I'm Getting Older Too!

I'm back yay lol and here you thought I was gone forever...unlucky for you Mwahahaha

Well as I promised here is the sequel to the sequel.

Just a few things before we get into it.

This will be a lot shorter than I Got Lucky! Also it will focus a lot more on each couple and I will try to even it out so that each couple gets the same amount of attention.

So this is ten years after the last story and not everyone lived happily ever after...just putting that out there. There will be angst! But there will also be good times…you know me I love me some awkward Quinn moments so there won't be any shortage of those…

So I know you are all dying to know…
Which couple got married?
Which of our favourite couples split?
Who has kids?

So many questions...

Also if you want to see anything from the ten years just let me know and I'll throw in some flashbacks if you want.

I will try and post a chapter each week…but I can't promise anything.

Happy reading!