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Please enjoy Chapter 5 of Changing Fate!

Chapter 5: Xyos

Nadia drifted back to sleep soon after the 'incident' so to speak. She still wondered who that boy was.. And also what had just happened. She wondered if that would be the fate of her new home and the town that surrounded it. 'No one deserves that..' the young girl thought. The brunette had awoken a few hours later to the sound of the door bell. The teen dragged herself out of bed, her hair all knotty and frizzed out. In her black tank top and red plaid patterned pajama pants, she proceeded towards the front door. As Nadia opened the door, she was a little surprised to see a woman standing there. The woman was an older woman, about in her early 60's. She had long, faded black hair and was a little shorter than she. She had golden skin, and stood there with a greeting smile on her face. 'Must be one of the neighbors..' the teen thought. "Hello dear, we just wanted to stop by and welcome our new neighbors to this little town." The woman said in her raspy yet kind voice. "Uh... We?" The teen replied, a bit confused as the woman stood there, alone. Nadia scratched her head. "Oh, I apologize, dear. Hold tight for just a minute." The woman walked out of the doorway for a moment. She returned with a tall young man in a short time. Nadia studied the boy. He was a bit taller than she, but her figure was slightly thinner than his. He, though, had some muscle on him. His eyes were a dark, deep red color. His shoulder length jet black hair rustled a little in the soft breeze behind them. Nadia came to the realization that he was the figure from one of the dreams. He matched the description of the shadowed silhouette floating in front of the portal. The woman smiled. "We are the Fireldi's. I'm Mileena, but please, call me Mrs. Fireldi." She turned a little towards the boy and patted his shoulder gently. "This here, is my son, Xyos." Xyos gave a small wave and shot a look at his mother. The expression on his face signaled that he was forced to be here. "Well, we just wanted to welcome you to Terunia. If you ever need anything, we live right down the road." She gave a farewell smile and wave. "Have a good day" the welcoming, raspy voice said as she and the boy walked down the rocky driveway. Nadia closed the door quietly to avoid waking her family. Xyos. He had to be the figure from her dream. The physical appearances were identical. If it was him.. Then why the Hell was she dreaming about him? She was certain that the dreams were connected. How they were connected.. She hadn't the slightest idea...

End of Chapie 5. ^^

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