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summary: Pushed aside and forgotten by his parents because his brother is the Chosen One and he s a squib, Harry Potter is sent to an orphanage and is put on the path of learning the true nature of his magic. As he learns the light is going to learn what a huge error they made and that the war is at a turning point because there is a new player on the board now that no one expected. Dark!Harry

pairings: nothing for sure yet but if there is it will be slash. i guess i'll figure it out along the way

Warnings:not many as of yet. child abuse, stupidity, over indulgence of a not so smart child (i sigh at the potters *shakes head*). Definitely dumbles bashing, potter bashing, and weasley bashing

Wild Magic

Chapter 1

The Dark Lord walked carefully and quietly into the house that he could now see. The worthless lump, Pettigrew, was willing and more than eager to share where the Potters were hiding.

The Potters were currently at a meeting with Dumbledore, he d made sure that those two abominable light wizards were far away tonight before he entered their house. Though it goes against common belief he actually did not enjoy having to deal with worthless and insignificant people (though torturing Wormtail is an exception, his screams are one of the most entertaining things he has come across), so the idea of dealing with two more unsavory individuals was a rather unpleasant and unwelcome thought. He simply wanted to eliminate the threat and be done with it, prolonging it will only lead to something getting in his way and that is not something he had the patience for.

The babysitter was in a chair in the living room, lightly dozing.

'Well this saves time' . He thought pleased at not having to hear her begging, he quickly fired off a killing curse, ending the creature s pathetic existence.

He went up the stairs and to a door with a sign on it

Evan and Harlowe's Room it proclaimed is swirly cursive.

'Evan and Harlowe, hmm?' he thought as he entered the room and laid eyes on the two matching cribs. 'Now, which twin is it?'

He approached the crib on the right, a redheaded baby laid sprawled across the crib, mouth gaping open and a pool of drool staining the sheets around his mouth. He sneered at the ugly child in disgust and caught sight of a pillow with a name embroidered onto it.

"So Evan, are you the chosen one?" he softly asked the still sleeping child, grimacing when he only turned his head further into his own drool he turned to the other child.

He had raven black hair and was significantly paler and thinner than the other, his features almost delicate where his brother s were rough and mismatched. The Dark Lord stepped closer onto a creaking floorboard , the sound made the small sleeping boy wake, opening his eyes and looking at the approaching Dark Lord.

Voldemort stopped for a moment, watching the child who looked at him with sharply intelligent eyes that were all too cold.

'Avada Kedavra green' he thought to himself, so this must be the Chosen One he took out his wand pointing it at the boy s forehead "I ll kill this one first then the other one and the Longbottom brat as well just to be sure Goodbye Harlowe Potter." He said as he leveled his wand with the boy s forehead, "Avada Kedavra!" he said thinking that he was ridding the world of his only threat.

The green light left his wand, exactly matching a set of wide green eyes. The curse hit its target on the forehead but out of thin air, came a brilliant light shining in all different colors shielded the boy right as the curse was entering the skin of his forehead. The curse tried to push past the shield but was pushed away from the child and around the room reaming destruction in its wake until it went back to its caster, hitting him in the arm. Voldemort fell with a loud cry of pain, waking Evan just in time for the boy to feel a broken piece of his crib cut him in a long diagonal line across his chest.

He could tell the house was going to come down soon, injured he fled thinking the collapsing house would finish the job for him as he apparated away, leaving behind tattered remnants of his black robe, a pool of blood and ashes that used to be his flesh where the curse hit him, trying to save himself from his wound. He was unaware of a small emerald eyed boy watching him as the multi colored light faded from around him no sign of the curse that reaped such destruction on the house on him but a thing lightning shaped cut on his forehead.

The lights around Harlowe flared up again as the walls and ceiling started to collapse around the two toddlers.

***************I am a page break. Fear Me! ***************

"Albus, would you like to come over for a quick spot of tea, you can say goodnight to the twins, you know how much they love you." Asked Lily

"That would be lovely, Lily. But only for a little while, I do have to get back to Hogwarts sometime." Albus said with a laugh

They all apparated to Godric s Hollow only to find a pile of rubble where their house used to be.

They all stared at it for a moment before Lily finally managed to break out of her stupor.

"James! The twins!' Lily cried

Those panicked words brought words broke the two others out of shock and springing them into action.

They all ran inside and started to move the rubble aside to find the twins. They found the body of the babysitter and realized that she wasn t killing by the rubble but by the killing curse. "Voldemort has been here." Said Albus stoically.

They found what was left of the twins room and were shaking with relief when they found both boys alive inside, the room hadn't collapsed but instead had made a perfectly spherical hollow protecting the two boys. They all went immediately to each of the twins and found Harlowe perfectly fine near the edge of the room but Evan was at the very center of the hollow and had a long gash across his chest. As Lily healed it Dumbledore and James were both looking around the room and found the remains of Voldemort.

"He's gone". James said dumbstruck, "Voldemort has been defeated.'

Dumbledore saw the magically formed hollow with Evan at the center and the cut across his chest and put the pieces together.

He walked forward and took the, now healed, little boy from his mother and said "He is The Chosen one. He defeated Voldemort. Your son, Evan, is The Chosen One."