Pairing: TYL tsuna x reader

We arrive at the Bed & Breakfast EXHAUSTED from our long trip. We drop our luggage down and fall into the bed immediately falling asleep.

I wake, not knowing what time it is only that it is dark out. I remove my clothes, except my boxers. I then go over to you, still sound asleep on the bed. I remove your shoes and socks, trying not to wake you. I then slowly unbutton your shirt and gently slide it off each of your arms. I lie you on your back and unbutton your pants and unzip them. I move to your feet and lightly and slowly tug your pants off of you. Fortunately you are so exhausted that you do not wake up.

I stare at you. You look so beautiful lying there in your bra and panties. I wish you were awake so we could be together. I know you are tired so I do not wake you. I move to the head of the bed and kiss you lightly on the forehead and then on your beautiful lips. I move to the other side of the bed and climb back in. I cover both of us up and then wrap my arm around you. Holding you close to me.

It is finally morning and we both wake to the beautiful sunrise. I pull you close to me and Kiss you fully on the lips. You kiss back and our tongues touch lightly. I pull you to me and hug you tightly. "Welcome to Italy", I tell you. We get ourselves ready, cleaning and dressing. We then proceed to go to breakfast.

When we get to the dining room everything is laid out as a Buffet. We help ourselves then proceed to the balcony to have our breakfast. The balcony sticks out from the hotel, out over the mountain. It overlooks the beautiful lake. The sun reflects off of the calm water. We are in paradise.

We finish our breakfast and because the weather is so beautiful we decide to go for a walk. We return to the room for the essentials. Lingering just long enough to steal a Kiss. You are in front of me and when we reach the room I grasp your arm and pull you to me. I hold your cheeks with my hands and I Kiss you. I then Kiss your lovely neck. I wrap my arms around you and pull you close. We kiss, my lips pressing against yours, your lips against mine. Our mouths open and our tongues touch. We explore each others mouths. We kiss for what seems like hours. Eventually separating we leave the room

We walk around the town, exploring all the old buildings. Occasionally ducking into an alley for a quick kiss. After wandering for hours we stop in a little cafe for something to eat. When we finish we continue walking holding hands the whole time. Occasionally I wrap my arm around your waist and pull you close to me. I also occasionally lightly pinch your lovely bottom, of course you tell me to stop.

It is getting dark and a little chilly. We return to the hotel to change before going to dinner. When we get back you go to the room while I speak with the desk person about a place to eat. Eventually I join you upstairs. I tell you that they gave me a great idea for dinner. We change into somewhat warmer clothes and bring light jackets. When we get downstairs the desk person hands me a blanket and basket. I tell you not to ask that it is a surprise. They lead us to a door which when opened reveals a stairway that takes us down to the beach by the lake. We follow it and when we get there I tell you that it will take me a minute to set up.

After a couple minutes I have laid out a large blanket in the sand, I have candles burning and the candelabras placed firmly in the sand around the blanket. There is a bottle of wine and a picnic dinner of bread, cold meats and cheeses ( hope you aren't a vegetarian). I pour some wine and we sip it while we look out over the lake to see the moon's reflection. I prepare us some sandwiches. After eating and a couple more glasses of wine, and cleaning up. We lie back on the blanket. I pull you next to me and hold you in my arms. We stare at the clear sky quietly.

After a moment I lay you back down and lean over you. I kiss you on the lips. I continue kissing you while my hand begins to explore your body. I feel your breasts, confined by the light material. As I hold one in my hand I can feel your nipple begin to harden. Still kissing, my tongue begins to explore your mouth. My hand begins to move to your tummy. I pull your shirt out of your skirt and move my hand up underneath. I can feel your breasts, now only confined by your bra. I stop kissing for a moment while I unbutton your shirt.

Once that is done I unclasp your bra in the front, releasing your beautiful breasts. I take one in each hand and tell you how beautiful they are and how sexy you are. I then proceed to kiss each of your nipples. I can feel them hardening with each touch of my tongue. I then gently suck each one into my mouth. I am lying next to you now and begin to massage each with my hand as I suck your right nipple, the one closest to my mouth. I lick all around and then wet my finger and rub it on your left nipple as I lick your right. Both are still so firm to my touch.

By now you have raised your knees up. You skirt still covers them though. I sit up and raise your skirt higher. I move it slowly so you can feel the material move against your silky thighs. I now have all of it around your waist. I begin to rub my hand along your inner thighs, gradually moving closer to your panties. When I reach them I can feel how damp they have gotten. I remark how uncomfortable that must be and ask if you would like me to remove them. You agree, gladly. I lift your hips and remove your panties. I put them to the side and then return my hand to your thighs. Again I move toward your now uncovered member. I lightly touch the wet lips and I hear you lightly moan.

I begin moving my finger up and down between the lips of your member. Gradually moving higher I begin to rub your now firm, hard clit. You moan again but a little louder this time. I continue moving up and down your member, making sure not to avoid your clit. I slide my finger from the bottom of your member lips all the way up to your clit, each time pushing my finger a little deeper between your lips. Eventually I push my middle finger all the way inside you, I hear another moan escape your lips. Your member is dripping with juices now. I slowly work my finger in and out of your member. I then lie down next to you and light suck your right nipple again, still moving my finger in and out of you.

You whisper something, but I cannot hear. I stop what I am doing for a moment to move closer to your lips. I lean to you and you kiss me lightly on the cheek and then whisper in my ear, "I want you inside me. I want you to make love to me."

I sit up and unbuckle my belt, unfasten my pants and slide them and my boxers off of me. I unbutton my shirt and remove it. I then have you sit up and remove your shirt and bra from your body. You then stand so I can remove your skirt. I pull it off of you and then gently pull you down to me. You tell me to lie on my back and then you straddle my hips. You grasp my member and guide it into your wet member, first rubbing it back and forth between the lips. You sit down firmly on it, I moan as it slides in. You begin to rock back and forth. I grasp your breasts in my hands then wrap my arms around you and pull you to me. We begin rocking back and forth together. Occasionally I push up with my feet so I can gently thrust deeper into you.

We gradually increase our pace, you are rocking back and forth on top of me. I pull you close so I can lick each of your nipples. You moan and gently clench your member on my member as a sign of approval. We are rocking together now. You begin to moan more now and I can tell you are close to orgasm. I begin to feel your member contract around my member, clenching it firmly, massaging it. I can't hold back much longer. You now moan loudly and bagin to have your orgasm, to cum. Your member contracts more and more. As it does I begin to moan and I begin to cum deep in your member. Our juices mix and as my member throbs with orgasm, your member contracts in orgasm. After our loins settle, I pull you on top of me, my member sliding out as it softens. I hold you close and wrap my arms around you. I lift your head and kiss you on the lips, firmly, over and over. You roll off of me and we lie there, holding each other for a while.

Eventually we dress and return up the staircase to the hotel. We retire to our room and undress again. We climb into bed together, naked. We lie next to each other, spooning our bodies together. Eventually we fall asleep so our bodies can prepare for another day.

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