A/N So this is my first FanFic. I hope you all enjoy it. We start off with Sonny joining the cast of So Random and then the cast of So Random along with Chad Dylan Cooper are sent to do shows from all around the world. The first few chapters will be in Australia.

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For the purpose of this Story Sonny is 18 years old...

Chapter One: The Beginning


Sonny Monroe has moved to Hollywood to star in the hit TV show "So Random". She has enjoyed this TV show for a number of years and it is an honour for her to be on the show, however things are not as they seem to be…

On her first day in Hollywood Sonny arrives off the plane. The Condor studios have organised a chauffeur to pick Sonny up and take her to the studio.

When she arrives at the studio Sonny is greeted by Marshall Pike, the Executive Producer of So Random. He takes Sonny to the Prop House to meet her new cast. They all like her straight away except for Tawni Hart.

Tawni is very upset to have another girl on the show (secretly she feels threatened because Sonny is both pretty and funny and Tawni is known for being pretty).

Tawni and Sonny eventually become good friends along with the rest of the So Random cast.

After being given an official tour of the studios Sonny decides to go and explore by herself. She meets teen heart throb Chad Dylan Cooper.

Chad is an arrogant superstar on rival TV show Mackenzie Falls. Mackenzie Falls is the number one tween show. After the Falls cast meet Sonny, all of them except for Chad are worried that having Sonny on So Random might cause the Falls to go to number 2.

***Sonny POV***

I was wandering around the studios, getting used to the place and you will never guess who I ran into …. Chad Dylan Cooper…

"Oh my Gosh, you are Chad Dylan Cooper" I screamed. Man I feel like such a fan girl I thought to myself.

"Yes I am and you are?" Chad replied.

"Hi, I'm Sonny, I just joined So Random" I informed him

"Well then, I am off to go and make some Falls magic" he said in his usual arrogant style.

I kept wandering around the studios, met some other actors off other shows, got some Fro Yo from the machine and then went back to the prop house to hang out with my cast.

***Chad POV***

So I was in the cafeteria getting some Fro Yo when I ran into a pretty girl (oh Chad did you just say that). I was hoping she was going to be a new love interest for Mack on the Falls, but no luck. She is one of those filthy Randoms. Scum of the earth type people.

"Oh my Gosh, you are Chad Dylan Cooper" the girl said. Boy I am sick of people recognising me and making a big deal. Sure, I am the star of the number one tween TV show but this being a celebrity thing gets old.

"Yes I am and you are?" I asked her. Curious to find out if she was going to be Mack's next girlfriend?

"I'm Sonny, I just joined So Random" she informed me… Oh Gosh, did she have to ruin what could have been a friendship. I would potentially be friends with her if she was on any show but So Random but no, she has to be a flamin Random…

***Sonny POV***

Back in the prop house Marshall came in with some really exciting news.

"Guys, take a seat, I have some news to tell you all" Marshall told us.

"Mr Condor just informed me that Condor studios have organised for So Random to tour and do shows in Australia" he added.

Oh my Gosh I thought. I have always wanted to go to Australia. This so exciting, I cannot wait…

I grabbed my new cell phone and I rang my Mommy.





"Hello" Mom answered.

"Hi Mom, Marshall, our producer just gave us some really exciting news" I told her.

"What would that be sweetie" she asked.

"So Random will be touring and doing some shows in Australia" I informed her.

"Goodness me Sonny, that is great. Can't wait to see the show sweetie".

"Anyway Mommy I better go now but it is great, I have always wanted to go to Australia".

"Well darling, good luck. I love you" she said.

"Love you too Mommy".

This is going to be so exciting I thought to myself. HOLD THE PHONE… I just realised I have a good friend in Australia. I better give him a call. It's 2:30PM here in LA so it must be about 7.30AM in Eastern Australia where my friend lives.




"Hello Sonny" Robbie answered.

"Hey Robbie, Good morning, I have some awesome news for you"

"What would that be dear?"

"You know that I got the job at So Random, right?"

"Yes Sonny, I do know that".

"Well our executive producer just informed us, that we will be going to Australia to shoot the next few shows".

"Oh my goodness Sonny, that is awesome. Will you be coming to visit me?"

"Well Rob, that the other good news, We will also be touring Australia and I am hoping to go and see you on the way".

"Well Sonny that is great. I have not seen you since I last went to Wisconsin. That has been what? 2 ½ years now?"

"I know dude, I can't wait to see your wonderful country. You have told me so much about it".

"Well Son I have some work to do on the farm but I can't wait for you to come here. Talk to you soon my dear"

"See you soon Rob".

The rest of the cast heard me talking to Rob and were curious who he was…

"Who was that?" asked Tawni

"That was just my good friend from Australia, Rob"

"How do you know him"?

"Well, Rob came to the USA a number of years ago and my parents offered to house him whilst he was in Wisconsin. And ever since then we have been really good friends. Rob is a couple years older than me but he is a great guy".

***Tawni POV***

Oh my Gosh, I have never heard of this Australia, yet Sonny knows someone from that place and apparently has wanted to go there for years. This is so strange.

Sonny knows a 20 year old guy from this weird sounding country. I am going to have to find a bit out about this place.

***Sonny POV***

Wow Tawni was taking the news that I know Rob pretty hard. Rob is a great friend and I cannot wait for all my cast to meet him.

"Can the cast of So Random please meet in Mr Condor's office at once" came over the loud speakers.

We all hurried to Mr Condor's office hoping not to get fired.

"Thank you all for coming. I have some news for all of you". He said.

"Marshall has told me that you all know about the show going to Australia. Well this meeting is to tell you all more about that trip".

"Whilst Marshall was telling you the news, I was on the phone to someone in Australia who is going to meet you at Sydney Airport when you arrive. His name is Rob. I believe he is friends with Sonny here. Rob will be your guide for the entire time you are in his country".

"Rob will tell you all about the country when you arrive. There is a lot of information you need to know".

"Oh and before I let you go, there is one more surprise".

"Come in Chad" he said.

"Chad Dylan Cooper will be joining you all on the trip" Condor said.

We all expressed a big groan. The thing about Mr Condor is that although he gives you great places to visit, there is always a nasty catch.

***Chad POV***

Condor called me into his office before the Randoms. He told me that I have to go to Australia with them or lose my job. So I said to him.

"Ok Sir. That is fine Mr Condor Sir".

Next minute there was a call for the Randoms to go to his office. I was waiting outside his office and he called me in. He then told the Randoms that they would have to go to Australia with me. I laughed in my head as they all groaned about having to put up with me.

***Sonny POV***

After we left Mr Condors office my phone rang.

"Hello this is Sonny" I said without looking at the Caller ID.

"Hello Sonny this is Robbie" the voice on the other end said.

"Hey my good friend. What are you calling me for?"

"Well I believe that you have heard some other news involving me and your trip to Australia…"

"Yeah the head of our studio just told us all that you will be meeting us at Sydney airport and giving us the tour"

"Well Son he has not given you all the info. Yes we had planned to meet you guys at Sydney Airport but then we changed it. I will be flying to LA very soon and meeting you all at the studios and we will be flying to Australia together. What's more is that you and I will be sitting together. We will have a lot of time to catch up".

"Well that is amazing Rob. Would be great to have 15 hours to catch up with you before landing in your country"

"Indeed Sonny. Now just so you know, when you rang me and told me that you were coming, I already knew of course, because Mr Condor was organising it with me. But he made me keep my mouth shut until he told you".

"That's fine Robbie. I know you would never deliberately do that to me".

"Also Sonny, I have organised a few media events for you all to attend. You will be also meeting our Prime Minister and Opposition Leader, you will be meeting our Governor General and the Queen herself will be talking to you live from Britain through a video link up". Rob said.

"I have also organised for you to meet with State Government ministers as you guys visit each state, you will be meeting the Archbishop of Sydney who is very excited to meet you all. He is a wonderful bloke and I think you will like him very much". He added

"Wow, Robbie, that sounds very busy, does not sound like we will get much time to relax and enjoy your country. But it will still be so much fun".

"Yeah Sonny you will still get a chance to enjoy everything Aussie. I have organised quite a tour for you. We will catch coaches, planes and even drive our way around the country. You guys will even be coming out to my farm to see what life on the Aussie Land is like".

"Oh my Goodness Robbie, that is amazing, well Robbie I have to go now but I will talk to you soon OK"

"Ok then Son. See you soon"

***Robbie POV***
Sonny is an amazing friend. I cannot wait to see her again. We talk a lot but we only get to see each other when I go to the States. Hopefully she will come over to Aussie more so we can see each other even more. The farm does not make enough money for me to go over there too often.

Boy I have been so busy organising their trip. Condor only gave me a few days' notice and they will be heading here soon.

***Sonny POV***

Wow it is finally the day… Robbie arrived at my apartment last night and stayed in our guest room, We are leaving to go to Australia in about half an hour. I am so excited.

Robbie has told me secretly some of the awesome stuff he has planned. It will all remain a secret for the rest of the cast though because, well they are not good friends with Robbie.

The limo is now here taking Robbie and I to the Los Angeles Airport. Robbie must be so excited to be treated this well. He has a rusty old pickup truck for the farm and never flies first class…

***Robbie POV***

Wow this is the life, I am normally up to my waist in dirt, and stuff, driving around in an old ute or as you Americans say "Pickup truck" and I have a small house that needs a lot of work to it and yet these Hollywood people get so much.

Well time to enjoy it whilst it lasts, although that Condor fellow insisted on paying me some serious cash. I usually have to work about 6 months to earn the sort of cash he is insisting on paying me.

With that I might be able to upgrade the Ute, some machinery and even my house. Boy that would be nice.

So the limo has just pulled up and Sonny and I are about to enter it to head to LAX Airport.

***Sonny POV***

Because Robbie stayed at my house last night we were going to the Airport together. My Goodness, Robbie is very shocked at how we live in Hollywood. He was excited about our free drinks in the limo, the sizes of the buildings and even the sizes of some houses. We went past Chads house and he was really shocked.

"Why don't you live in a big house Sonny" he enquired.

"Well Rob we got this apartment just before moving to Hollywood and just have stayed here ever since. I love it though. No reason to move into a bigger house when there is no need to.

"Well that's good Sonny. Good to see my humble little Sonny has not changed because of her high profile job"

"Well Robbie you know my parents, they always taught me never to take things for granted and to be humble. I even want to help out some Charities whilst I am here"/

"Well Son I am glad to hear that. Lets hope you can inspire other teens to be so amazing".

We arrived at the airport and Rob had to check that everyone was here so he checked off a roll.

"Ok Everyone, Condor Studios wants me to make sure you are all here"

Rob called out everyone's names and they all replied they were here.

"Ok guys follow me into the airport to head to the plane".

We all followed Rob and I was next to him talking.

Next minute we were all on the plane and strapping ourselves in.

The lady started talking "Welcome to this QANTAS flight. Thank you all for choosing QANTAS today. This flight will depart Los Angeles in a few minutes and will land in Sydney, Australia in about 14 and a half hours time. When we arrive in Sydney it will be around 2:30pm. Your luggage can be collected from the second floor of the Sydney International Airport. If you have to catch a connecting flight please check in to that flight at the check in desk and wait for it to arrive"

She then went through the safety procedures and then the plane was up in the air.

"So Robbie, how is your farm going?"

"Very well thanks Sonny. We are having a great crop growth this year so I will have the best harvest I have had for over 10 years"

"Oh that's right your country experienced a severe drought over the last 10 years right?"

"Yeah Sonny that is right. Finally at the end of last year and all of this year we have had great rain which means that my crops are doing really well. The cattle are doing great as well. Sadly I won't be getting a profit this year but I will be able to sell all of my crops and cattle which will cause me to pay off a lot of debts".

"That's great Rob. Glad to hear things are starting to work out again. Are your brothers still on the farm with you?"

"Yeah Sonny they still are. Because of the state of the farm their wives have gotten jobs which is helping to pay off the debt".

"Attention Passengers this is your pilot speaking, we are having a bit of trouble with the aircraft. We need to make an emergency landing otherwise we will all descend into the ocean. We will keep you updated as further information comes to hand" Said the Pilot.

"Oh my Goodness Robbie, that sounds bad"

We looked out the window and the plane was descending rapidly and flying all over the place.

"Time to Pray Robbie Boy" I said to him.

We said a quick prayer and await the results.

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