Hey! Before I Start this story let me explain something's…
Bella has NO INVOLMENT IN TWILIGHT! I'm only using the character, not the story line.
Bella is a mythical being called a Nixie.

Nixie (Nix)-
A water being, half human, half fish that lives in a beautiful underwater palace and mingles with humans by assuming a variety of physical forms (e.g., that of a fair maiden or an old woman) or by making itself invisible.
One of three attributes may betray the disguises of nixies: they are music lovers and excellent dancers, and they have the gift of premonition.
Usually malevolent, a nix can be easily propitiated with gifts. In some regions, nixes are said to lure people into deep water to drown.
If they find love with a being on land they receive a soul.

Also I altered this:
Nixes where often hunted for their tears. If you get hold of a nix tear you get 1 wish. Anything you want.
Because of the ever decreasing number of nixes they have evolved so that females can bear children with any being. Human or otherwise.

This story starts of where season 2 ended.
Stefan gone with Klaus.
Damon alive.
Jeremy seeing ghosts.
Jenna dead :(

With Stefan gone and no way to fight of the hybrid Klaus Elena is just about ready to give up.
Until Bella, the mischievous Nixie pop's up one day in her living room. Literally.
After researching the ever disappearing Bella they realise she is the only way to get Stefan back.
Even with Damon Being Difficult No One Can Resist a Nixie.
Follow Bella on her journey to find her one true love and find a place where she finally belongs.
And Follow Elena On Her Journey Back To Her True Love.
DamonXBella, ElenaXStefan