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Title:going to the Wayne cabin

Author: Animecartooncomicgirl

Pairings: BM/WW

Genre: family

Warnings: none


Disclaimer:I do not own the justice league

Intro: the next day the family head out to the snowy mountain and to the Wayne family cabin


The following morning around 6:00am Danielle woke from her slumber and smiled the holidays are finally here was her first thought, after stretching the knots out of her body she pulled back the covers and went about her morning routine of going to the bathroom then having a shower. Afterwards she walked out and changed into white stockings and a blue winter dress.

Once changed she made her way out of her room and down the stairs and then through the halls to the Wayne Library, there she walked over to the many shelves and began searching for a book to read while waiting for the rest of her family to wake.

At around 10:00am Alfred walked in, "ah there you are miss" said Alfred Danielle looked up "good morning Grandpa" said Danielle as she set her book aside and stood up. "Danielle sweetie breakfast is ready and your father has a gift for you," said Alfred, the half amazon half human smiled and together they walked out of the library through the many hallways and into the kitchen. There she saw her parents Bruce and Diana siting at the table.

"Good morning mum, daddy," said the preteen, Bruce and Diana smiled at their daughter as she walked over and took a seat next to her mother but to the side of her father who was at the head of the table. Once seated Alfred brought Danielle her breakfast and sat it in front of her.

Thanks grandpa" said Danielle then they all began eating, when they finished Alfred cleared the plates away, meanwhile Bruce stood up and walked out of the kitchen. "Mum where is daddy going?" Danielle asked her mother, "your father will be back soon" Diana replied with a smile. Danielle gave her mother a questioning look like her mother knew something she did not. A few minutes later Bruce returned, with a new rectangular box. "Daddy what is this?" asked Danielle as Bruce set the box in front of her, "it's an early Christmas present" said Bruce as he bent and placed a kiss atop her head before pulling back and whispering, "open it" he then returned to his seat.

Danielle untied the new ribbon before lifting the box she gasped inside was the amazon sword her mother gave her but this time it was nestled in a beautiful handcrafted sword holder with the symbol of the amazon engraved at the top. Danielle stood from her chair and hugged her father "thank you daddy its beautiful" said Danielle, "you're welcome love" said Bruce. Danielle then grabbed the box and made her way out of the kitchen through the manor and up the stairs and down the hall to her room.

Once in her room she carefully took the sword holder and sword from the box and hung it up, once that was done, she placed the box in her wardrobe and made her way back to the kitchen. When she walked in her parents and Alfred were sitting at the table she walked over and sat in her seat, "Danielle darling your mother and I were thinking about taking you on an early Christmas Vacation" said Bruce, "really when and where are we going?" asked Danielle.

"Well we're going today and we'll be taking you to my family cabin in the snowy mountains, your grandparents Martha and Thomas used to take me there for Christmas when I was young," said Bruce. "Really oh wow thank you daddy but wait I have practice today can I go call Katina and tell her I cannot make it?" Danielle asked her father. "Go ahead dear and once you have finished you need to go pack," said Bruce "we will be leaving in a few hours." Danielle nodded they all left the kitchen, Danielle went to the living room to call Katina while Bruce Diana and Alfred went to their rooms to pack. She picked up the phone and rang the number after a few rings Katina picked up.

Katina: hello

Danielle: Kat its Danny how are you girl

Katina: I am fine why are, you calling

Danielle: I am going to see if you can let the coach Mr Andrews know I will not be in for practice

Katina: why

Danielle: daddy is taking Grandpa Alfred mum and me to his family cabin in the snowy mountains

Katina: Ok I will tell, him and Danny have a fun time with your family and I will see you when you get back

Danielle: thanks Kat

With that done, Danielle walked from the living room and through the manor up the stairs and down the hall to her room once inside she got out her suite case and began packing. When she finished she took the suite case in hand and walked out as she made her way down the hall to the stairs she saw her grandfather and parents.

Bruce was looking at his watch that read 10:00am he then looked up as he heard the soft clicks of high heels on the carpet. "Ready to go love" asked Bruce as he saw his daughter, "sure daddy let's go" said Danielle so the family walked down the stairs through the manor on the way they grabbed their coats scarfs and gloves and put them on, afterwards they continued on through the manor until they got to the garage.

Bruce popped the boot of the black BMW four-wheel drive and they put all their suite cases in along with the big bag of presents. Once done Diana closed the boot, Danielle was just about to get in the back behind her grandfather who was driving, when she remembered something. "Daddy what about the Christmas decorations and tree?" asked Danielle, "do not worry sweetie everything is already there" said Alfred.

"Oh ok," said Danielle with that she claimed in and buckled up before closing the door, Bruce got into the passenger side and Alfred got in behind the wheel while Diana got in the back with her daughter. The three of them buckled up and closed the door, Alfred started the car and drove off out of the garage and down the long drive way before pressing a button on the dashboard to open the gates once the gates opened he drove through and pressed it once more to close the gates.

When the gates closed he drove on down through the city once out of the city he drove off up to the snowy mountains, half way to the mountains Bruce noticed how quite it was and turned in his seat. When he did, he smiled tenderly at the scene before him both his wife and daughter, were fast asleep, after watching them for a bit he turned back around.

He looked out of the corner of his eye, to see Alfred, "Alfred let me know when you want to rest and I'll take over driving," said Bruce "I will master Bruce," said Alfred so for the rest of the drive Bruce sat there looking out the window. When suddenly he began speaking, "Alfred this will be their first time up there and will also be my first time up there after all these years, because last time I was up there I was still a kid and my parents were still alive" said Bruce in a somewhat solemn tone.

"I know sir," said Alfred as he reaches over and patted Bruce's shoulder before returning it to the wheel. 20 minutes later after drive for half of the drive they switched and Alfred was now the one sitting in the passenger seat. After Bruce had buckled in and closed the door, he started the car, then glanced over at Alfred and saw that the kind elderly man was fast asleep. Bruce drove the rest of the way up the winery roads up the mountains it was late at night by the time they got to the cabin.

Bruce parked the car and turned it off before looking at his watch; they left at 10:00am and it was now 10:00pm, to it had taken them 13 hours for them to get to the cabin.

Bruce woke Alfred and they got out, the men left Diana and Danielle asleep in the car while they took the stuff in they put the stuff away then Alfred went and make the beds it was a five-bedroom cabin meanwhile Bruce had a look around.

He gave a slight smile.

He then walked into the sitting room looking around and remembering when he used to come here as a kid and that is how Alfred found him crouched in front of the fire-place putting wood on the fire Bruce turned and said "are the bed's made" "yes they are Master Bruce" said Alfred.

Afterwards Bruce got up he put the fire gate in front of the fire then he and Alfred walked outside, and to the car, they opened the back doors Alfred unbuckled Danielle then lifted her into his arms.

Bruce did the same with Diana they both shut the doors and walked back inside Bruce kicked the door shut behind himself then followed Alfred down the hall, Bruce carried Diana to the master bedroom. While Alfred walked into Danielle's, room and placed her on the bed.

He got some warm night clothe out and changed a sleeping Danielle he then laid her down and put the covers over her before kissing her forehead and walking out he walked over to the master bedroom.

Alfred knocked on the door, "come in" said Bruce who already had changed from his clothes to a pair of warm PJ's. Alfred opened the door and stuck his head in, "I came to say goodnight and to let you know miss Danielle is in bed asleep" said Alfred "thank you Alfred goodnight" said Bruce Alfred nodded before closing the door and walking off down to his own room.

Afterwards Bruce changed a sleeping Diana from her clothes to a warm nightgown before tucking her under the covers and joining her, he wrapped his arm around her and closed his eyes, as they all slept, and snow began to fall outside their windows.

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