a/n: hello all! sorry for not updating this but i've been busy and i want to get reasonably ahead in my chapters so i won't take so long in between them. so this isn't the actual chapter 4 but i'm giving a bit of a teaser in honor of voldemort's birthday and i want to post something while it's still 2011 :D

Chapter 4 teaser

Sly learned the ropes of Slytherin Castle fast. Most of the Deatheaters could be found there at some time during the day. Several lived there like Bella and Rodolphus, as well as Rodolphus's brother Rabastan, who he had met after his first few days there, due to the bounties on their heads.

Sly wasn't allowed to be without a hood unless he was only in Voldemort's presence or the Lestranges', Voldemort didn't want many people to know about him yet as he was still figuring Sly out for himself.

Sly was a mystery.

His accidental magic didn't show itself in any of the common ways

end teaser

what will happen in chap 4: sly will meet more deatheaters, learn more about sly's magical powers, sly's relationship with the lestranges evolves, sly's relationship to Voldemort sorta evolves, learn about voldie's people and servants and what the hierarchy is, and get a peak at the light side and how things are going for the wizarding world, the potters and dumbles

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p.s. i'm editing this because i wanted to clarify a few things about the potters and their reasons for treating harry the way they did.

i feel like it might have seemed a little over the top how much they hated him so im just going to go over how each james, lily, and evan felt towards harry and their treatment towards him

James Potter: james has always been a bit selfish and focused on glory and fame so he immediately latches on to Evan's new status, treating evan like a prince, and somewhat forgetting about harry. as the fame consumes him he grows a little resentful of harry and how he could have jeopardized evan's life that night and is trying to take from evan both the fame and his parents attention. when harry doesn't have any accidental magic like evan has so often it introduces the idea that harry is a squib. as a pure-blood from an ancient family, james sees it as the highest disgrace, something that needs to be hidden or gotten rid of, hence harry's isolation from the family and the world and also his room in the basement, but also punished for disgracing the family so badly as well as his brothers fame, hence his abuse. when dumbledore confirms that harry is a squib james's resentment magnifies. worse when dumbledore introduces harry as dark and a danger to evan, james' precious son and key to fame as well as the only magical child of the potter family, james' dislike form into pure hatred so he gets rid of him

lily potter: after that fateful night lily is worried for both of her babies because they were in danger but when evan is named the chosen one and the person that will have to fight voldemort in the future all her worry transfers to him and she disregards harry's wellbeing because 'he'll be fine he doesn't have to fight voldemort'. her attention is so fixated on evan she doesn't notice harry or how james treats him. when he's announced a squib she's upset because he won't be able to know magic like she did, her own failure as to produce a nonmagical child, and his inability to magically help evan to fight when the time comes. when he's said to be a danger to evan, the child whose safety she holds dearest, her motherly instincts turn toward evan and away from harry, only focues on protecting her baby evan.

Evan Potter: because of his parents he doesn't see harry as anything but someone who lived there with them. he was indifferent to harry except that he was a disgrace to the potter family. when harry is gone it makes no difference to him and he goes on with his life and forget all about him

hope this may make things a little more clear

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