't worry. I wasn't planning on doing anything of the sort." He said. "I just wanted to kiss you." The boy stared at him for a second before slowly nodding.

"Kissing…kissing's fine." Blaine smiled before leaning in and placing his lips on the younger man's. They were as soft as they looked and tasted like strawberry. He pulled "chastity" towards him, causing the angel to wrap his arms around Blaine's neck. Blaine gently licked his bottom lip urging the boy to open up and he reluctantly did. Blaine sucked on the younger man's tongue, slowly lowering him down until he was lying on the bed, Blaine on top of him. They continued to kiss and Blaine moved one of his hands to the chest of the boy beneath him. He gently pinched the younger man's nipple, causing him to break the kiss and gasp in surprise.

"Blaine!" He said in shock. "What are you doing?" Blaine shrugged nonchalantly and moved to kiss down Chastity's neck. "I said no sex!"

"And this isn't sex. This is exploring. I just want you to know how much I care about you." Blaine said, moving back up to kiss him again. Blaine moved his hand from Chastity's nipple to his side, and before Chastity could protest, he had wrapped one of the boy's slimmer legs around his own, so that their crotches were perfectly aligned. Chastity gasped and pulled away from the kiss.

"Blaine!" Blaine did his best to appear innocent.

"What? I just want to show you how good you make me feel." He said rocking his hips forward, causing a small moan to escape from Chastity's lips. "How incredibly hard you make me. And if I didn't know any better, I'd say that you were hard as well." Chastity instantly shook his head, even though the bulge in his pants was a dead giveaway to how turned on he was.

"No," He muttered quietly. "I'm-I'm not." Blaine nodded, biting his collarbone.

"Yes. Yes you are. But it's okay, because this isn't sex." Blaine said as he grinded on the man beneath him. Chastity threw his head back in pleasure, his face flushed pink. Blaine took this moment to reach down and open the boy's skinny jeans, rubbing his palm against the hard cock. Chasity gasped. "And this isn't sex either, this is touching. Experimenting. The day you get married, you don't want your wedding night to be a disaster because you don't know what you're doing, do you?" Chastity fiercely shook his head.


"Well all we're doing is making sure that you can make your future husband happy, without us having to go all the way."

Chastity bit his lip and looked at Blaine with his blue eyes.

"That ma-makes sense I guess…" Blaine smirked.

"Good." He said as he went back to kissing Chastity's collarbone, working his way down. He stopped at the nipple and quickly took it in his mouth, biting it and swirling it around his tongue.

"Oh my god…" Chastity moaned, his eyes practically rolling in the back of his head. Blaine took this moment of distraction to gently and slowly ease Chastity's briefs and jeans halfway down his thighs. He worked his hand around to the boy's backside and along his entrance. Chastity gasped.

"That is definitely se-" Blaine quickly silenced his outburst by kissing him hard enough to bruise his lips.

"It's not." Blaine said, his lips not leaving the paler man's. "It's testing your limits. And be honest. This makes you feel good. And I can make it even better if you just let go and stop fighting." Chastity shook his head repeatedly, but made no motion to stop the ministrations of Blaine's hand. The older man pulled back from the kiss and removed his hand from Chastity's backside, causing the boy in question to sigh in relief. Blaine brought his hand up to his own mouth, quickly sucking three fingers into his mouth. Chastity watched in fascination as the older male moved his free hand to his crotch, freeing his hard cock from its confines. He stroked himself as he sucked on his fingers. When they were good and wet, he pulled them out and grinned down at the boy beneath him.

"I'm waiting-"

"Till marriage, I know. But don't you wanna experience pleasure, behind anything you've ever felt?" Before he could answer, Blaine had already moved one finger into the boy's hole and Chastity instantly gripped the sheets.

"Blaine…" He muttered weakly, a fail attempt at getting him to stop. Blaine continued to slowly finger the boy while working his tongue along the prominent vein in Chastity's neck. He soon inserted the second and third finger, picking up the pace.

"Sh-shit…" Blaine moved his lips from on Chasity, to stare down at him. His lips were swollen, he had hickeys all over his neck and shoulders, his pants had fallen off sometime before and his pale, sweaty naked body was on full display. The wings were still on and did their job of making the boy appear angelic. Chastity opened his eyes and that was all Blaine could take. He removed his fingers from the tight heat before shoving his dick in their place. Chastity moaned at the sudden larger intruder and tightened around the cock inside him.

"Fuck, Chastity, how does this feel?"


"DO you regret not waiting?"


"Do you want me to stop?"

"…no…please don't…ever stop…" Blaine grinned and did as he was asked, speeding up his tempo. He leaned over the smaller boy and pressed their foreheads together, as he moved his hips to hit at a different angle. Chastity's hands instantly flew to Blaine's shoulders and gripped them tightly.

"Right there…again…more…" The angel panted, wrapping his legs around Blaine's waist as he went deeper.

"Are you close, Chastity?" Blaine asked, breaking the kiss. The boy in question nodded. "Would you like to experience the best orgasm ever?" Chastity nodded again. Blaine sighed and quickly pulled out of Chastity to a cry of surprise.

"Wha-" The question was stopped in its tracks as Blaine placed his mouth on Chastity's cock and three fingers in his ass. Blaine bobbed his head up and down as he hurriedly finger-fucked the boy. Within minutes, Chastity came in Blaine's mouth, the club owner swallowing all he gave. When the angel was completely spent, Blaine sat up, and quickly began jerking himself off. Seconds later, he was cumming all over Chastity's torso before collapsing on the bed. The two laid there in silence before Blaine looked at the boy beside him.

"You are the fifth Chastity I've had since opening this place and you are without a doubt the best." The boy grinned and blushed.

"Thanks. Some of the other guys here helped me with it." Blaine nodded and chuckled.

"So what's your actual name?"

"Kurt. Kurt Hummel." Blaine sat up in the bed and Kurt followed suit. Blaine offered his hand.

"Well, Mr. Hummel, as proud owner of Anderson's Loft, I'd like to take this moment to firmly welcome you to The Anderson Pleasures as Chastity. I think you'll have a very happy future with us." Kurt grinned as he shook his hand.

"I think I will too."

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