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Rhyleigh xoxox

There had been so many days where the three Rafter children had stared into the clouds, trying to find shapes. They had made it a competition, and too often their parents would find the three of them staring into the blue sky, comparing shapes.

"It's a unicorn!"

"It's a piece of pizza, Rachel".

"Look at the monkey!"

"Looks like you, Nathan!"

Innocent laughter would follow and Dave and Julie Rafter would laugh, watching as their children stared into the clouds.

Many days, their grandparents would take them to the park and after they had used all their energy on the slide and the swings, they would collapse on the grass.

As they got older, it became less and less frequent. It was those moments that they cherished.

On Rachel's last day in Australia, Ben and Nathan had kidnapped her from the office where she worked, whisking her away to the park where they had spent so much of their childhood.

They lay on the grass, their heads almost touching, staring into the clouds for what seemed like hours.

"I see a flower".

"I see a plane".

"I think the plane might be crashing into the Statue of Liberty over there, Rach".

"Not funny Ben".

The day that their big sister left for New York City was clear and blue, white fluffy clouds floating in the sky.

"Mum, we're borrowing Ruby!" Ben called to their mother, picking their baby sister off the mat in the lounge room and holding her to his hip.

"Where are you taking her?" Julie called.

"The park!" Nathan answered for his brother, wheeling the stroller through the house.

It was that afternoon that the two Rafter boys and their baby sister lay on the grass of their childhood park, pointing out shapes in the clouds to the little girl. Cooing intently, little Ruby giggled when she saw a plane float through the sky.

"That might be Rachel's plane!" Ben enthused, sitting up abruptly, lifting Ruby into his lap.

Ruby waved up at the plane, making her older brothers laugh and wave too.

Because maybe Rachel could see them waving from their little Sydney park.