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They had all left already, even Harry, and I knelt by the grave in silence, tears streaming down my face.

Never had I thought I would feel the way I felt right now; Even when I had already lost so much already, this time was different. My sobs were silent as tears dripped slowly from the tip of my chin, blowing to far away places as the wind whisked by to collect them and I shut eyes to try and stop the burning. Why had he been the one to be taken? Never in his life had he hurt anyone, never. Anger bubbled under my skin as I mulled over my thoughts and began to hate the world with all my heart and soul, but my body convulsed and the feelings were suppressed. Fred would not have wanted Anger, or hatred and self pity, he would have wanted happiness and a celebration of his life.

I opened my eyes and looked at the gravestone in front of me. I couldn't bring myself to read the words etched on it again, so instead looked at my surroundings. Harry had designed a magnificent graveyard, the way it was set out was Beautiful and made it feel less like a place of death. Multicoloured flowers and monuments people had placed in front of gravestones of loved ones littered the landscape and caused a small bubble of hope to rise inside of me. I smiled a little through my tears and coughed on a sob.

"He loved you" came a voice from behind me "I'm not sure if he ever told you, but I know he did"

I knew he had not left, he would want to spend as much time as he could close to his twin.

"Not as much as he loved you" I replied. I bowed my head and shut my eyes again

"Maybe not" he said, I could hear a small smile coming through in his voice "But pretty close"

I heard a light crunching of leaves and looked up to see two shadowed figures standing their distance, covered by the trees surrounding the graveyard. They stood solemnly, paying their respects and waiting quietly. One draped their arm around the other and together they stood supporting eachother.

"I guess this is goodbye" he said

I stood up and turned to face him. George was so much like Fred, it was hard to bear looking at him. I felt fresh tears welling up and I stared into George's eyes,.I knew he saw something in my own that reflected his late brother and it must have hurt him so much. There was brief moment were we just stared, then I pulled him into a tight embrace.

"Not forever" I whispered in his ear

Pulling away, I walked towards the two figures in the dark

"Evony" called George, I turned around one last time "Thank you" he said "And make sure you get into heaps of trouble"

I smiled at him "Promise" I said, and then I turned around and walked into the darkness, thinking to myself about how this all began.


I sat looking out the window upon the dreary English Countryside - well what could be seen of it through the thick fog and rain. The weather was not helping to lift my spirits, because I knew it mirrored what was happening to our world - what was to come. The Dark Lord had risen once again and had sent us all into a time of great peril. He hunted and killed many innocent people at the hands of his Death Eaters, most of them Muggles, another word for non-magical folk. The Muggle government was trying desperately to cover up all the deaths and incidents throughout the nation to keep them in the dark, but even my parents, with the little magical knowledge they possessed, knew that it wasn't safe for them in these times, along with any witch or wizard of non magical decent. They had announced early yesterday morning that we were to take a spontaneous road trip through the country side, and more importantly, away from London. Packing up the bare essentials, they whisked myself and my younger sister Vivian into the car and away from our home. They didn't tell us the reason behind their sudden need for a 'holiday' but they didn't have to, it was obvious on their faces that we were running, probably for our lives.

The car was silent aside from faint buzz of music emitting from the radio. This, along with the soothing drum of the rain allowed me it shut my eyes and briefly drift away to another place.

My name is Evony Bird. I am the first daughter of Camera Rose and Nathaniel Bird and one of the only two witches to ever be in the Bird family, the second being my younger sister Vivian Lee. Myself and Vivian attend Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the schooling terms and reside within the outskirts of London city in the Summer months. Today is the first of September and had circumstances been different, I would now be boarding the Hogwarts Express from platform 9 and 3/4 to begin my 6th year of schooling. But circumstances are not different and today, it seems, I will not be setting foot into Kings Cross station, no matter how much I wished it to be different.

I am a Muggleborn witch - in case that point had not been made obvious - and though having its advantages, it has many disadvantages as well, one being the constant teasing from a small majority of Slytherin residents. When I first began at Hogwarts I almost considered leaving the magical world and just returning to where I was not considered 'dirty blood', but I was saved by the comforting embrace of the Gryffindor house. There I was welcomed, and soon was Vivian too, and many friends were made. I missed those friends now and I knew they would be wondering why I never wrote to them. It was in fact because I had no means of doing so, Mum had made me set Edwin, my owl, free. She gave me no reason for doing so, but I knew it was because she feared that Edwin would be tracked back to us in some way when in flight, and I understood. It was a hard day when I opened that cage, but I knew he would fly back to the Owl tower at Hogwarts, where he would be safe from danger and where we would be safe from being tracked. I allowed my thoughts to drift as I fantasised about the Great Hall, Classrooms and Quiditch fields, when suddenly -


An ear piercing screech echoed throughout the car. Dad slammed his foot on the break in the heat of the moment and the car skidded to a halt on the slippery road. We all turned to Vivian, who had a look of pure fear plastered on her face, her shaking hand pointing at the foggy window. "Theres a spider i-i-i-n the corner" she whimpered

I just looked at her, trying to hold my tongue and stop myself from insulting her ridiculousness. My parents faces had drained of colour as they both stared at Vivian from the front seats, I had never seen the fear on their faces so obvious.

"Vivian Lee Bird" shouted my mother "Grow up and stop over reacting over a stupid spider. You scared myself and your father half to death! And you almost caused us to have an accident"

"Stop shouting at me! You always shout at me, its bad enough we're on this stupid trip, now your trying to… trying to destroy my life!"

Vivian and mum began screaming unintellectual abuse at each other whilst my father grumbled and slowly started the car moving again. I sighed and leaned over Vivian, picked up a magazine from the floor, squished the spider in the window corner and sat back in my seat. The fighting eventually died down and ended with both parties scowling and crossing their arms, each one ignoring the other and once again the silence in the car returned. The radio had been turned off by now and the tension in the air was slowly thickening "So," I said, in an attempt to lighten the mood "You really showed your true Gryffindor colours when facing that spider Viv"

The following look I received from her told me that I should have kept mouth shut, but still I continued and attempted to smooth things over - another mistake "… you know…. because we're supossed to be brave… and you screamed at a spider…. and thats not that brave…." I trailed off, expecting to be at the receiving end of another look that would be able to stop the Dark Lord himself. Instead, she just snorted and laughed

"Hah, you can talk" proclaimed Vivian "Its not like you've got any braveness, I mean you can't even talk to the boys you've been secretly admiring for years!"

My attempted light heartedness turned into a scowl "Braveness?" I retorted "Quick! I think you need to contact the publishers of the Dictionary and inform them that they left out a word in their works"

"Oh your just so witty, aren't you" she replied sarcastically "A smart ass like yourself would fit much better in a house like Ravenclaw or god forbid, even Slytherin! Oh gasp!"

My reaction to this statement would usually be to roll my eyes or ignore her, but secretly I agreed with her. Nothing about me resembled anything of a Gryffindor. Sure, I could kill a spider, but that was nothing compared to what a true Gryffindor could do. I shared a house with the likes of Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. I shared a house with Harry Potter, the boy who faced death nearly a thousand times and lived ... and I couldn't even talk to boys. I had no courage and I was not brave, I was shy when asked in class an answer to the question, whether I knew it or not, I hid my face when I saw my previous bullies walking past me and I admired from afar rather than expressing my admirations - no, I was not a Gryffindor. But for some reason, the sorting hat had placed me there. Personally I thought there was a fault in the hat, as I'm sure many other did in my case, but there was nothing I could change.

"… but you did save me from the spider, so I guess you must be a Gryffindor" she gave me a little side glance and a smile broke out on her face, soon we were giggling and laughing with eachother.

The trip became slightly more bearable after that, with Vivian and I talking, I had forgotten all about the reason behind our untimely trip - but like all good times, it was soon to come to an end. Another sudden movement caused my whole body to jolt forward, just being restrained by the seatbelt around my body and the car skidded to a halt for the second time. "Nathaniel" screeched my mother "What was the meaning of that?"

"Did you see a spider on the brake pedal or something too? Jesus Christ!" I cried

"Calm down will you?" retorted my father "Just look ahead, see just up there - No Camera, I'm not imagining it, look through the fog, theres someone there" He lifted his finger and pointed directly in front of the car into the slowly clearing mist. No more than three meters away I could faintly see the outline of three dark figures through the fog

"What is it" Vivian whispered in my ear "I can't see"

"I'm not sure" I replied back "I think it's-"

"Oh look!" exclaimed Mum "Look at their clothes, they look like your school robes, except, different…"

They seemed to be slowly moving forward, becoming clearer the closer they got. There were two - not three as I originally thought - men walking towards our car. Their robes were black and appeared to be very long and elegant, twisting violently in the wind "Are they… like you two?" Mum asked cautiously "Are they... good?" she whispered her last question, because the figures had approached close enough now that we could make out their faces. Now I could see through the rain and mist that these people were not like us. Sure, they defiantly came from the magical world, but they were not 'good' as my mother put it. From the expressions they bore and their whole demeanor I could tell that these men were Death Eaters.

I turned to Vivian and saw from the look on her face that she had come to the same conclusion I had. Ever so slowly I leaned down and withdrew my wand from the side of my boot and concealed it in the sleeve of my jumper, ready to defend myself. They were approaching the car on either side by now, near enough to make out words from their mumbling

"Rockwood… give 'em something to shake abo't…" said the one approaching the right hand side of the car "Just a bit…. get the ones in the back… not registered…" replied the other "And the muggles, well…"

My mother took in a sharp breath, I saw the colour drain from her face - it was time to think fast "Listen to me, both of you" I whispered fiercly, staying frozen and directly upright in my seat "You will stay still, do as they say and do not move this car until I tell you otherwise"

There was a short rap on the right window by my father. I turned to see a mangled face grinning with a toothless smile; they had reached the car. Another knock on the left side window by my mother told us they were either side, blocking any chance of a getaway.

"Ok" I continued "You will roll down both the windows-"

"But" breathed my mother

"No 'but's'" I hissed, trying very hard not to move "You will roll them down and not move a muscle until I tell you to"

I glanced out the window and saw the great drop from the cliffs edge, barely a meter away. My eyes darted to Vivian, she gave me a curt nod and I saw she understood what I was thinking. There was another rap on the left window, he was becoming irritated now "Roll them down" I whispered

My eyes averted to Vivian's left hand; it was lying on the seat by her left thigh and was holding out three fingers. The windows began to roll down and I felt the cold rush in as a breeze passed through the car, bringing sprays of raindrops with it.

Two Fingers. The windows were halfway down and the men chuckled when they saw the looks on my parents faces, they were so confident and so … evil. Fear suddenly gripped me and I noticed my heart beat was racing a million miles an hour - I was scared; so very scared.

One finger. The windows hit the bottom and I noticed movement from the corner of my eye as the Death Eaters reached for their wands, but they were too slow. "NOW!" I screamed and simultaneously Vivian and I pointed our wands at our alternate windows and screamed "STUPEFY!"

The force of the stunning spell sent the Death Eaters flying backward. The one on the left crashed into the the sharp rocks behind him and, as planned, the one on the right was thrown off the cliff to fall to his doom. "DRIVE NOW, GO!" Dad slammed his foot on the accelerator and we went flying forward

"What do we do, what do we do?" cried Vivian, her breathing becoming heavier as her heart race increased "There are Death Eaters, Death Eaters on our tail Evony! A stupid Muggle car isn't going to stop them, What are we going to do?"

"Just stop and think!" I exclaimed "… I don't know how to side along apparate yet-"

"Apparate! I only just passed my test, there is no way I'd be able to do it, nor either of us take mum and dad"

"Ok ok ok, wait!" I thought quickly, looking around the car for ideas. As I looked out window the countryside zoomed by as the car sped along, it made me feel like I was on my broom "That's it!" I exclaimed so loudly that mum squealed "The brooms, in the back, they can hold two people each at least! STOP THE CAR, WE HAVE TO GET THOSE BROOMS" And for the third time today, dad smacked his foot on the break and sent us skidding to a slippery halt.

As soon as the car stopped, we all jumped out hastily slamming doors behind us when we heard a loud crack. I looked up to see a tall man in another set of dark robes - the third figure I had seen through the mist. I had been right, there were three men, and now this one stood before us with a twisted face "Didn't fink you'd be gettin' away, did ya?" he laughed and raised his wand, but no sooner had he utter the words Avada… did a shot of red light fly his way.

"Expelliarmus!" cried my sister stepping out from behind the sprawled arms my mother. The shot barely missed his cheek as it flew off into the fog behind him. "How dare you, you filthy Mudblood!" he roared "AVADA K-"

"STUEPFY" I cried, surprising myself as I lunged forward. My movement had obviously shocked the man as well because he had dodge sideways to avoid getting hit square in the forehead. There was roar and spells began flying as Vivian and I fought against the now severely angered Death Eater.





The battle became intense, but nevertheless it was a short one. We shouldn't have over estimated our abilities - two students against a furious and experienced Death Eater, of course there was no way we were going to get out of this, with all of us in tact at least. Mum and Dad were frozen, lost for what to do, crouched on either side of the car bonnet where they had gotten out.

Vivian leapt out of the way of a green shot of light and landed just beside me to the right of the car, I stumbled sideways but caught myself before I reached the sheer drop off from cliff edge. My movement momentarily distracted me, but for long enough for a shot of red to hit my stomach and send me flying backwards. I landed with a painful thud on the gravel behind the car boot.

"EVONY!" cried Vivian

There was a short curt laugh and life seemed to switch into slow motion. I looked up to see a frantic Vivian staring at me and the Death Eater raise his wand smirking. "Reducto" he shreiked

The car exploded. The impact sent Vivian flying off the cliff edge and she disappeared into the mist below. I flew even further backwards and felt the bags and trunks from the car boot fly out and shower over me. My ears rung and my whole body seared with pain.

The world was hazy; my eyes couldn't focus. As I pulled myself up I looked under the car and thought I saw two bodies lying on the ground by each side - Mum and Dad. Hauling myself up until I was sitting upwards, I leant against the back of the car, still gripping my wand and tried to steady my breathing. There was a faint 'pop' from a distance away and two glowing flashes of green light came from either side of me. Then there was silence. All I could hear was the crunching of footsteps. They were steady, slowing approaching closer.

I squeezed my eyes shut and thought to myself 'There might be only one possible way I will get out of here alive' One small tear rolled down my cheek and I tightened my grip on my wand.

The footsteps grew closer. I drew in my legs and readied myself.

Closer still. The crunching of gravel mixed with the crackling of the burning car. I whispered under my breath "I'm Sorry"

They were right next to me. In what seemed like only two seconds I stood up pointed my wand directly in the face of the Death Eater and watched his face twist into an expression of shock at the outburst of what he thought to be a dead girl. There was a brief second where my breath caught in my throat - but then all the fear, anger and resentment rushed back.

"Avada Kadava"

The green shot hit him directly in the forehead. I leapt to the side, grabbed hold of the first bags I could and apparated before I hit the road.


I landed in with a thud on the cold leaf littered ground. I didn't know where I was, nor did I care. They were gone. I was lost. I had killed. Grief overtook me and I curled into a ball and cried for all I had lost.

Heres a taste of what this stories going to be about, the chapters to follow will include the likes of snatchers, runnaways and Fred and George Weasley, so hopefully you'll stick around for them. I also hope my first Harry Potter story isn't too bad, but I won't know until you review I guess. The rest of this story will be uploaded slowly as I have exams approaching, so don't be expecting many updates for another month or so.

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