For BethBecker.

Because she loves to nag.

It was a normal day at the ARC.



Who are we kidding?

It was NOT a normal day at the ARC.

Firstly, because there was no reason for them to be there-

I don't know why but you know,

bear with me.

I'm not able to make everything sound realistic!

I just needed it to be a not-normal day at the ARC.

You'll understand when you read the next line.

Secondly, because there had been a mass invasion of Primeval fans.

How it happened?

Interesting story actually.

A young attractive University Student's (Yeah I'm going to brag that I got in. Sue me!) over imaginative mind.

That's right.

It's my fault.

(If I didn't make it clear - I got into the university I chose!)

But yeah.

*sheepishly smiles*

Sorry about that.

*It changes to an evil grin*

(Imagine red smoke and devil horns)

Yeah, yeah, I know. I'm meant to be updating my other two Primeval fics and my one other in prgress fic.

But *shhh*

This is silly and simple to update! - and it will be undated pretty much daily I think!

*crosses fingers*

If you leave a review and let me know what you would so if you were at the ARC I'd be glad to include you!

Yes, you know where this is going!