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When I finally stopped worrying about perfection,

the pieces started to fall into place.

-3 months later-

"I've seen the way you look at him!" Kiba yelled.

Sasuke was in his room and he could hear every word even with the two offices and the half bathroom between the two bedrooms. He tried not to overhear as he changed, but it was difficult not to. They probably hadn't noticed that he'd arrived.

"Not this again! I look at him like I look at anybody else. What is your problem?" Naruto asked also yelling.

Sasuke heard a door slam and another follow after that. Kiba's heavy steps thudded down the hall.

"Whatever Naruto. I go off to work while both of you stay here alone. Who knows what you get up to." He accused.

Now Sasuke could hear them even clearer as they were closer to his room in their office. They were obviously talking about him. Kiba had probably come home to find him and Naruto asleep together on the couch after watching a late movie one too many times.

"He's not even gay, Kiba!" Naruto said. "Plus, we both work at home. We actually have jobs. Just because we do them from home doesn't mean we don't do anything." Naruto sounded furious.

Sasuke only went into the main office once a month. Ever since Karin had left him he'd taken an at home position. He guiltily rubbed his face. He looked at the bed where there was a bag full of movies. He'd gone to replace some of the dvds that Naruto had damaged. They were mostly scratched from too much use. He thought it probably wasn't the best time to give them to Naruto.

"Yeah well what about last week?" Kiba asked.

Sasuke remembered that. They were both over worked and stressed out. They decided to play hookie. They'd gone up to the pool on the roof and had come down for lunch. The apartment was too cold so they'd eaten on the balcony. The warm sun had made them sleepy. That was another time Kiba had found them asleep together and this time in only their shorts. It was all completely innocent. Sasuke would back Naruto up, but he wasn't sure his presence would help matters.

"Oh my God. Really?" Naruto asked. "You really need me to go through that again? We went for a swim. We had some food. We fell asleep. What do you think goes on while you're gone?" Naruto asked.

"I'm sorry if this all seems too familiar to me, Naruto. I can't do this anymore. Not when I feel like this all the time." Kiba said.

Sasuke barely heard the last part. It was said too quietly, too calmly. Sasuke closed his eyes to hear a bit better.

"What are you saying?" Naruto asked.

"I'm saying that it's over, Naruto. I can't be with somebody I don't trust." Kiba said and opened the office door.

Sasuke gritted his teeth; it was all his fault. He should have kept his distance. If he hadn't been so heartbroken and lonely for some company, Naruto would never have tried to get close to him. If he hadn't needed somebody so bad, Naruto wouldn't be fighting with his boyfriend. Sasuke got up and paced in front of the door debating whether he should speak up or not.

"I haven't done a damn thing, Kiba. Just because you cheated you expect me to do the same! Well, I'm not like you. I wouldn't cheat on you. I wouldn't hurt you that way." Naruto said and followed Kiba into the living room where Kiba was gathering the small things that belonged to him.

"I'm moving out." Kiba said.

"Can't we talk about this?" Naruto asked.

Sasuke hated to hear that sound in Naruto's voice. He sounded so small, so weak and so close to begging.

"Kiba?" Naruto asked and the fist signs of a sniffle showed. "Don't you love me anymore?" He asked and again there was no answer.

"I'll pick up my stuff next weekend." Kiba said and the front door slammed shut.

Sasuke shook his head. He grabbed the bag of movies and walked out of the room. Naruto was kneeling on the carpet crying quietly. Sasuke kneeled next to him and pulled him into a hug. Naruto dove into the hug and cried against Sasuke's shirt. His shoulders shook with each sob and Sasuke didn't know if he could stop himself from hurting Kiba the next time he came around.

-3 weeks later-

Sasuke managed not to rip Kiba an new face, mostly because he'd been out when he'd been by for his things. Naruto had been sleeping in the living room since the day Kiba had left.

Sasuke walked out of his office and noticed Naruto was already laying on the couch. "Hungry?" Sasuke asked as he walked past Naruto and into the kitchen.

Naruto shook his head and continued to stare at the television.

Sasuke went into the kitchen and steeled himself. He was going to try and cook. Sasuke put on the apron Naruto wore when in the kitchen. It said 'kiss the cook' and Sasuke thought it was only a ploy to make Kiba kiss him every time he walked past him. Sasuke tied it on and began to pull out ingredients. He was going to try and bake a cake. Try was the important word.

Naruto smelled something strange coming from the kitchen. He wanted to stay in his rut, but somehow burning in the apartment wasn't his idea of wallowing in his sorrows. He got up and went into the kitchen. Sasuke's face was streaked with batter. His hair had plenty of flour in it and the entire kitchen was a mess. The counters were covered in egg splatter and egg shells. Sasuke was staring at the topmost oven.

Naruto laughed weakly. His eyes were red an puffy, but he still managed to smile. "What are you doing?" He asked.

Sasuke had his hands on his waist; both were covered in oven mitts. "Baking a chocolate cake." Sasuke said with doubt.

"You're allergic to chocolate." Naruto said and dared to step into the kitchen. The floor had more egg whites. "What happened to the floor?"

"White chocolate cake." Sasuke clarified. "I can have white chocolate." He said and finally looked away from the oven and around the floor. "I was trying to get the yellow part out of the egg. It took a few tries."

Naruto looked at the egg carton on the counter. "I see." Naruto smiled at Sasuke. "Were you baking it for me?" He asked.

Sasuke shrugged. He walked up to Naruto and patted his back. "You cheered me up after Karin left. I thought I should do the same." Sasuke said.

Naruto looked down at Sasuke's apron. "Kiss the cook." He read quietly and smirked. "You know what cheers me up?" Naruto asked a little louder as he leaned forward. He was nowhere near as attractive as he wished he was at the moment. His skin was oily from where he'd avoided washing for days. His hair was matted down in it's own oil, dirt and gel he hadn't washed out. Naruto's usually bright blue eyes were small due to the swelling in the lids from too much crying. They were also red from too much crying which stole away from their splendor. His nose was runny and his lips were dry.

"Teasing your straight roommate?" Sasuke asked and crossed his arms.

"Yes." Naruto said and leaned on the fridge door. "It's been harder and harder to do lately." Naruto said.

"I've gotten used to your teasing." Sasuke said and went back to the oven. "Does this even look right?" He asked.

Naruto walked up behind him and looked at the pan. The cake looked better than he'd expected. "So far." Naruto said. "Stop staring at it. Let's clean this kitchen up." Naruto reached for the trashcan and started picking up.

The cake hadn't been that good. Sasuke could admit that, but they'd eaten it anyways. Sasuke sat on the floor while Naruto laid on the couch. "I need a shower." Sasuke said. The batter had dried on his face. It felt hard and crusty.

"No. I need a shower." Naruto said and sat up. He stood up when Sasuke did and stretched.

"You do." Sasuke said and smirked. "You started smelling a few days ago." Sasuke teased.

"Kiba took my soap too." Naruto said.

"I have extra stuff." Sasuke said and started walking over to his room. "Come. I'll give you some stuff for your bathroom."

Naruto agreed, but he had his doubts about going into his room. He didn't want to see the empty bed. "I just realized that I've never been in your room. I've never even seen the inside of it." Naruto said.

"It's nothing special." Sasuke said as he pulled open his door. His large bed was covered in a dark navy blue comforter. He had a lot of dirty clothes littering the floor, which he kicked aside as he entered the room. "Sorry for the mess." Sasuke said and pulled open his bathroom. It was the only thing he kept in pristine condition.

"I half expected you to be a neat freak. The apartment was so clean when we moved in." Naruto said as he looked at the papers spread through out the tables in the room and the different satchels everywhere. Sasuke's closet door was open and his shoes were all over the floor in there as well.

"Karin was the neat freak." Sasuke said as he grabbed a new bar of soap and some shampoo and conditioner from under the sink. "That's another thing she hated about me. I went back to my old ways as soon as she was out of my life." Sasuke explained as he handed over the supplies to Naruto.

"Sasuke, do you think I could use your bathroom?" He asked.

"My bathroom? What's wrong with yours?" He asked concerned. He'd probably have to call the landlord if something was wrong. Then he remembered how he felt about that room after Karin had left. He recalled how only the sight of the door had had him in tears the next day. Sasuke noted that Naruto had probably been sleeping in the living room for the same reason. "Umm, yeah you can use mine." Sasuke answered before Naruto had to explain himself.

Naruto looked at Sasuke. "Thanks." He said and walked into the bathroom. He didn't have any clothes to wear, but he thought he could manage a quick trip into his room for clothes than back out without breaking down.

When Naruto came out of the bathroom Sasuke was asleep over the covers on the bed. He noticed a change of clothes for Naruto was laid out. It was his own clothes. Sasuke must have gone into his room for them. Naruto also saw his pillow and blanket laid out on the opposite side of the bed. He smiled and patted himself dry. He changed into his clothes and hesitantly sat on the bed. He laid his head on the pillow and pulled the blanket over him. He looked at Sasuke and thought he should probably wake him. He was still covered in batter and it was bound to get cold in the night.

Naruto yawned and thought Sasuke looked too sweet sleeping to be woken. He pulled his own blanket across the bed until it was over Sasuke. He moved a little bit closer and shut his eyes to get some sleep.

Sasuke woke up to the most comfortable feeling in the world. He was being hugged tightly from behind. There was a warm body pressed completely against him from back to hips. Between his thighs there was a warmer one snuggled up high. Sasuke delighted in the feeling until he felt something hard between him and the other person. He recognized what it was almost instantly when he realized it had to be Naruto in the bed with him.

Sasuke tried to ease out of the hug, but Naruto was clamped on tight. He wiggled forward and only managed to bring Naruto with him and have the other man snuggle closer if that was even possible. There were a few discreet thrusts that Sasuke didn't feel comfortable with. "Uh, Naruto?" He said groggily.

"Mmm?" Naruto whispered in question and pushed his face into Sasuke's hair. Naruto wound his hand around Sasuke's hips and reached between his legs.

"Woah! Off! Off! Get off!" Sasuke yelled as he tried to get out of Naruto's hug. He wound up on the floor after smacking his head on the side table. "Ooooow!" Sasuke groaned as he landed on his back. He reached for the ache on his head and hissed. "I'm bleeding." He complained as he pulled his hand away and looked at it. Sasuke sat up and looked up at Naruto. He was crying.

"I'm sorry." Naruto mumbled and tried to wipe the tears away. "I thought- I thought you were-" Naruto wiped his face again as the fat tears kept rolling down his cheeks.

Sasuke knew exactly what Naruto had thought. "It's alright, Naruto." Sasuke said as he took a seat next to him. He pulled him into a hug and let him cry even though his head and back were aching from the fall.

-1 month later-

Sasuke laid on his front. He was wrapped up in his comforter while Naruto laid on his back in his own comforter. They'd resolved their previous fumble by tucking a row of pillows between them.

"I've never." Sasuke insisted.

"You must have. At least once." Naruto insisted.

Sasuke chuckled. "I'm sorry, but I've never kissed another man." Sasuke said.

"Then how do you know you're not gay?" Naruto asked.

"Bodily reactions are usually enough." Sasuke replied.

"That doesn't mean anything." Naruto said.

"Well it means a lot when it matters." Sasuke smirked and looked over at Naruto.

"Pervert. Anybody can get anybody hard. It's about more than that. You've never even thought of kissing another man?" Naruto asked and turned on his side to face Sasuke.

"Not anybody." Sasuke defended. "I've thought about it." Sasuke confessed. "It's just never gone beyond thinking."

"So what made you curious?" Naruto asked.

Sasuke blushed. He would have looked away, but he held his position. "I uh, walked in on you and Kiba in the kitchen once." Sasuke shrugged. "You were both kissing. It wasn't demanding or overwhelming. It just seemed sweet and meaningful. It completely broke the stereotype I'd imagined. I wondered after that if love was the same between man and a woman as it was between two men." Sasuke looked down at the blankets and picked at the threads. "Then I had a dream."

Naruto smiled. "I think it's the same." He said. "My heart ached for him. I wanted him to be happy. I wanted no harm to come to him. He made my stomach clench in delight and my heart stop sometimes. I think that's the same love."

Sasuke chuckled. "'The love that dare not speak its name'." He whispered. "I felt the same for Karin. I wanted her to be happy regardless of the cost to me."

Naruto sighed and his eyes watered. It was the nightly meeting of the broken hearts club in that room. Sasuke touched Naruto's cheek. "Don't cry again okay?" Sasuke whispered and smiled reassuringly.

"I won't." Naruto replied and moved closer to the warm hand that touched his face.

Sasuke pulled his hand away after Naruto had shut his eyes. He slipped his arm back under the blankets and tried to sleep. That night he dreamed of Naruto.

Without any effort, without any lies or farces love started to bloom.

Sasuke woke up and smelled breakfast cooking. They'd been living on microwave biscuits and sausage patties since Kiba had gone. Sasuke kicked the blankets away and rushed into the bathroom. He wondered what Naruto was going to make.

Naruto had a pan full of fluffy eggs going. There was another one with sizzling bacon and finally in the oven Sasuke could see some biscuits fluffing up. He could tell they weren't from a can. He took in a breath. "That smells delicious." He said.

Naruto turned around and grinned. "I thought it was about time we gave the microwave a break." He said and started serving up a their plates after shutting off the stove.

Sasuke took his share and looked at Naruto's apron. "I just might." He said as he left to the round breakfast table. Naruto joined him with a plate of food and a basket full of biscuits.

"You just might?" Naruto asked as he slid in next to Sasuke.

"Kiss the cook." Sasuke said as he reached for his fork.

Naruto blushed and tried to go on eating without having the thought conjure up an image in his head.

-2 months later-

Sasuke felt like they'd been circling each other for months. Naruto would say something suggestive and Sasuke would joke. Sasuke would tease and Naruto would laugh while touching him lightly. It had gone on long enough. Sasuke thought he'd reached past the point of mere curiosity. He laid in bed with Naruto next to him. Their usual nighttime conversation had yet to begin. It was his turn to ask the question.

"When we met," Sasuke began. "did you find me attractive?" He asked.

Naruto thought. "I thought you were a little mean." He said honestly. "I thought for sure you wouldn't call me."

"That wasn't the question." Sasuke said determined not to be derailed.

Naruto shrugged. "You know you're handsome. Why do you need me to confirm it?" Naruto said and sat up. He leaned on the headrest and tugged the blanket up high on his shoulders.

"I know I think I'm handsome. I want to know if you agree." Sasuke said.

Naruto braved the question like he did all else. "Fine. You win. Yes, I thought you were hot." Naruto pouted.

"How hot?" Sasuke asked once again falling into the teasing they'd become comfortable with lately.

Naruto looked at Sasuke and laughed. "Really hot." He said. "I even joked to Kiba about asking you to join us. He said no and come to think of it that might have been where he got his crazy ideas from."

"You wanted to sleep with me?" Sasuke asked.

"I wanted to fuck you raw." Naruto chuckled. "Is that what you want to hear you egomaniac?" Naruto said and slid back down onto his back in the bed so he could face Sasuke.

"I wouldn't have let you." Sasuke said as his eyebrows shot up. He instinctively clenched and turned on his side with his back away from Naruto.

"Then maybe you could fuck me raw." Naruto suggested.

Sasuke knew it was his turn to tease back or joke or maybe even ask another question, but he couldn't. "Right now?" He asked and felt his heart speed up. He'd actually asked. The thought had been right there. The words had lingered on his lips, but he'd never expected to actually say them.

Naruto met his eyes. He pondered the thought. "If you were gay, I might say yes." Naruto said and didn't break eye contact.

Sasuke pushed all of the pillows between them off of the bed and moved closer to Naruto. "I'm not gay, but I think I'm a little more open minded now." He replied.

Naruto moved closer too. "How 'bout you start small and kiss me?" Naruto asked.

"I can do that." Sasuke said and cautiously placed his hand on Naruto's side. He leaned forward and felt Naruto meet him half way. Their lips met and when Sasuke didn't immediately jump away in terror Naruto let his own hand reach into Sasuke's hair. The kiss got more passionate and eventually Sasuke's tongue was pressing against Naruto's lips. Naruto opened his mouth and let Sasuke take over the kiss. It was slow. It was cautious and curious. Naruto could feel the slight hesitation behind it, but the obvious desire to please, as Sasuke took breaths through his nose to continue the kiss far longer than any first kiss should have lasted, was there as well.

When they finally parted Sasuke's lips were red. Naruto's own lips were a little swollen and both were breathing hard. Sasuke looked down between them. There were still a good 6 inches keeping them apart. Sasuke thought that was the only thing keeping him from moving too fast.

"How was that?" Sasuke asked wondering if he Naruto thought he was a good kisser.

Naruto liked this side of Sasuke. He was usually so confident. Seeing him a little nervous was nice.

"Amazing." Naruto said and slid his hand down Sasuke's neck before pulling it away.

Sasuke squeezed Naruto's side slightly and pulled his own hand back. "That was different." Sasuke said and hid back under his comforter and moved a little back to his own side.

"Good different? 'Or oh my god I just made out with a dude' different?" Naruto asked curiously. He smiled at Sasuke hoping he knew that he'd understand if he didn't enjoy it.

"A combination of the two." Sasuke said and chuckled. "It was an 'Oh my god I just made out with a dude and it was good' different'." Sasuke said.

Naruto was still smiling. He was nervous. He didn't know what the kiss meant. "Well, if you want to do it again, you don't have to ask." He said.

"You might regret that offer." Sasuke said. He was already moving close to Naruto again.

"If that's how you normally kiss, I doubt I will." Naruto said before Sasuke pressed his open mouth against his. He wasted no time with lips touching lips. He went straight for tasting and memorizing every part of Naruto's mouth. Naruto moaned into the kiss when Sasuke's hand accidentally swept over his nipple. He'd been trying to get his hand on Naruto's side again, but it was hard with his eyes closed as they were.

Sasuke pulled back and touched Naruto's nipple again. "You like being touched here?" Sasuke asked.

Naruto tried not to moan as loudly when Sasuke's hand teased his already hardened nipple again. "Yes." He gasped.

"Shit, I didn't know you could look so hot." Sasuke stared at the expanse of Naruto's neck as his head shot back in another moan.

"The advantage of having me in your bed." Naruto said once Sasuke had pulled his teasing hand away.

"I should stop now." Sasuke said. "I'm not sure I can stop myself if I continued and I really wouldn't know what would come next anyways."

Naruto nodded in understanding. "I know what you mean, but there's no rush. I won't change my mind tomorrow. We can do something more in the morning, if you still want." Naruto laughed. "If you haven't freaked out about tonight by the morning that is."

Sasuke held Naruto's hand and brought it to his lips. "The faster we go to sleep the faster morning will come." He said and shut his eyes.

Naruto laid awake in bed. He was enjoying Sasuke's last sleeping moments. He knew the other would wake up soon. Then Naruto would know if Sasuke had regretted the night before.

Naruto was about to touch Sasuke's hair when he woke up.

"Hi." Sasuke said sleepily.

"Hey." Naruto replied and pulled his hand away before it reached its destination.

Sasuke sat up and wiped his eyes. He went to the bathroom without another word.

Naruto's heart was beating fast in his chest. He was still unsure. That 'hi' had meant nothing. Naruto was just going through scenarios about what he'd do if Sasuke regretted it, when Sasuke straddled his hips and leaned over him to kiss him soundly on the lips.

"Had to brush my teeth." Sasuke said.

Naruto touched Sasuke's slim hips and up his sides. "I thought you might change your mind." Naruto said and sat up so their faces were closer.

"I'm still a little nervous, but mostly because I've never done this before." Sasuke said and then realized he wasn't sure what 'this' was.

"Sasuke, I have a question." Naruto said.

"What is 'this' exactly?" Sasuke preempted the question.

"Yeah." Naruto said.

"What do you want it to be?" Sasuke asked and eased his way off of Naruto's lap.

"I don't want to be your experiment." Naruto said. "I'm not into turning guys."

"I'm not gay." Sasuke said.

"That won't work then." Naruto replied. "If you aren't gay, then what was last night about? Why were you on my lap a few mom-" Naruto was stopped by Sasuke's lips.

Sasuke kissed him hard and Naruto had no control as he gave in to the kiss. Sasuke eased his hands under Naruto's shirt and pinched at his nipples.

"Ahh!" Naruto yelled out and broke from the kiss. He shut his eyes and pressed wantonly against Sasuke's hands. Sasuke had found his weakness. "You can't do that to me." Naruto gasped and tried to open his eyes. He was thrown back into a lustful passion when Sasuke's mouth latched onto his neck and sucked hard.

"I don't want you to think you're an experiment." Sasuke gasped out between bites to Naruto's neck. "I've been dreaming of this since you pulled me to dance to Aladdin." He said and moved back letting Naruto breath.

Naruto managed to open his eyes. He pressed his shirt against his over sensitized nipples. He was hard and it was starting to ache. "This isn't good for talking. Wait- for how long?" Naruto asked surprised.

"Since Karin came by with that box of presents I'd given her. I though you were going to kiss me then and the way we sat and watched the movie..." Sasuke felt like he was putting himself out there. "Just – the point is that I may not be gay, but I do like you."

"You're sure you like me?" Naruto asked.

"Bodily reactions all point to yes." Sasuke said and looked at the way his erection stood out against his pajamas.

"Glad I'm not the only one." Naruto said and pulled off his shirt.

Sasuke looked over Naruto in a new light. He could touch him now; he could bite him and taste him.

"You never answered me. What do you want us to be?" Sasuke asked again.

"Be mine. Be my boyfriend." Naruto said.

"Okay. Sounds good." Sasuke said and smiled at Naruto. "I have a boyfriend." He said surprised that it didn't feel strange to say it out loud.

"You do." Naruto said and leaned over Sasuke. "Now that that is cleared up we can do whatever you want."

Sasuke laid on his back and pulled Naruto closer. "I just want to find more of those spots that make all your thoughts evaporate."

Naruto kissed Sasuke's cheek. "My nipples, my neck, the little hollows above my butt." Naruto confessed.

"I'll have to take a look at that last spot." Sasuke said as they laid together.

"You'll have to work for that. I'm gay, not easy." Naruto said.

Without realizing it love found me.

-4 months later-

"Dance with me." Naruto said as he tugged Sasuke forward out of his seat on the couch.

Sasuke stood up without complaint. His thumb rubbed the diamond that was centered on Naruto's new ring. He smiled up at him. "I love you."

"I love you." Naruto replied. "Now, dance with me!" He insisted and once more pulled Sasuke close to dance.

"I never should have gotten you those soundtracks." Sasuke said as he was led in another version of Under the Sea.

All I ever wanted was a love story, just like in the movies.

What I got instead, wasn't a picture perfect ending,

but it was destined to be an everlasting love.

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