Hai. I bring you some porn.

WARNINGS: This story contains were!peen Quinn. That is Quinn grows a penis once a month. If the idea doesn't appeal you... well you are probably not even reading this because the warning is also in the summary. But if for some reason you got this far and you don't like it, GO BACK WHILE YOU STILL HAVE TIME. This story is going to be VERY smutty. So, there.

It's completely un-beta'd cause, it's porn so, who cares. I'm open for suggestions. If you want to see Quinn and Rachel doing something, throw the prompts at me (don't be shy, as dirty as they are I'll consider them).

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I Touch Myself

It's hard to be a teenager in high-school, with all those hormones clouding your mind and making your body respond in ways that you wish it didn't.

It's even harder when you're a girl that grows a penis once a month. It sounded crazy, Quinn knew that, and when it first appeared one morning, around the age she should have had her first period she cried and prayed that it was all a nightmare. They had transferred to Lima that year and she was starting to have friends and blend in. She thought God was punishing her. She didn't understand why just when she was starting to leave the ugly-duckling phase behind, something like this had to happen, making her even more of a freak that she had ever been.

Quinn was just a kid back then and she did the only think she thought of, she told her mom. The reaction she got wasn't what she expected though; Judy sighed resigned and explained to her that some women in her family got that special appendage once a month instead of their periods. It was genetic and there was nothing she could do about it. She reassured her daughter, telling her that she was still very much a girl and that even though, both her sexual organs were functional when present, she couldn't get a girl pregnant, because she was still a girl.

This calmed Quinn in some way but arose other more confusing questions. Get a girl pregnant? Why would I even have sex with a girl? Isn't that a sin? Does my condition mean that I have to like girls too? Wouldn't God be mad? The thought didn't exactly repulse her; girls were nicer than boys anyway. Actually, there was a girl in her class that always made her feel funny in her stomach whenever she smiled that big, white smile her way and she smelled really good, like peaches.

This girl turned out to be her arch-nemesis when they reached high-school. If you asked Quinn, she'd say she hated her because she was annoying and insufferable and dressed like a pre-school girl and talked too much and tried to steal her boyfriend and, and, and.

Quinn dated that Finn boy until she got bored of his dumbness and dumped him. She also had a few dates with Noah Puckerman, the school man-whore but he got a little too frisky and tried to get her drunk, she dumped him too. She kept telling herself these boys were just not right for her.

The truth was, Quinn had had the biggest crush on Rachel Major-of-Loser-Town Berry since middle school and she started to appreciate girls more than boys. The problem was, the brunette always managed to infuriate Quinn, whether it was because she always challenged her or because she turned her on beyond belief. It didn't matter if it was that time of the month or not, Rachel always got her hard or wet and it frustrated Quinn because she couldn't do anything about it. So the only way of letting all those feelings out was through their very passionate fights.

And it was working just fine for Quinn, (as fine as it can go when you know you have no chance with your crush) until Rachel found out about her secret.

Quinn had (very stupidly and unfortunately) forgot that her little friend was coming today so when that sharp pain erupted from her lower stomach during P.E., she widened her eyes in shock and run to the locker rooms with a fleeting excuse to the teacher.

As soon as she arrived, she pulled her pants down and watched with a groan of frustration the big bulge in her panties.

"Aw, shit!" She muttered under her breath. How could she forget it was supposed to appear today? She had gone out with Santana and Brittany the night before and she had forgotten to check the calendar on the wall of her room. Just my luck.

With apprehension, she sat on a bench and watched the bulge twitching under the thin clothe, like begging to be set free. Quinn was always hard the first half an hour or so of having her cock. She pondered her options as she instinctively reached down to caress the outline of her meat. A little, crooked smile appeared on her face. As much as she cursed whenever the cock-week arrived (it wasn't actually a week, but four or five days, but she liked calling it like that in her mind), she secretly loved having it.

A couple years after getting it, Quinn learned that whenever she saw Rachel or any other girl that caught her attention, her dick would twitch and grow. She found out she could really enjoy playing with it when this happened. It's like, during cock-week, Quinn really turned into a perverted teenage boy that couldn't keep his hands away from his crotch. It also happened that during these days, her fights with Rachel were even more passionate. They always left her panting and painfully hard and she often had to go to the bathroom and jerk off quickly, thinking of those sinful legs and delicious mouth wrapped around it.

Quinn let out a sigh as she palmed herself more surely. This was so wrong, she thought, someone could come in and see and it would ruin her life. But she was so horny; she always was right after it appeared. She grabbed herself through her yellow panties and rubbed along the length, inhaling deeply through her nose. She watched a darker spot of pre-come soaking the otherwise innocent panties and groaned. Just wanky.

She thought it was enough teasing. Pulling the panties down a little, she got the thick cock out and pulled her hand away. She stared at it a little proudly, all its 7 inches and jerked her hips to watch it bob up and down. She chuckled at herself. Her hand found its way to her meat again and she fisted the base, then dragged it slowly upwards to the tip, then back again.

"Fu-uck." She wasn't going to last much.

Quinn pumped a couple times more, watching the clear pre-come oozing out of the little slit and making her dick shiny and slippery. She opened her palm and touched her index finger with her thumb, making a perfect circle with them. Positioning at the tip of her dick, she closed her eyes and imagined Rachel in front of her, straddling her hips, with her skirt rode up and not wearing any panties, baring her glistening pussy to the blonde, ready to accept her cock into her tight passage. Oh, shit she'd be so tight. She kept her hand still and jerked her hips into the hole her fingers were making. In her mind, she saw Rachel's face clearly, her eyes black from arousal, her mouth half-opened in a silent cry. I'd make her cry out my name. Oooh, God, I'd make her come so good.

She imagined Rachel's face hovering over hers and telling Quinn that she was going to come because of her, that no one could fuck her like Quinn did, that she was hers forever. Quinn's hips started jerking up faster and she used her whole hand again to rub her dick at a frantic pace.

"Ah- ah- so good, Rachel. Fuck my cock… yeah. Fuck- oh shit, oh Rach-" she stilled her hand almost completely, her mouth wide open and her eyes shut tight. Her cock twitched once and a thick spurt of come shot from it. Quinn groaned loudly, "fu-uck yeah…" Two, three, four ropes of white come more shot from her now softening cock and landed on her stomach, her legs and the floor. She continued rubbing her meat softly as her breathing went back to normal and she licked her dry lips. That was one hell of a jerk off. She smiled smugly at her thoughts and opened her eyes slowly.

She blinked at the light of the locker room, before she realized the figure that was standing near the door. Quinn swore her heart stopped and she stood in a rush, covering herself with her gym shorts as best as she could. When she focused on the face of the figure, she felt sick. Her stomach turned inside out and her heart fell to the floor.


Rachel still in her gym attire.

Rachel holding herself up with one hand on the wall and her mouth wide open.

Quinn felt the tears prickling her eyes. It was over. Her life was over.

"What a-are you doing here, Berry?" Her voice cracked and she knew she couldn't have sounded less convincing.

"I- I- I-" Rachel mumbled as she pointed outside and then at herself and started again.

"Words Berry. Use them." Tear me down once and for all and do it quickly.

"I w-was worried when you ran before and- and I told Mr. Crawford it might be better if I- if I came to check up on you… see if you were… okay." Rachel cleared her throat and squared her shoulders and Quinn knew it was coming. "Quinn, you know very well that I pride myself on being straight-forward and honest on everything I do, so I'm just going to go ahead and ask you. Why… uhm, why does it look like you have a penis?"

Quinn scoffed, even in these circumstances the girl could ramble. The blonde secretly found it cute but she wasn't going to let that show, much less now. "Uhm, because I have a penis? I thought you'd be a little more deductive than that, Berry."

Rachel folded her arms and raised and eyebrow. "Quinn I don't think you are in a position to be smart with me."

Quinn gulped and realized how true this was. She ducked her head and closed her eyes, knowing that her end was near and she had to stop trying to piss off the girl who held her fate in her hands. "Sorry," she mumbled.

Rachel saw this and softened. "It's okay. Do you think we can talk about this? I'm in no way thinking about telling anyone about this as it obviously has been a secret all this time and you clearly want to keep it that way, but there are some things I really want to ask you. If that's okay with you?"

Quinn sighed. She guessed it was the least she could do if it meant Rachel would keep quiet. "Yeah, just… could you maybe…" she motioned for Rachel to turn, but the brunette just frowned confused, "Rachel," Quinn said with a huff, "I'm half naked if you still hadn't noticed, would you mind turning around?"

"Oh! Yes, absolutely. Sorry."

Quinn watched the girl giving her her back and humming under her breath as she toed the floor with her sneaker. If there was one thing Quinn couldn't deny about this girl, is that she was undeniable cute.

Also, her ass didn't look bad at all in those shorts.

Her dick twitched.

Right, yes. Getting dressed now.

After Quinn got dressed, the rest of the girls started to flood the locker room. They got their things and left to a more private place, deciding to skip the next class as it was the last anyways and they had a more important matter at hand. They walked around the school grounds, finally stopping at the football field. They sat on the bleachers and watched the empty field silently until Rachel spoke.

"There's one thing that intrigues me more than the fact that you have a penis— which if I think about it, it's understandable seeing as I've always considered myself a very open-minded person and understand that sexuality and gender are very fluid things and although I had never heard of a case where a girl- you're a girl right? I mean, I know that's not how self-identity works, but what I mean is, are you biologically a girl? That didn't sound very open minded, either, did it? I meant-"

"Rachel, stop," Quinn laughed despite the seriousness of the situation and how scared she was. "Yes, I'm a girl."

"Okay, so as I was saying, I had never heard of a case where a girl had a penis, unless she identified as a male and was starting the process to become, physically one. But that would be a strange place to start, right? I thought it usually started by getting hormoned and, you know…" she motioned for Quinn's chest. "And is it clear that you haven't done that, because you are very… feminine." At this Rachel cleared her throat and diverted her eyes towards the field nervously.

"I… I'm a girl. Most of the time I'm completely a girl. It's just… I have this condition, it's genetic, I don't even- anyways. I have this condition that makes me grow a… a penis every month. Instead of getting my period I get," she pointed at her crotch, "this."

"Well that's… fascinating," Rachel said with a far off look.

Fascinating? Quinn was sure this girl was out of her mind.

"You said there was something that intrigued you more than the fact that I had a penis."

"Oh yes, indeed," Rachel turned on her seat and watched Quinn straight in the eye with a piercing stare. "Quinn, I understand that for doing that… thing you were doing in the locker room one needs some… incentive. Motivation, if you know what I mean. It's normal. What is not normal is to," Rachel took a deep breath, her cheeks turning a shade darker, "to cry out the name of the girl you have been tormenting for the last two years while you… have alone time with yourself."

"What?" Quinn felt all the air in her lungs abandoning her.

"You said my name Quinn, you said…" she gulped, squirming a little in her seat, "you were fantasizing about me while you masturbated."

"No, I- w-wasn't."

"Yes, you were."

"Look, Berry, I know you have me by the balls, no pun intended, and I know I have been making your life hell so I can only expect the same treatment, okay? So fine, just-"

"Quinn! I'm not going to-" the blonde stood up and started walking away, biting back tears once again. "Stop that! Quinn!" Rachel run behind her and caught her arm, turning the miserable blonde towards her again. "Listen to me, Quinn Fabray. Are you listening? I am not going to tell anyone. Not a single soul. I am, in no way, going to blackmail you. And I am not going to get my revenge, because despite what you think, I'm a good person and I know how important this is to you." Quinn looked up at the brunette with hope and fear mixed in her eyes. "Plus, I forgave you long ago for your less than nice ways of showing your attraction towards me back in the day."

Quinn rolled her eyes and laugh self-deprecating. "You already figured, huh?"

"I always suspected," Rachel said a little proudly. "What I saw today only confirmed it to me."

Quinn breathed deep and nodded. "Okay, I believe you."

"Good." Rachel pulled her down to sit next to her again. "Now that we have that covered, I wanted to ask you something."

Quinn nodded, having already guessed that Rachel would have a thousand questions about her special condition.

"Do you want to go out with me?"

Quinn's eyes widened and her head snapped towards the girl. Is Rachel for real?

"Are you- what?" Quinn was so confused. "Don't you think I'm a freak?"

Rachel looked bewildered. "Of course not!" Rachel looked at her unbelieving, like she could see something Quinn couldn't. "You're still the prettiest girl I've ever met, Quinn. You're still the same girl that sits on the back in Glee so no one would see her immerse herself in a book. And the same girl that won the Glee Club a page for the annuary just because I wanted it. And the same that sang one of my favourite mash-ups with me. And the same that keeps trying to hide the fact that she likes me, time and time again and I keep waiting and waiting for her to have the guts to stop caring about what people would say and just ask me out."

Quinn swore if her heart beat any faster it would break out of her chest and make a touch down on the field.

"And you know…" Rachel continued, her voice taking a huskier tone. Quinn watched her eyes glancing towards the barely noticiable bulge between her legs a couple times. "What I saw in that locker room was pretty hot."

Quinn gulped loudly and resisted the urge to cover herself because she could feel her cock twitching under Rachel's stare.

"So, what do you say? Will you go out with me?"

"Do you really have to ask?" Quinn rasped.


"I can pick you up."

"Seven o'clock sharp."

"Okay," Quinn said with a shy smile.

Rachel beamed at her, before getting serious again. She looked at Quinn like she was pondering something and Quinn wished she could read the girl's mind. Suddenly, Rachel leaned into her and pressed their lips together, earning a surprised gasp from the blonde, that soon succumbed into the soft mouth attached to hers. Rachel flicked her tongue twice against Quinn's parted lips and nipped the bottom lip once before sitting back.

She looked at Quinn's dazed face with a smug smile. "That was for your fantasies archive." And with a wink she stood, brushing off the non-existent dust of the gym shorts she was still wearing and left.

Holy shit. Quinn thought as she let a smile creep to her face. She was hard again and she had new material to fantasize about. Thank you, Rachel.