So this is the last chappie for anyone who is still reading. Mistakes made in New Moon will be up in about a month or so. I just need to watch the movie again. Enjoy these last mistakes.

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Chapter 7 - Movie Mistakes 61-73

61. When Alice stops the baseball game by saying "stop!" Jasper is standing together with Esme and Bella, but before he was in the field (we never saw him returning to the homebase).

62. In the green house scene, the two girls right in front of Bella have dark hair, and then after she trips it pans out to show a girl wearing a hat and pink shirt

63. In multiple scenes in the forest you can see Edward's "breath" - but being a vampire, he should be cold, hence his body should not be expelling water in his breath warm enough to condense into fog in the cold weather

64. When Edward and Bella ride up to the baseball game in the jeep, they make one set of tracks on the ground. When they're rushing to leave, the shot shows that there are actually two sets of tracks running almost perfectly inside each other.

65. In the scene where Bella and Jessica are outside enjoying the strangely sunny day, there's a boy in a brown shirt sitting in a table behind them. As they are talking, that boy remains seated, but when the shot changes from a close-up of Bella to a two-shot, the boy is suddenly standing up

66. In the baseball scene, when the nomad vampires appear, you can see the rim of Laurent's contact lenses in close-up shots.

67. When Mr. Molina pours the glass of 'compost tea' on the school trip, the amount in the glass lowers between shots - with no time to have poured any of it out.

68. In the scene where Edward asks Rosalie and Esem to wear Bella's clothes, Rosalie has Bella's coat on her lap, but in the next shot it is on the counter next to her, with no time for it to have gotten there.

69. In the scene Edward comes into Bella's room and kisses her, Bella is at first wearing sweatpants. Then she is wearing shorts instead when they kiss

70. When Bella and Edward are identifying the different stages of mitosis (prophase, metaphase, anaphase) in the lab is not possible given the position of the microscope lens in relation to the microscope stage. The lens is positioned too far from the stage for an image of the nucleus to be correctly focused in the ocular.

71. In the ballet studio fight scene, Bella grasps an injured right leg with her left hand. When Bella is in the hospital, the cast is obviously on the left leg which is under the blanket-the silhouette of the leg is straight and much larger than the right leg, which is thinner, flexed and has skin exposed at an area which would have been covered had it been in a bandage or cast. But when she and Edward go to prom, the injured leg is again the right leg, which is in a cast

72. In the driving scene after Bella leaves her father to run from James, Edward appears on the side of her truck. Although the truck is moving, Edward's hair remains stationary.

73. When Victoria is leading the police and dogs on a chase eastward, she leaves her bare footprint on a mound of dirt, and her foot is pointed forward. When Charlie catches up and inspects the footprint, it is pointed at an angle

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