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Title: Untold Past, Unknown Future

Author: Dagmar De Meyer

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Untold Past, Unknown Future Esto Occultus Chapter 17

By Dagmar De Meyer

The red rays of the setting sun had been replaced by the pale blue light of the moon, which was slowly climbing the dark sky among the twinkling stars. Now that the clouds had drifted by, leaving the landscape a sparkling white, an icy cold fell upon the earth below. Hidden deep in the Scottish mountains, on a cliff, overlooking a huge lake, stood a castle, a truly magical castle, invisible for many, visible only to a few.

As darkness fell over the mountains and the castle, one by one behind the windows, torches and candles were lit.

Not far from the castle, a forest could be seen. It had large, looming trees, shielding and hiding many secrets...sometimes even dangerous ones.

* * * * * *

At the edge of this Forbidden Forest, a figure dressed in a black cloak sat on his knees in the snow. Head bowed, breath coming in gasps, as he tried to push back the tears building behind his closed eyelids. The naked eye, however, can be deceived, as there was not one boy but two. The other stood favouring one leg. No tears were in those brilliant emerald orbs, no emotions on that boyish face. But that could not be seen, for the second boy was invisible and he had no problem with that fact whatsoever.

* * * * * *

Soon the silence was broken by the sound of running feet. No effort was made to silence the approach. Fallen branches snapped under the weight of the running person as it came nearer.

Harry heard it first and whirled around, promptly falling on his butt, having forgotten his bad ankle. He let out a small "oomph" and mumbled angrily looking at the useless feet. Next to him, Draco's head snapped up as he too heard the approach of someone running through the woods. The panic in the blue eyes was clearly visible and his knuckles turned white as they clutched his wand.

Fearing Malfoy had returned, and not wanting Draco to face it alone yet again, Harry felt for his wand. As before, he couldn't find it. Where was it? Feeling his Gryffindor courage build, Harry stepped in front of Draco. He might be invisible, but he could still defend them. He hoped. A small chuckle escaped him. What a mess this was! Who would have thought he would ever stand up and defend a Malfoy? Ron would never believe him if he told him. The thought of his friend brought a different pain to his heart and he quickly pushed it away. That too would have to be dealt with, but not now. The sound grew nearer and Harry tensed, clenching his fists, not sure what he was going to do. Behind him, he heard a small whisper.


Before Harry could acknowledge Draco a dark figure burst through the bushes, and he came face to face with the pale face of his father. Dark obsidian eyes full of panic, soon disappeared as Severus looked right through Harry onto the figure of Draco Malfoy down on his knees, wand clutched between his fingers.

* * * * * *

The run across the field to the forest seemed endless and thoughts of Harry's dead body kept running through his head. 'Concentrate!' he scolded himself. This was not the time to panic. Soon, branches were whipping him in the face and he had to reduce his speed. Branches snapped under his feet and he knew he was far from being silent. All thoughts of stealth were forgotten as he made his way through the trees and bushes.

He was guessing as to where he had seen the figures from up in the castle, so still he kept going. Twisting and turning, he pushed himself through a large bush and froze.  There on the ground before him a boy sat on his knees, his wand pointed at his chest. It was not, however, the person he had expected, hoped, to see. Not those emerald green eyes that he had come to love so much staring back at him. No, a pair of sea blue filled with fear and panic, still strengthened by determination, looked him straight in the eye and didn't blink.


"Pr…Pro…Professor Snape," Draco stammered. Not his father, it was not his father. That was good. No, it wasn't. Snape was a Death Eater too. He had been told that time and time again. His professor would see, would ridicule him, would do like his father. He didn't want that… He had to get away… He couldn't be seen weak.

The panic and fear built in the boy before him. His breathing rate increased and Severus knew that the boy was starting to hyper ventilate. A part of his mind stared at the boy who looked nothing like the Slytherin-boy/Death-Eater-wannabe. This was a scared young child that had no idea what was happening.

'Is it time for him too? Already?' he questioned himself. Was it time for his Slytherins and countless others to enter into that monster's service? Sixteen. Draco would be sixteen in February. The mark was loosing its grip. Why hadn't he seen? He was loosing control...control over himself and his own emotions. He was furious with himself; he wasn't paying attention to the things around him.

The anger must have shown on his face, as Draco shrank away from him, ready to leap to his feet and run.

Slowly, he willed his mask back in place as he regarded the child before him. He couldn't leave him here. But what about Harry? Where was that boy?

His face neutral, Severus knelt down next to Draco, not too far, but not so close as to frighten the child even more. His eyes were on one child, his ears straining to pick up anything on the other. Now, how to handle this?!

The boy was shaking. What had happened here?

"Draco, what are you doing here?" A safe question and also the most logical one, he thought.

"No…nothing sir," Draco answered, his voice trembling slightly. His eyes darted from left to right, searching for something.

"Nothing, Mister Malfoy?" His voice was growing colder by the minute, he sighed. Maybe he hadn't lost all his control yet. "I would not call sitting on your knees in the Forbidden Forest in the dark 'nothing.' Who is here with you?"

" one sir."

"Hmm, …" He stared down hard at the boy. Something had happened, and Severus was going to find out what. The sooner he did, the sooner he could take Draco to see Dumbledore, and the sooner he could resume his search for Harry.

"I do not care for liars, Mr. Malfoy," he snapped, regretting it almost immediately when the boy cringed.

"I am alone sir…" Draco answered, not wanting Snape to know Harry was there too. "Although…"


"My father was here a few minutes ago," he whispered. He was not sure why he had said that, but somehow knew he had too.

"Lucius…" Snape repeated through clenched teeth.

"What did he want?" Too loud. Don't loose control again.

Snape sighed and looked hard at Draco.

"Come along, I'm taking you back to the castle."

"Yes, yes Sir."

Snape stood and brushed the sand and snow of his robes. Seeing that Draco was still sitting, he extended his arm and offered his hand. After much hesitation, Draco took it and let himself be pulled up.

Out of the corner of his eye, a purple flash got his attention. It took all his willpower not to turn towards the source and focus on Draco instead. He knew what that flash meant. He had seen it many times before from afar, but seen it nonetheless. So Harry was here...but then why couldn't he see him? The boy was invisible. Could it be his invisible cloak? No, he was sure Remus had been carrying it when they left them that morning. Then something else, but what? His hand movements hidden by the many layers of his cloak, Severus retrieved Harry's wand.

"Come along, Mr. Malfoy," Severus said while pushing Draco into the direction of the castle. Behind his back, he let the wand slowly slip from his fingers and drop on the frozen ground.

* * * * * *

As he watched the retreating forms of his father and Draco, Harry slowly bent over and picked up his wand. He felt strangely calm. The previous hours were still fresh in his memory, but no longer so overpowering. It was as if they were behind a glass door. He could see them and knew they were there, but he couldn't feel them anymore. Not a care in the world...a strange sensation for the Boy-Who-Lived, who for the last 5 years had carried the weight of the world on his shoulders. He wasn't drunk. No, he was lucid and knew exactly what he was doing and what was going on.

'This all started when Draco cast that spell!' Harry thought. That was it. The moment Draco had mumbled whatever spell it was, Harry went invisible. He needed to know that spell.

Forgetting about the pain in his ankle or the tingling of his hands and arms, Harry followed the two Slytherins back to the castle, unaware of the sigh of relief his father released as he saw the violet glowing light follow at a distance.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

To be continued

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