Longest one so far! Woot. My favorite too.

This chapter contains major Finn bashing. Which well, is actually just fact so. Yeah.

Oh I wanted to say that this story follows every canon thing that has happened in the show EXCEPT Quinn sleeping with Puck and getting pregnant and having a baby. Well, now that I think of it, it's just like in the show so. Also Brittany broke up with Artie and she's with Santana. It is situated while Rachel is single after Finn breaks up with her and makes her cry in the middle of the hall like the fucktard he is.

WARNINGS: I don't have to say this everytime do I? W!P, smutty goodness, not beta'd.

And I'ma Make You Mine

Quinn found out, her next favourite activity to do with her cock besides fucking was when Rachel gave her a blowjob.

It wasn't only the fact that Rachel was really good at it, like, non-existent gag-reflex good. It was also that seeing Rachel on her knees, looking up at her with her doe eyes, and lips swollen of sucking her thick meat… it was just so hot.

Rachel had slowly broken Quinn's will of control and found the dirty, wild girl she had been looking all along. She knew she could only have her on cock-week and it was perfect for her; she had horny, insatiable and very dominative Quinn during those four days and sweet, shy Quinn for the rest of the month. She couldn't have asked for more.

"Hi," Rachel said casually as she answered her phone. It was ten o'clock on a school night and Rachel was making up a list of songs to suggest them to Mr. Schue the next day in Glee. It wasn't strange that Quinn was calling her, it usually was only a text but Rachel preferred it this way. She loved Quinn's voice when she was sleepy and about to get into bed.

"Rachel," Quinn purred. Goosebumps appeared on Rachel's spine as she heard the huskiness on her girlfriend's voice.


"Baby, I need you to come to my place right now. I don't care how you do it, but I need you to blow me and I need it soon."

Rachel gulped, arousal rushing through her body at Quinn's words. She glanced at her calendar and realized cock-week was supposed to start tomorrow, but sometimes it came a day sooner or later, and if Quinn had just got her dick, she must be very horny and very hard. She got wet at the thought; the first day was her favourite, Quinn was just so… so… animalistic.

"I'll be there in five."

"Good," and then she hung up.

Five minutes later Rachel was sneaking through Quinn's back door like they had done a few times before. Luckily for them, since the divorce and Russell's betrayal, Quinn's mom had been having some trouble sleeping at night, so she took sleeping pills and was out like a light. There could be a tornado outside the house and she wouldn't even notice. The only thing that woke her up was the alarm clock, as odd as Quinn thought that was.

When Rachel reached Quinn's room, she breathed in deeply before pushing the door. She almost came at the sight. Quinn was on her bed, leaning against the headboard. She was wearing a gray loose, off-the shoulder t-shirt that Rachel recognized as her favourite pajama shirt and from the waist down she was completely naked, even though her boxers were still stuck at her left ankle.

She had her head thrown back and her mouth open and she was jerking off slowly, deliberately, like someone did when they knew the good part was coming next. It reminded Rachel a little of the day she found about Quinn's secret; eyes shut tight, mouth hanging open and hand on her junk. She could only hope Quinn would come as much as that day.

Rachel locked the door and Quinn's eyes snapped to her, her hazel eyes so dark they looked like a black circle with a golden ring. She smirked deviously, something that made Rachel shiver in nervousness and anticipation.

"You're here," Quinn purred. She stood, her hard dick swaying with the movement but pointing at Rachel, always pointing at her. A finger was crooked and Rachel moved as hypnotized by the simple motion. Quinn cupped her cheek gently and smiled, this time genuinely and Rachel could see, that underneath all those crazy hormones her Quinn was still there, caring and loving. They kissed for a few seconds, slow and sweet until it turned into something hungrier. Quinn broke away first. "Kneel down." And there was the dominant Quinn again.

Rachel complied gladly. She watched Quinn's cock stand for her attention as Quinn watched her staring at it. "You want it huh? Wanna be fed, Rachey?"

God, it turned her on so much when Quinn called her Rachey. She let out a breathy "Yeah…"

"How much you want it, baby?" Quinn grabbed her cock and took it right in front of Rachel's mouth but just as the girl opened it, Quinn moved it away. "Uh, huh. You gotta earn it. Sucking my cock is a privilege, Rachey."

"Please, Quinn."

"Please what, baby?" She asked innocently as she took it closer to her face again. This time she let the tip rub over Rachel's chin, then moved up her cheek, over her nose and back over the other side, rounding her cheekbone and back to her mouth.

"Please let me suck your cock."

"Why should I?"

Rachel knew what Quinn wanted to hear. "B-because I'm your good slut."

Quinn moaned and pumped her dick, once, twice, three times. Rachel watched a drop of pre-come leaking from the tip and wished she could be licking it. Quinn caught her expression.

"Aw, Rachey doesn't want to waste any drop, does she? She's a good slut because she always takes it all like a good girl." Quinn took it towards Rachel's mouth again. "Don't move." She rubbed the tip of her cock on Rachel's lips, getting them wet and shiny from the drop of pre-come. "There. Nice lip-gloss baby."

Rachel couldn't help her amused eye-roll before she licked her lips and lost train of thought. Quinn tasted so good. Something she loved about her girlfriend is that she cared about her and wanted to make every experience as pleasurable for Rachel as it was for herself, so she googled what kind of things one should eat and what things one shouldn't so her come's taste was nice enough for Rachel to enjoy it.

"Stick your tongue out."

Rachel complied like the good submissive she was when Quinn was like this. She could feel the wetness caused by all this fore-play and teasing, soaking her panties and running down her thighs.

The blonde smirked at Rachel's obedience and slapped the head of her member on Rachel's tongue. Whenever Rachel tried to suck it into her mouth, she would take it away. It was driving Rachel crazy with want. She really wanted to feel Quinn's dick filling her mouth, wrap her lips around it and feel the velvety texture on her tongue. God, she was salivating.

"Quinn, please. Enough teasing. Let me suck you." Quinn arched an eyebrow in challenge, daring Rachel to say more. "Please baby. I'll suck you so good. I won't waste a drop. I really want your hard dick in my mouth. Fuck, you know I'd have it in my mouth all day if I could." This much was true, whenever Quinn was on cock-week, Rachel was a one-thought woman: having Quinn's cock in her, wherever that was.

"Keep talking," Quinn husked.

"I'll suck you dry. Fuck, baby I'm so fucking wet just thinking about it. Fuck my mouth, Quinn. Stick it down my throat and fill me up. Ooh, fuck," Rachel reached down into her shorts and started circling her clit with her middle finger frantically.

"Oh, fuck yeah, baby, touch yourself." Quinn couldn't stand it anymore. She stuck her thick dick on Rachel's mouth and the girl swallowed every inch until the head of her cock was hitting the back of her throat and Rachel's nose was touching Quinn's belly. Rachel moved her head back until only the head was inside and then in again, her throat muscles massaging Quinn's meat. "Ooh m-my God, Rachey. You are so fucking good at this baby. Fu-uck!"

Quinn started slipping her cock in and out of Rachel's mouth, stilling her head with her hands. She started slow, wanting to enjoy fucking her girlfriend's warm and wet mouth as much as she could.

Rachel opened her mouth even wider and stuck her tongue out so she could lick the underside of Quinn's cock and move it around if she wanted. She twirled it around as Quinn's thrusts grew rougher and a little dribble of saliva and pre-come dripped down her chin. The slurping sounds Rachel was making just managed to turn Quinn on even more.

"My little cocksucker. Ah- you are so f-fucking talented, I think you were born to suck my cock. Ugh, you were right, you are milking me so good, Rachey." Quinn kept Rachel's face still with both hands, gripping her hair gently but firmly. She watched down at her glistening member, sliding in and out of Rachel's mouth without pause. The brunette's lips were so red and swollen and they looked so good around her meat. And look, there even was a little dribble of drool on her chin. "My pretty, little slut loves sucking my cock, uh?" She took it out of her mouth and waited for an answer.

Rachel just nodded dazedly, hand still working fervently in her shorts as she looked up at Quinn with her dark eyes full of want. "Yeah," Quinn nodded with her, "you love it. You can't wait 'till it grows to suck me off like a slut. Look at you, hands on your shorts. You just can't help it, can you?"

Rachel shook her head.

"Good, I want you to rub your clit good and fuck your pussy while I come in your mouth. Get to it again."

Rachel gladly went to work again, her little moans and mewls signalling that she was close to orgasm too. Quinn loved it when Rachel would fuck herself as she sucked her. It meant she was enjoying it too and that made Quinn enjoy it even more.

"I'm gonna fuck your throat now, baby, okay?" Rachel nodded as best as she could with Quinn's junk in her mouth.

The blonde held Rachel's head with one hand on each side of it and jerked her hips, going faster and deeper each time. She looked down at her cock pistoning in and out of her girlfriend's mouth, bathed in her saliva. She knew her girlfriend had no gag-reflex, so she wasn't worried about that. They had tested it carefully that first time when a very inexperienced Quinn guided an even more inexperienced through the art of cock-sucking. Ugh, that was so hot, Quinn thought remembering that day.

As Rachel felt Quinn's cock hitting the back of her throat again and again without hesitation and Quinn fucking her mouth like there was no tomorrow, her eyes rolled to the back of her head and her hand stilled in her shorts and she trembled, her orgasm crashing into her unexpectedly and brutally.

"Oh yeah- yeah, so good, baby, come. Yeah Rachey, ugh- make yourself come. I'm just about t-to…" Rachel swallowed hard, squeezing Quinn's cock and the blonde felt the coiling in her lower stomach and she stilled, cock buried to the tilt, before she felt her orgasm crashing and rolling into her through waves of pleasure. Her cock shot ropes of thick come down Rachel's throat and the brunette swallowed the sticky, white juices moaning, getting her mouth to work again and sucking her girlfriend dry as she had promised.

She took her hand out of her shorts, still wet with her juices and wrapped it around the base of Quinn's dick, holding it as she bobbed her head up and down and swallowed everything her girlfriend had to offer. She pumped the softening dick and licked it all clean, from the base to the tip, making sure to leave the head shiny.

Above her, Quinn chuckled. "Baby, stop. You're going to get me hard again."

Rachel smiled at her innocently but stopped. She licked her fingers clean, then her lips and Quinn watched her girlfriend with rapt attention, licking her come on herself as if she were a kitten. "So good," the brunette mumbled.

When she managed to snap out of it, Quinn put her boxers back on, helped Rachel up and slid into the bed with her. She snuggled into the girl and rubbed her face on her neck, almost purring at how wonderful it felt to hold her in their post-orgasmic haze. She popped herself up on her elbow and watched Rachel's face with pure adoration, before she leaned down and kissed her sweet and brief.

"You okay? Was everything okay?" Quinn asked, brushing Rachel's hair behind her ears. "I wasn't too rough, was I?"

"Uh, huh." Rachel shook her head and sighed contently. "I think it was the hottest blowjob I've ever given you."

Quinn chuckled. "I'd have to agree." Suddenly her expression turned serious. "You know I don't mean any of those things I say, right? I mean, I would never- you're not a slut. At all. You know this, right?"

Rachel laughed. "Quinn, I've only had sex with you, my girlfriend, who I've been dating for almost three months. Of course I'm not a slut." The brunette weaved her fingers through the long, blonde locks of her girlfriend and pulled her in for a longer kiss. "I just enjoy sex with you… very much. Both when we make love and when we fuck. You satisfy my every need and fantasy. You are just very… fulfilling."

Quinn smiled calmly. She always got a little sappy once her first hard-on of the week wore off. Sometimes it really was like PMSing, sappiness included.

"And you are just very perfect."

Rachel wrinkled her nose adorably. "I don't think that word formation is correct, Quinn."

"I know. But for you, we'll have to make an exception."

Rachel chuckled. "Charmer."

Quinn grinned goofily before pecking her one last time and snuggling even deeper into her girl. "Stay the night," she said, even though it sounded muffled by Rachel's neck.

The brunette hugged her tight into her. "I don't know..."


Rachel thought for a minute and Quinn held her tighter, like she was afraid she'd leave. "You'd have to drive me home earlier so my dads don't notice I'm gone."

Quinn reached for her phone and set her alarm before settling back into Rachel again. "Done."

"Good, because I-" she was cut off by a big yawn, "I didn't want to leave at all."

"Me neither."

Shortly after, they were both asleep.


Rachel and Quinn were openly affectionate at school. Nothing scandalous, though; it wasn't like they were asking for attention. But with the Bully Whips and the school's new attitude towards bullies that Figgins had finally instated after last years confrontations, they were confident enough to walk each other to class, talk closely, hold hands and even some furtive cheek kisses—this was still Ohio after all.

The whole student body had warmed up fast enough to the idea of the two girls being affectionate with each other. Ater all, if the Head Cheerio could be out and proud, what should they be afraid of? It wasn't official that Rachel and Quinn were in a relationship, but it was the most accepted theory. However there were still some naïve or sceptic students that thought they might be just overly touchy friends.

Whatever it was, everyone was profiting from the situation. Quinn wasn't the cold-hearted bitch anymore, long gone were the cold glares and snarky remarks as she was too busy listening intently at whatever the tiny singer was rambling about and Rachel wasn't as much of a diva anymore, the blonde seemed to calm her down, making her less demanding.

The most grateful ones were the Glee Club.

So, Tina wanted to sing a solo? A gentle tug on Rachel's shirt from the blonde sufficed for the girl to calm down and realize that actually Tina hadn't sung a whole solo in months.

So, Santana made some teasing remark about how Quinn ate all the pop-corn at the movies? One look from the little singer was enough to make Quinn feel like the prettiest girl in the world and her self-steam, wounded by the Latina, was easily healed saving the whole club from what would've been an epic, Cheerios' fight.

It was obvious for all of them that Quinn and Rachel were more than friends. In fact Kurt had been suspecting it all along, since Quinn's fixation—borderline obsession—began. It still amused them how cupid worked, how two, so seemingly different girls, seemed to fit so perfectly together. But they guessed that's what it was about, right? They were similar in things that mattered and different in those that didn't, and that was what helped them bring out the best on each other.

One person though, wasn't that content with this affiliation of forces.

Finn watched Rachel at the other side of the piano, her hand on her diaphragm as they practiced scales. Santana was next to her—voluntarily, who would've thought?—filling her nails, her mouth opening from time to time to pretend like she was practicing. Next to the Latina was Brittany, who kept going from belting out the scales to getting distracted by Santana and beside her was Quinn. Because of the curvature of the piano, the blonde stood in a perfect 90 degrees angle with Rachel and so their eyes kept straying to each other.

Finn frowned and his mouth twisted in a way that made him look between an angry toddler and constipated. Quinn was looking directly in Rachel's direction as she sang the scale and winked at the brunette, making her smile and blush and totally miss a note.

Rachel never did that with him. She'd get so mad if he somehow distracted her from her practice. Finn wasn't stupid, unlike what most people thought. He may not have Rachel's vocabulary and what? Maybe he wasn't interested in musicals or animal's rights or LGBT rights or whatever the girl rambled about; those were boring topics and for like, girls and adults and gays and he wasn't any of those. He had always wanted Rachel to be more like the rest of the teenagers he knew. Like, more normal or something… what was he thinking about before? Oh yeah! Finn wasn't stupid at all.

So he knew there was something going on with his ex and his other ex.

His blood boiled and he resisted the urge to kick Brad's stool when the practice ended and Rachel gravitated to Quinn before he could give a step in her direction. Quinn's hand was leaning on top of the piano casually as she cocked her hip and her head, watching interested as Rachel explained to her how she could improve her diaphragm breathing.

Pss, yeah, right, like anyone could understand much less stand Rachel's complex and annoying explanations, Finn thought.

Rachel brought her hand to Quinn's upper stomach and pushed lightly and the blonde smirked coquettishly at their proximity before Rachel let out a half-hearted scolding "Quinn!" but couldn't contain her own flustered smile. The blonde muttered "Sorry, come again," and Rachel repeated her motion. This time Quinn seemed to concentrate on what Rachel was saying and let the brunette guide her through her breathing.

Finn turned from the scene and sit on his chair next to Artie with a huff. The skinny boy watched him fume with confusion.

Finn didn't believe any of those rumours that went around lately about Quinn and Rachel. It was stupid because he knew Rachel still felt something for him because… well he broke up with her and she was broken, right? And he's like, the quarterback and she's kind of… not popular so she was totally in love with him. Plus he had told her he loved her and whenever he made a mistake he fixed it and told her he was sorry and she was pretty and all that stuff girls want to hear. So, they were meant to be. Rachel was just being hard to get.

Plus, Rachel wasn't like that. It was okay for Santana, 'cause she was you know, Santana. But Rachel liked him so she couldn't be like that. And gay parents didn't make a gay kid, or that's what Rachel had told him repeatedly when they were together, so that had to mean something.

So what Finn believed is that Quinn and Rachel had some sort of plan to mess with each other. Probably Quinn's was crueller and probably Rachel's only purpose was to call his attention.

See, he wasn't stupid.

What he didn't get is why this plan was getting so long. If Rachel wanted his attention, fine, she had it. And it was about time Quinn did whatever humiliating scheme she had in mind so Finn could be there for Rachel when she came back crying to him and he could tell her that he knew all along that Quinn was a fake and that she belonged with him.

But it was getting frustrating to watch them interact so normally, like there wasn't anything behind all that niceness. And people was starting to think stuff; stuff that made him look bad, like he… like he turned girls gay or something and he was the quarterback for crying out loud! This had to stop soon and he was going to quicken the pace.

Two days later, Finn sat at the exact same spot, his mouth hanging open at the sight before him.

Brittany and Rachel were performing the duets assignment of this week which was, in Mr. Schue's words "Find a fun song, sing it, go crazy. I want you to be more into it than ever. I want you to put everything into it. Be wild. Be spontaneous."

The girls had definitely taken the words to heart.


We'll you're a hot mess and I'm fallin' for you

And I'm like, hot damn, let me make you my boo

'Cause you can shake it, shake it, shake it, yeah you know what to do,

You're a hot mess, I'm loving it, hell yes.


Rachel was standing right in front of Quinn, who kept biting her lip as her eyes followed Rachel's hips, swaying from side to side, her hands in her hair. Brittany bounced from one side of the room to the other, gaze always fixed on Santana who was fanning herself, her tan a tad darker from the blush.

They were both wearing torn skinny jeans, Britt's topped with a washed-out shirt and a vest and Rachel's with a long, thin shirt and a fake leather jacket. Kurt had made their hair look like they'd just had sex and their make-up smokey. They definitely looked like a hot mess. Emphasis on hot.


Got me hypnotized, the city's your playground,

I watch you take a bite, at 5 a.m. roamin' the streets,

Drunk all night, you think you're hot shit

And ooh I love it, I love it, yeah, yeah.


Everyone in the room (except Finn, who was looking away, trying to prove a point) was having fun, wooing and cheering on the girls, even doing some of the back voices. After the first minute of the song, everyone was standing and dancing, some of them on the chairs. Mr Schue hid his smile, shaking his head to himself. He had asked for it after all.


If you're dancing up on tables, you go, you go, you got it girl

Say that you're unstable, you go coco, you got it girl

Dancing up on tables, say that you're unstable

You're a ha-ha ha-ha ha, yeah you're a hot mess

Ha-ha ha-ha ha, we're singing hell yes.


Rachel and Brittany performed some choreography they had prepared, before turning to each other, high-fiving and moving to their respective targets to finish the song. Quinn cocked an eyebrow when she saw Rachel approaching her like a predator and the brunette put her arm around Quinn's neck while the other hand held the microphone and moved her hips from side to side, making Quinn follow her lead.


You're a hot mess, I'm loving it, hell yes

Hot mess, I'm loving it, hell yes

Hot mess, I'm loving it, hell yes


When the song ended, everyone cheered and clapped elated. Brittany was sat on Santana's lap and the Latina had her head thrown back and her hands covering her face, surely trying to placate her growing arousal.

Rachel smirked up at a flushed Quinn and leaned in to quote the song directly into her ear, her hot breath making the cheerleader's mouth dry, "Keep doin' what you're doin' and I'ma make you mine."Quinn growled into Rachel's neck, her hands bunching up the jacket at her back and pulling her into her. She was so wet she just wanted to shove the girl against the wall and fuck her silly. But she couldn't even kiss her because they weren't officially out and whatnot. Rachel chuckled huskily at the growl before yelping when a strong hand gripped her arm and pulled her away from Quinn.

"What the fuck, Rachel?" Finn cried, his fists closed at his sides and his face so tense she feared the vein on his forehead was going to pop out at any minute.

The room fell silent, the kids of Glee Club always hungry for some drama. Kurt gave Mercedes a pointed look as if to say, "See? Told you it was going to happen," and Mercedes gave one back saying "Oh my God, I know right?". Mr Schue gave a step forward, not sure if he should intervene. It's not like he was the responsible here or something… oh wait.

Nevermind, Rachel was talking.

"Finn, that was totally uncalled for," the short girl said rubbing her arm where his huge paw had grabbed her.

"What the hell was that… that song? And- and what's up with you? Look at yourself, you look like a crack-head or something!"

Puck made an O with his mouth, his eyes wide and leaned into Mike's shoulder, shaking his hand as if to say, "I can't believe he said that!"

Quinn at Rachel's side, let out a short breath, like someone had punched her in the stomach and the muscles at her neck tensed before gave one step forward. Luckily for Finn, Rachel put her arm in front of her, her palm open as if to say "Let me handle this," and she stopped immediately.

"Nothing's up with me, Finn," he said venomously, "I merely followed Mr Schue's assignment and together with Brittany, we chose a wild, fun, spontaneous song to perform. I think the whole club will agree it was a good choice, seen as everyone was having fun and singing along with us."

"This- this is bullshit, Rachel, and you know it! You are not like this!"

Next to her, Quinn muttered under her breath. "What the hell would you know about how she is?"

Finn turned his attention to her, his eyes full of anger. "It's all her fault!" he pointed a fat finger her way, "She's corroding you!"

"It's corrupting, dumbass," Quinn spat.

"Whatever! You think you are oh-so-smart, uh? Well I know you're plan! I know you're only trying to hurt Rachel. You don't convince me and I don't believe any of those rumours you want to spread about her! Rachel's not like that!"

The tension in the room grew exponentially, Kurt and Santana looking specially affected by the boy's words. Kurt's eyes widened and shook his head, disappointed on his step-brother and Santana had to be held back by Brittany to not jump and strangle the oaf.

Rachel's eyes squinted. "What do you mean not like that?"

Finn deflated visibly, his anger being overpowered by the huge mistake that he had just committed. "I- I didn't mean anything wrong by that. I just meant that- that you are not like what people is saying. I know you, Rach and I know you're better than all this…" he pointed at her general attire, "and I know you wouldn't give the time of the day to someone who had been so cruel to you," he spat in Quinn's direction, "and you have to see that she's trying to trick you. She's going to hurt you, Rachel! I'm just trying to protect you!"

Rachel breathed deep and pinched the bridge of her nose. "Finn, I appreciate the concern but let's be honest here, you know nothing about me. Not anymore."

Finn looked at her confused, his frown furrowing. "Rach, are you doing this to call my attention? Because if that's it, then you have it. I get it, I hurt you and you've been playing hard to get but I'm sorry and I get it now. I want to be with you so you can stop this… this madness."

Mercedes muttered, "Oh my God," and Brittany said, not as low as she thought, into Santana's ear, "And people say I'm dumb."

Rachel was trying to find words that could express all the emotions she was feeling, but came up blank. The boy's dumbness had just left her speechless.

"You just… I… " Rachel shook her head. "I just don't know where to start with all the ludicrous things that came out of your mouth in the span of three minutes."

"What does that mean?" Finn asked annoyed.

"It means get a clue, Finnpotent!" Santana yelled.

"Shut up, Santana!"

"No, you shut up, Hudson!" Quinn said finally. "I've hear enough of your bullshit. You don't know Rachel at all because you've never really cared enough to try. If you got down of your high horse and stopped thinking the world revolves around you for a damn minute, maybe you'd see that Rachel's happy without you, that I care for her and that she's happy with me." Some of the Glee clubbers gasped at this. Okay so she might've just outed them a little. Whatever. "I'm out of here," she muttered.

"Yeah, I'm coming with you," Rachel said softly, still looking at Finn with a disappointed look on her face. Where had the boy she once knew gone? Or was he always this self-righteous, obnoxious and hypocritical and she was just seeing it now? How blind had she been?

Rachel collected her things and intertwined her fingers with Quinn's, who was waiting for her next to the piano. They left the room holding hands, something they've done a hundred times before in the school but something that had just taken a whole new meaning.

Finn kicked a chair and stormed out behind them, walking in the other direction.

The next week, Rachel bounced into the choir room, dragging an amused Quinn by the hand. When Mr Schue started the practice, she bolted up.

"If you excuse me Mr Schue, I have a song to perform."

Mr Schue, used to his kids interrupting him to perform a song they needed to let out, moved out of the way and motioned for Rachel to go for it.

"After I found myself at a loss for words last week, I turn to that one thing that never fails me. Music. I hope this song says clearly enough what I'm trying to convey." She turned to Brad, "hit it."

Her song said 'I'm sick of you, Finn'.


You've got opinions man,

We're all entitled to 'em,

But I never asked.


So let me thank you for your time,

And try not to waste any more of mine.

Get out of here fast.


I hate to break it to you babe,

But I'm not drowning.

There's no one here to save.


Quinn's grin through all the song said 'That's my girl'.


Who cares if you disagree?

You are not me,

Who made you king of anything?


So, you dare tell me who to be.

Who died?

And made you kind of anything?


When Rachel sang "Let me hold you're crown, babe," Finn stormed out of the room.

Practice continued as if nothing happened.

Hot Mess - Cobra Starship

King of Anything - Sara Bareilles