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"Alright, alright... I'm thinking!" Reno's piped, his scarlet hair whipping around as he turned to the young SOLDIER besides him, his drink spilling from the side of the shot glass to leave a shining trail along his white fingers; but he barley noticed.

His grin streched to his ears and pleasntly crinkled his purple, curved tattoo's as he watched Zack laugh, clutching his own bottle of beer as the dark-haired tried to remain up-right on his stool, his other gloved hand tightening on the wooden frame of the bar to attempt keeping his body steady.

Yet no one payed any attention to their merry antics, all focused on their own happy chatter and liquor durning this festive season. Everyone was talking to the familiar faces of ShinRa and the others invited to this Ball, all so wound up in eachother that their laughter seemed silent.

Zack's voice slowly died down, and he brought the cold head of the bottle to his lips, downing the beverage and ignoring the strong after taste as he pulled it away with a loud breath. He smirked at the Turk and poked his gloved thumb to his chest proudly.

"Any dare you got, I can take!" he cheered loudly, a glint of challenge in his cerulean eyes as he necked the remains of his bottle quickly, already gesturing at the hesitant bar-maid for another.

Reno snorted, barley restraining himself from rolling his eyes as he turned to the rest of the room, watching the finley dressed people either standing and talking or in a swirl of moves anyone would notice to be a formal dance.

He spied around the room for anything that would make a fine dare, and eventually noticed a odinary looking door, made of nothing but carved mahogony wood, left open for the guest's to pass through. And as it was the only door to the room, he felt an idea spark in his mind.

"I got one, yo." He declared then, both Turk and SOLDIER turning to eachother simutaniously, Zack lowering the bottle to his chest to reveal a small grin on his tanned face.

"And it is?" Zack replied, a dark eyebrow heightened slightly as he waited, holding the side of the bar tighter as he felt a sudden swooning before his vision, but biting it back.

Reno held back a laugh as he watched his friend sway slightly. This was going to be interesting, if he didin't decline obviously. But Reno very much doubted he would, Zack was headstrong, and unlikley to surrender to anything.

"Ya see that door over there?" he said, off handedly pointing in it's dirction with the hand that still held his shot. He watched as the younger gazed this way and that through the crowd of elegant, rich snobs, his stubborn spike of black hair following his eyes as he tried to see through it, and eventually finding it with a small noise of triumph.

He nodded to confirm he had, returning his gaze to Reno with the eyebrow raised higher and his smirk larger in anticipation. Reno's grin grew as well, quickly bringing the shot to his mouth and throwing his head back to swallow, cringing as the Spirytus Rektyfikowany's taste burned the back of his throat. He shooved the shot glass away on the table, ignoring as it 'clinked' with the empty others, and pulled another from his orderd tray.

"The next person to come through it... yooou, have to kiss!" he drawled in a high tune of excitment, watching as Zack's face pulled severalemotions. First nothing, then shock, then disbelif, then out-right horror as his jaw dropped. Reno could only raise a eyebrow, watching Zack over the rimm of his glass as he sipped at his shot.

A kiss wasn't that serious enough to be scared. He was a SOLDIER for gaia's sake, he'd far seen worse before.

"What if it's Hojo!" he shrieked, suddenley sobbering up.

Reno chocked on his drink, an odd sound slithering out his mouth as the drink went down his throat without warning, and a coughing fit followed, his hand holding his throat in a unconcious responce as the bitterly strong fluid burnt his neck.

That did draw a few eyes though, and some glanced in their direction as Reno choked on his drink and Zack stared at him with his face still drew in a panicing expression, their new audience mistaking it as they hadn't heard the previous conversation.

But then the red head was clutching his stomach, a joyous sound of howling laughter leaving his dark lips as he threw his head back again, laughing impossibly louder and his mouth wide apart.

Zack bristled in anoyance, thrusting his heavy boot forward to kick the side of the Turks leg, but it only made his laughs quiet down the slightest, and his hand hit the bar stool to push his glass away before he spilled the whole thing as his body jerked and bounced with his happy fit.

Th other's watching eyes just turned away, not once more battering in their direction as they learned that they had sligtly too many beverages, and returned to their humours conversations and passionate dancing.

Reno held his breath several seconds, let loose a small giggle-like sound, and met Zack's eyes once more, that had'nt changed the slightest. "It's a dare, yo. You have to."

Zack released a squak-ish sound of horror, his nimble gloved fingers curling until bone white beneath the leather, and felt his heart drop in his chest - hoping it would stop dead before that greasy scientist walked in here.


Reno's aquamarine eyes suddenly darkened, and his lips twitched down the slightest, making the Turk look almost feral as he scowled at the younger. His white hand lifted over the wooden counter once more, and blindly grabbed at his cold shot glass, bringing it to his mouth to swallow the bitter liquid.

"You made me 'spill' wine on Tseng's new suit, yo. This is the least you can do for me before he finds out and shoots my ass."

Zack muffled his laughter with a tight lip at the recent memory. It had been classic; Reno flicking an olive from some random cocktail glass and aiming it perfectly towards the Turk Leader's hand, making him drop it in surprise and the rimm of the glass falling on to his white shirt, staining it a lovley red along with the bright blush on his cheeks.

He almost would have felt sorry for the Wutainise had the look of humiliation and utter shock on his and the surrounding faces not been so hilarious. He and Reno had done a quick dash after that, slipping into this dance room and yelling with laughter so it was just out of ear-shot.

But he had no doubt that Tseng would figure it out later - he always did.

"Are you giving up already?" Reno's voice purred in his ear, knowing exactly how it grated on Zack's nerves with that slight arragont edge that so very much reminded him of Genesis. It took less than a second flat for Zack to growl at him, whipping his spiked-head in the direction of the door to stare at it defiantly.

"Nope. Just waiting for the lucky person to walk in."

Reno just snorted, watching Zack's determined face staring at the door, before he turned to snatch at his bottle on the counter again, and Reno breifly glanced at the entrance and almost fell off his chair in surprise.

"Hey, Zack?" he mumbled, gathering his witts once more to pull himself straight.

Zack's black eyebrows just furrowed in a frown once more as he took a swig of his beer, downing the alcohol and glaring at Reno through the corner of his eye, noticing him sitting taller than before. He pulled the bottle away and faced the Turk.

"What?" he snarled in a demanding voice, noting Reno had gone... unusual (More unusual than usual, anyway). The red-head sat with his back straighter and his face calmer than normal, his Spirytus still and resting on the dark cloth of his lap. What had him all worked up?

"Here comes your lover for the evening." Reno said sharply in a even tone, his head tilting forward in a slight nod to incline towards that damned door. Zack's eyes snapped towards it instantly, and he felt them grow wide as his mouth dropped for the second time that evening. But not in horror.

A decietful frame with lithe muscles, hidden under long black, silken dress robes, walked gracefully through the door, glowing cycan eyes set in a smooth, ivory face looking around the room, noticing somthing and walking over towards it with long strides - a small smile on those pastel pink lips.

Zack forcefully dragged his eyes away, noticing Reno's charade had ended and he was now giving all his expressionate emotions away. Mirth, hilarity and every other happy expression filled the red-heads face as he smirked at the SOLDIER with a open lips, white teeth giving off that feral edge again.

"Score one for the Puppy!" he hooted, his lips streching like a cheshire cats.

But Zacks face was falling nothing short on similar. It remained froozen in shock, and yet he couldn't deny the dare. It wasn't that he was over zelaous on his competative side, nor the idea of kissing another man. It was just that man was Sephiroth, his superior and friend, and... he didn't know wether or not he liked that thought.

Sure he had one or two fantasies about the silver-haired, what person hadn't? It was just, reality and dreaming where to whole seperate worlds until one acted upon it. And Zack wasn't quite sure he was brave enough to do that just yet. But he couldn't exactly decline Reno's dare without raising a curious thought or sly remark, and he'd prefer neither right now.

Reno stared for a while longer, that silly grin still on his lips, and took in his silence like a favourite song and reveld in it. "I knew it," he said to himself, just loud enough for Zack to here, and waited paitently.

As expected, the dark-haired's lips thinned in a scowl as his eyebrows drew closer, his eyes narrowing to stare at the red-head in a most un-complimenting way. "Knew what?" he snapped, a little louder than nessasary.

"That you'd be to scared to do it," the Turk replied without hesitanse, relaxing further in his bar stool as if it were the comfiest seat on Earth, swiviling around on it to slouch against the smooth, wooden counter and reach for another shot.

He suddenly gasped as a heavy hand slapped his back, snatching the back of his suit and yanking his body off the seat, making him dance about uncertinally to find his balance. But as the quick change of vision assaulted Reno's hazzy, disorientated eyes, all he managed to do was fall back on his rump with the hang gripping the fabric as his only support.

He was about to yell up at the person, until he noticed a familliar scarlet dot neatly placed between furious, dark hazel eyes, and felt all the blood drain from his face as he gazed up at his boss.

"Hey... Tseng. Um, how are ya?" he stuttered. Nothing stirred in the stotic face as the elder looked at him, the grip tighteng impossibly and hauling his light-weight up, not missing the feeling that those fingers would rather be around his throat and strangling him infront of the entire hall.

Zack watched silently, astounded as the Turk leader muttered an apology to him, somthing about borrowing his company, and pulled Reno away by the back of his suit with a dreading face. The whole ShinRa hall was silent as they viewed the spectacle of the two Turks, before someone burst out in laughter, and the hall regained it's distant mutter of voices and tapping shoes in the flurry of their dancing to the gentle beat.

The dark-haired sighed. His friend was gone, but his problem, most certinaly, was not. Sure he could just lie to the Turk tommorow and say he kissed the General... but then again, Reno was a Turk and experinced in interragation and liars. He'd probably just beat the truth out of him. Damn, no wonder SOLDIER's and Turks hated eachother.

And then there was this whole 'Honest-Honour-Vow' thing he had with his mentor. He couldn't exactly break that, he loved Angeal like a father. Gaia forbid what would happen to him if Angeal found out - even under these stubborn circumstances. He may have a gentle smile and understading ear, but lying was one thing the First Class could not stand.

He sighed and leaned back in his chair slightly, finally noticing he still had the beer bottle in his hand, and took a heavy chug. He'd need it now more than ever. Carefully laying it on the counter, and with a heavy breath, he pulled himself off the high stool, gained his footing, and looked among the crowd for his un-suspecting target.

He spotted a glance of the unique silver strands, and sucked in his breath as he took purposeful steps closer, then faultered slightly. The General wasn't alone, but chatting with a slight smile on his face to his close friends Angeal, and (The man he wished to slaughter) Genesis.

They were all dressed in some formal tradition or other. Sephiroth in full black, Angeal in a suit of black and white, and Genesis the same, but prefering to wear a loud red tie around his neck. Zack was still wearing his 3rd Class Uniform, seeming as though he got off a Mission only moments before the Festive Ball began.

He sighed once more; figured it wouldn't be made simple for him. He honestly thought surrendering to Reno wouldn't be such a bad idea, considering he would be in hospital for awhile now because of his superior. But then his thoughts drew to afterwards, and that damned, mocking grin and relentless taunting voice. He couldn't live with that.

He ordered his legs to walk forward, and wouldn't stop even if a Earthquake forced him to. His boot's echoed slightly along the marble floor and blended among the others dancing feet, his own heart a part of the beat as it cressended in his chest.

Soft, grey eyes turned towards the approaching presence, and a fond smile lit upon Angeal's usually stern features. But he saw the determened step in his pupil's Stride, and the set gaze directed behind him, in what could only be described as a prowl. He glanced behind, and he noted there was only his friends talking to one another about this or that, and the marble, white wall that supported the room they all stood in.

Angeal frowned slightly, his stare returning to Zack, startled slightly as the spiked-haired younger was now directly before them, and still walking. The other SOLDIER General's noticed the lack of conversation coming from their long-time friend, and glanced in his direction, suddenly noticing the fourth presence of a younger, dark-haired SOLDIER, walking right towards them.

Genesis grinned, about to greet the younger he presumed was Zack, the student Angeal mentioned so fondly every now and then, but blinked when he walked directly passed his mentor without a glance, and his own out-streched hand, towards the startled Sephiroth.

All the watching people could do was gasp, staring in ill-struck horror as the head-strong SOLDIER marched right up to Sephiroth, placed a leather gloved hand on his chest and shooved him with surprising strength right up against the behind wall, capturing his soft lips in a short, sudden kiss.

The younger pulled his head back quickly, gave a dashing grin as he stared into confused, feline eyes, and whispered, "Merry Christmas, Sephiroth." before he yanked his body away and bolted out from the ball room.