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Summary: This idea randomly popped into my head and I'm sure it has been done to death. Partly inspired by the awesome couple of Will/Vince (yes I like them even though I also ship Will/Jack. Weird, I know) and partly inspired by New York's wonderful decision recently. Disregards the second part of the finale and the part where Will and Grace hate each other. In this version, they stayed friends and allowed each other to move forward while still keeping in touch (because I HATED that finale more than I can truly say), and I'm only fast forwarding this a teensy tiny bit (present day).


Ch. 1: June 21, 2011

For the past few days, Will and Vince had sat glued to the news waiting desperately for any information about the marriage bill working its' way through the system.

They were also trying to shield Ben, their son, from the more derogatory and largely false statements being made in the media and by some lawmakers. Will wasn't sure how much the 5 year old understood about it though. He certainly hoped he wasn't picking up any information from his teachers or classmates.

After they had eaten dinner and Ben was in bed, Vince turned on the TV. Will brought his laptop over to the couch. He cuddled against him, pushing his face into his arm muscles so his next words were muffled.

"Any news?"

Vince sighed.

"The Senate probably won't vote until the end of the week."

Will glanced at him. He knew they both hated this limbo period of waiting and feeling so powerless depending on a group of people whose motivations and interests seemed to change every second.

Will had been researching the opinions of every senator and trying to reach out to the few that seemed willing to listen. He had watched countless protests, ads, and tried to read every argument he could find against marriage equality.

"Can't do anything but wait now, right?" he offered.

Vince nodded and said he was going to bed. He paused at the stairs.

"Will," he began. "I love you."

"I love you too."

Vince wanted to say more; Will could see it in his eyes. There was something stopping him though. Will opened his mouth to encourage him but Vince stopped him abruptly saying goodnight.

Will went to bed soon afterwards, found Vince still awake and softly lay down beside him. Vince grabbed him and cuddled with him like a child seeking its' parents.

"My fierce NYPD detective," Will muttered dryly.

The reply was muffled by sleep.

"Shut up."

A/N: This was going to be a one shot but it really did feel like a good place to break it here; short episodic, sweet. New chappie up soon and the other stories are..in progress!