One night little Germany had a nightmare. In his nightmare, people were hurting Big Bruder Prussia. How dare they hurt him! In the nightmare, Prussia was in much pain and he was bleeding. Germany didn't like seeing his bruder in pain. He tried to help him, but found that nothing could help his big bruder.

Germany started to cry. He couldn't help it. The boy woke up crying. He had to go make sure his bruder was alright. Tears streaming down his face, he ran to Prussia's bedroom.

His albino bruder was sleeping, the tiny bit of light from outside shining through the window onto his frame. Tears rolling slower down his cheeks, Germany shook his older brother.
"Prussia, bruder! Prussia! PRUSSIA!" the young boy cried praying his brother would respond.

Prussia groggily opened his eyes to see Germany's face wet with tears. The albino hated to see his younger bruder cry. It made him want to cry too.

Wordlessly, Prussia pulled Germany's onto his bed, rubbing the young boy's back. He woundered what on Earth was wrong. Germany kept crying.

"A-are you alright, bruder?" Germany choked through his tears.

Prussia ran a hand through his bruder's blond hair. "Of course your completely awesome big bruder is alright!" he said.

Germany managed a watery smile at Prussia's self-proclaimed awesomeness. He buried his face in his bruder's chest breathing Prussia's familiar and comforting scent.

"What's wrong West?" Prussia whispered, still rubbing Germany's back, trying to comfort the young boy, though not sure how.

"I had a nightmare." Germany whimpered into his bruder's chest. It had been the scariest nightmare he had ever had. If he didn't have his big bruder, well Germany didn't know what he would do.

"Ja?" Prussia continued rubbing his bruder's back, resting his chin on the blond boy's head. It had been a long time since Germany had come into his room over a nightmare.

Germany nodded, wiping away tears. He felt very safe with Prussia as he should. Prussia was alright so why was he still crying? "It was horrible."

"I can tell." Prussia murmured, holding his little bruder close to his chest, to his heart. He wrapped his arms around the smaller boy protectively. He wouldn't let anyone hurt his dear baby bruder.

Tears formed in German'y eyes again, but he brushed them away. "Th-they were hurting you! A-and I couldn't help you!"

Prussia was silent. He wasn't sure how to react. Luckily, he didn't have t. Germany went on. "It was just a nightmare. You're to awesome for anyone to hurt you."

Prussia smiled, wishing that was true. He cradled Germany like a baby, looking into his blue eyes. "Go to sleep, West. You'll be cranky if you don't"

"Can I sleep with you tonight, Prussia?" Germany looked up adoringly at his bruder. His Big Bruder who would always be there.

Prussia nodded and laid down, Germany lying on his chest. Prussia rubbed the boy's back, singing a lullaby to him in German, their native tongue. When Germany had finally fallen asleep after an hour of singing to him, Prussia whispered "I love you West." And closed his eyes.