Hey guys, so this is my first fan fic here, so comments and feedback are appreciated. ^^

Note: All characters in this story are not real, but some are. I'd like to give credit to Xyos and Will for giving me permission to use their characters. Thankies guys ^^

Note 2 (lolz): The whole story and everything is original.

Lastly, I hope you guys enjoy this story. I've been writing it down in a tablet. It's not completely finished, but I figured I should put something up. ^^

Chapter 1: Nadia

She stared out at the sunset, her chocolate locks blowing in the soft breeze. She sat on an old battered roof, which had lost its deep crimson tint, due to too much sunlight.

"Nadia, dinner's ready!" a loud, yet calming voice called from the ground floor of the small, old house. Nadia Lin. She was an average fifteen-year old girl, but had her interesting little quarks here and there. She wasn't too bad looking, with dark brown hair that was very wavy, thick, and about shoulder length. It complemented her semi petite body nicely. She had wild eyes, glowing a golden yellow color. She wore glasses and had a retainer, but never kept the metal accessory in her mouth. (Just like me. XD) Her looks and personality didn't really match though. She had a kind and sweet side, but she wasn't that type of girl that frets over her looks and clothes. She was pretty much a tomboy. She loved sports and playing video games. She wasn't "as delicate as a flower" like most people thought, in fact, she was just the opposite. She did not want to change what she was, and nothing and nobody could get her to think otherwise.

The brunette climbed back inside through the window, which led into her room. She studied the lavender walls of her bedroom. It had been her bedroom since childhood. She sighed as she walked down the cleared pathway, formed by boxes stacked and pushed to the side. She was at the top of the steps, now observing the nearly empty house. She imagined it with all their furniture filling the vacant home, playing back memories in her mind. The teen slid down the railing and made her way to the kitchen, where her family was awaiting.

Nadia was near tears as she dashed up the stairs and slammed the door to her room. This was her home since she was just an infant. Leaving it behind didn't seem right, but of course, her family thought differently. Anger and sadness took over her body as she argued fiercely with her loved ones, hoping she could convince them to see her way. Nadia didn't want to start over. She was happy right here. Moving would be like taking a part of her away.

Tears ran down her warm cheeks, dripping onto the floor. Her body lay limp on the cool, hardwood flooring. She gently closed her eyes, trying to fill her head with positives about her current situation. Sadly, she couldn't think of anything. She had led such a happy life in her hometown of Corulaj. It had been a small town, but she felt it was perfect for her fairly small family.

Within twenty minutes, the fifteen-year old girl was out cold, her soft breath reflecting off of the floor. All was dark, but there was a bright light far out into the distance. Was she dreaming? In her current state, it was hard to tell if reality was just a dream, or her dream a reality.

Well, there ya have it! Chapter one of my original story, "Changing Fate" I hope to have more up soon! Well, bai bai for now!