"All right, I want the women and children to remain seated and the men up against the wall!" Dean ordered loudly at the towns folk assembled in the church.

The Winchester brothers, and their gang, where two towns away from their home town of Lawrence; which wasn't much bigger then where they currently found themselves on this Sunday morning. All the towns people gussied up in their Sunday best and unaware that their bank was currently being robbed while they worshiped.

"Is this really necessary," A deep voice questioned the outlaw, "This is a house of God."

"Listen padre, don't be a hero," Dean smirked turning to come face to face with the priest before recognition hit him. "Jesus Christ, Cas?" He smiled broadly at his childhood friend.

The blue eyes narrowing before he too was hit with the realization, "Dean Winchester."

"How the hell are you?" The men shook hands before clamping each other on the back in a manly embrace.

"I'm a live," Castiel replies solemnly.

"That you are," the taller man nods, "Wait till Sammy gets wind of this," he smiles.

"Ah," the priest nods, knowing full well what's going on here.

"Father Castiel?" One of the ladies in the pew questions with unease.

"Do not fret my child," he replies robotically as he and Dean continue to look at one another. "These ruffians mean us no harm."

"Right," Dean agrees, "Just follow our orders and we'll be out of your hair." He throws his arm over Cas's shoulders and leads him toward a secluded area of the church, nodding at Adam to keep an eye on everything. "You know there was a time you where one of those ruffians," Dean whispers conspiratorially to the dark haired man.

"I heard about your father," Castiel ignores the comment, a sparkle in his eye the only clue that he heard it. "You haven't been home in quite some time," he adds knowingly.

Dean frowns briefly, trust Cas to get right to the brunt of it. "That's where we're heading, actually." He informs him, "We got a telegram from Ms. Mosley about how he just up and disappeared one day, wouldn't have thought anything of it if he hadn't been gone for more than a week or so… Figured we'd poke around see if anyone else heard tell of him."

"Hmm," he hums thoughtfully, "Did she mention the ramblings?" He asks gravely.

"What ramblings?" Dean's eyes narrow in confusion.

"Now this may just be hearsay," he begins cautiously, "Some of the towns folk would hear John muttering to himself about a yellow demon… scarred the god fearing folk the most."

"Yellow eyes," Dean supplies, knowing too well what his father had been on about, before deciding to change the subject. "Any way, how the hell did they rope you into the priest hood?" He eyes the black robe Castiel is wearing, making him look even taller and thinner like a silhouette. "Last I heard, you where heading to the big city to live with your sick aunt."

"Last I heard you where dead," Cas accuse harshly as they steel each other for a beat, then offering up his explanation, "Apparently it was prearranged that I'd join the seminary while up there, put the fear of god in me as it were."

"No one could tame the Cas I knew," Dean smirks, catching the briefest of quirks upon the other man's lips at the memory of their younger days, "You could have ran away or something," he shrugs.

"And go where, Dean?" He wonders poignantly, causing the other man to remain speechless. "After mother died, father left, Gabe was awol and Michael had no patience for me; where were you?" He accuses.

Dean shuffles guiltily, not sure how to right his past transgressions towards the man before him. "Come with us," He suggests trying to keep the hopefulness out of his tone.

"I do not know it that would be wise," Cas's features remain darkened.

"Well at least say hi to Sammy," he offers, holding onto the fact that Cas didn't give an outright no.

"Very well," he concedes, allowing the taller man to lead him out of the church and into the harsh sunlight of the morning.

A tall figure crossing the street, as a couple men load up the horses in front of the bank, strides towards them.

"Dean, what are you doing?" He asks, "Round up Adam and Bobby, so we can high tale it out of here."

"Look who I found playing servant of the lord," Dean smirks to his brother as they near each other.

"As I live and breathe. James Castiel?" Sam's face brightens as a large smile crosses his features.

"Samuel," Cas nods, as they shake hands genially.

"This is a damn surprise," he removes his hat and pushes back his long hair. "Please tell me you decked this stupid son of a bitch," Sam claps his brother on the shoulder.

"Shut up, Sammy," Dean glares at him.

"It would not have been appropriate," Cas intones, "No matter how much he may have deserved it," he adds meaningfully.

Sam lets out a low whistle, "You've changed man."

"Hmm… I suppose," he replies thoughtfully, "And you grew, would have never thought you'd grow into a tree considering the stump of a kid you where."

"He's freakish ain't he?" Dean chimes in, "I keep telling him that if he ever wants to retire the circus would love to take him." He chuckles to himself before turning to his brother, "I was trying to convince Cas here to throw in with us."

"Yeah," Sam nods enthusiastically, "That would be great, we can always use another man; especially with your skill set."

"You haven't gotten soft on us have ya?" Dean jests playfully.

"No, I do not believe so…"

"Then come on, man," Sam claps him on the shoulder. "What's there to keep you here?"

Castiel looks back at the church in contemplation, as he sizes up his options.

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