Author's note : For starters, my name is Dagmar or Voydag, which ever you please. Although this is not my first attempt at fan fiction it is my first one in the world of Harry Potter. As a lot of people in this world I too got bitten by the Harry bug. After finishing the 4th book I almost freaked out learning that the wait for the conclusion of that cliffhanger is now October. Now as a reader this is just 'argh' as a writer (if you can call me that) I know we can't push such matters as our 'Muse'. J.K. Rowling I'm trying to wait 'patiently'.

Now enough of my babbling. I have been walking around with a HP story for months now but never really made anything of it until a week ago I came across Severitus's challenge and something clicked. So I thought, oh well, why not. I want to say to all the writers who accepted her challenge you all have giving me a few wonderful reading evenings.

As said, Severitus I accept you challenge, and hope I follow all the rules you laid out.

One more thing, as my first language is not English it might sound a bit strange at some points. I do my best and I really enjoy the English language. Forgive me my spelling, but I always welcome to hear where I went wrong.

Title : Untold Past, Unknown Future

Author : Dagmar De Meyer

Disclaimer : I don't own Harry Potter, that is the property of J.K. Rowling. I only borrowed what she started and had them play in my mind twists. One character however will be of my own creation, you'll soon find out.

Rated : General, for now

Reviews : Oh, yes please… For better or worse I suppose.

Summary : My take on 'Severitus's challenge'. What if Severus Snape is Harry's father?! Voldemort is still on the loose and who is the lady with the violet eyes!

Untold Past, Unknown Future

By Dagmar De Meyer

10 more minutes, 10 more minutes and he'd be 15 years old.

He snorted, 15 … why am I so happy? Cedric won't have any more birthdays and all because of me, Harry Potter, The-Boy-Who-Lived, he who defeated Voldemort, wouldn't it be better if it said, Harry Potter The-Boy-Who-Brought-Him-Back!

1 month, 6 days had passed since that faithful moment. He just had to close his eyes and he'd be there.

A month he had been locked in this room. As soon as Uncle Vernon parked the car in front of the house, he had dragged Harry up to this room, threw him in and locked the door, only to open it and send Hedwig's cage, which went flying, to land in a heap on his bed. After that he had only been allowed out twice a day to use the bathroom, his food, if you could call it that, was brought up and shoved inside. Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia hadn't spoken to him and Dudley soon tired of his 'banging down the door' games.

Harry had never been so lonely in his live, he almost wished for Uncle Vernon to yell at him.

He sad on his bed, silently starring at the clock, fighting his memories, not wanting to see a particular one over and over again. Every time he closed his eyes, day or night he saw Cedric fall and heard that terrible, menacing laugh… Long ago he had accepted that this was his punishment, for no matter what anyone told him, Cedric was death because of him, the great Harry Potter.

His eyes focused on the clock again, 00:05, oh no he had missed it 'again'.

"Why is it that I keep missing it, well happy birthday Harry." Sighing Harry got up from his bed and walked to the window. Opening it to let a summer night breeze in. It was still pretty warm outside, a heat wave having firmly established itself over the last few days.

Harry starred out, scanning the sky for Hedwig when something out of the corner of his eye caught his attention. Something had moved amongst the trees. Squinting his eyes he pierced through the dark night searching the trees. There it was! What was it? Suddenly he knew, this wasn't a thing, it was a person. A person wearing a cloak!

Harry blinked, a fierce panic gripping his heart.

"Voldemort." He whispered.

No that couldn't be, his scare hadn't hurt, his scare always hurt. Suddenly a thought struck him, making his heart beat even faster. What if, with him taking his blood, the scare wouldn't warn him anymore? Harry dashed from the window looking for his wand. Argh, right, Uncle Vernon, wand, trunk, cupboard under the stairs, now what was he to do? He couldn't face Voldemort without his wand, he would surely die and although he probably deserved it, Harry wasn't ready to die. Slowly he made his way back to the window, looking back towards the tree line, searching for the hooded figure. It wasn't there, a sigh of relieve swept over Harry, still, part of the worry remained as many questions were left unanswered, most importantly, "Who was that person?"

A gust of wind brought Harry out of his reverie and his eyes came back into focus as the wind whispered in his ears. "Happy Birthday Harry."

Jumping back, startled by the unseen voice Harry landed on his butt in the middle of the room breathing heavily. Eyes wide open he starred at the white box that had appeared on the windowsill, the same spot as where his elbows had rested only seconds before.

"What are they trying to do?" Harry mumbled. "Trying to see if a 15 year old can die of a heart attack! Well they are doing on hell of a job."

"Urgh." He scolded himself mentally; sarcasm wouldn't help. Besides it makes me sound like Snape.

Getting himself of the floor he made his way back to the window, a mixture of fear and curiosity written clearly on his face as he looked at the box intently. His curiosity getting the better of him, Harry picked up the box and sat on his bed.

It was a small white box; it looked like one of Aunt Petunia's music boxes. Attached to it, with a piece of string was a small piece of parchment. Removing it from the box, Harry unrolled it; it only had one sentence, "Happy Birthday Harry."

Laying the piece of parchment next to him, he turned his full attention to the box and opened the lid. Inside he found an even more peculiar item. Harry was truly confused now. Who was playing with him? Maybe Fred and George! Yeah that could be it. But Harry couldn't convince himself of that fact. Fred and George were always up for a joke, they would never scare him half to death though.

Focusing back on the item in the box, a small crystal ball lay on a velvet cushion, blinking in the moonlight. Not sure what to do Harry gently fingered it, jerking his hand back immediately as the crystal started glistering at his touch. Transfixed he watched as the small ball transformed into a beautiful lily. A smile appeared on Harry's lips as he admired the flower, it hadn't ended though, as the lily slowly opened, it projected a picture against the lid of the box. A picture of James and Lily.

Harry didn't move, he just watched and watched at the smiling faces of his parents, completely forgetting the questions he had, surrounding this particular gift, the only thing he could do was smile.

* * * * * *

Outside, the dark hooded figure smiled and a faint whisper was heard, "Happy Birthday, my precious."

* * * * * *


"Wh…where is who…?"

"Harry Potter." Came a snake like hiss from under a black hood.

"I…I…don't know any H Ha Harry … Potter."

"Stupid Muggle, Avada Kedarva."

A high-pitched scream escaped the terrified man before his lifeless body fell near the world's most feared wizard himself.

"Malfoy, Snape!" He bellowed with a distinct hissing sound.

Immediately two hooded and masked figures fell to their knees in front of their master. The remaining Death Eaters keeping their distance, afraid of angering the Master even further.

"If I remember correctly," Voldemort hissed, "it was you Lucius, who told me that POTTER would be HERE."


"Yes, Master, that is what I got from the documents at the Ministry." Malfoy pressed his palms flat to the ground, trying to make himself as small as possible. Groveling at his Master's feet.


"Yes, Master."

"Do you agree with Malfoy, that, that Potter, is really here?"

"I do not know Master."

"Big mistake Severus." Snape thought.

"Uhm, indeed."


"Yes Master."

"Yes Master."

"Yes Master."

Could be heard from all around as dark figures moved out of the shadows forming a circle around Voldemort.

"Oh, and Snape…this is for your ignorance. Crucio."

In his head he screamed…. "NOOOO" and as the pain seared through his body he gave into the darkness and relieve.

* * * * * *

Slowly Voldemort and the Death Eaters moved into Privet Drive, leaving Severus Snape lying on the cold pavement, as a lonely figure approached him, a whisper was carried with the wind.

"Oh Severus, I'm so sorry, but I must get Harry first. Be well my love."

* * * * * *

"NOOOOO…" He screamed, his hands pressed on his scar; his eyes shut tight, his mind willing away the images.

"He killed him, he killed him, and he's here. I have to get out of here?"

"Quit right."

Harry jumped, his hand still pressed to his forehead; swaying on his unsteady legs he starred in utter confusion at the figure near his window.

"Who, who are you?" he questioned.

"That, Harry, is of no importance right now. We have to hurry, for I don't know how long it will take before that 'snake' gets here."

It was a woman; Harry knew that from her voice. Why won't she show her face? Maybe she works for Voldemort.

He was jerked out of his daze as he felt hands gently grabbing his shoulders and two of the most violet eyes he had ever seen pierced his vivid green. Then he heard her gentle voice say his name.

"Harry, please, we must hurry."

He starred back into those pools of purple and calmed down, he could trust her, both his heart and mind were telling him so, why he did not know.

The strange woman had released him now, making him feel very lonely all of a sudden.

"Where are your wizard things Harry? We can't leave anything that reminds of the wizard world in this muggle house. Maybe if he can't find any references he will pass by."

"My trunk is downstairs in the cupboard."

"Cupboard?" The strange woman questioned?

"Yes, Uncle Vernon locks them up the minute I get out of school. He hates me… euh wizard stuff."

"Oh, does he now, I should have known this, typically Vernon." The lady mumbled which made Harry look up in confusion. Did this lady know Uncle Vernon? But before Harry could even think of asking, the lady had already opened his bedroom door and was examining the locks with a matching look of confusion and anger.

"Take what you must Harry, but hurry." With which she had disappeared down the hall.

Not having to be reminded twice, Harry sprang into action. He picked up Hedwig's cage and his birthday gift. The rest of the room wasn't his anyway. One last look around and he was out, down the stairs in lighting speed. When he heard his name coming from the kitchen, the mysterious lady was not to be seen. Cautiously he made his way towards the kitchen, where near the back door his trunk was hovering and the lady waiting. She hadn't seen him yet as she was intently looking at the back garden. She suddenly tensed and pressed herself against the wall, disappearing in the shadows. Harry fell to the ground and hid under the table, for he too had seen the black figure walking past the wind. Though it only lasted a few minutes, Harry felt like hours had passed when the lady finally opened the door and motioned him to follow.

Halfway through the garden the lady froze again, making Harry bump into her. He soon saw why and his throat tightened as three more figures stepped out of the shadows of the surrounding trees.

There white masks gleaming fiercely in the moonlight they watched him, the stiffening silence was broken by yelling and his forehead exploded in pain.

"My Lord, he's here."

And "Crucio."

Which one came first he would never know, as all his senses turned dark and he lost consciousness.

* * * * * * * * * * *

To be continued.