Dean checks Castiel's bandages before they head back to the camp, they find everyone up and all ready starting on breakfast. They share a brief look, Cas breaking it to get Sam to redress his side.

"All right, listen up," Dean clears his throat to make his announcement. "We're going stay here today and rest up, but we're heading out bright and early tomorrow so don't get too drunk today, ya hear." He smirks.

After they all eat the men go about some leisure activities, Dean listening to Bobby yammer on while Rufus interjects his two cents. Cas playing cards with Ash and the others and joking around, Dean was pleased to see the other guys had warmed up to him. He absently watches the dark haired man across the campfire, worry creeping to the forefront of his mind as he notices Castiel using more laudanum then he should.

"Hey, ya idjit'?" Bobby waves his hand in front of Dean's face, snapping him out of his reverie.


"What do you think, boy?"

"About…" He hedges.

"About the trail we'll take to Texas," Rufus supplies.

"Damn it, boy, now's not the time to have your head in the clouds." Bobby warns him.

"Sorry, I'm just kind of tired, didn't get much sleep last night."

"No use worrying," Rufus offers as Bobby gives Dean a look of don't be an idiot and genuine concern.

"I'm not," Dean snaps defensively before rising from his perch. "I'll take any trail as long as it's the fastest," he adds patting Bobby reassuringly on the shoulder as he heads over to the poker game. "Deal me in," He says, taking up a spot next to Castiel.

"Next hand, if ya really wanta play, man," Ash starts, "Cas has been cleaning us all out."

"That right?" Dean smirks, discreetly patting Cas on the back.

"Last six or seven hands, I reckon." Adam grumbles studying his hand.

"It's seven," Sam corrects, raising the hand.

"Then it's eight," Castiel deadpans, showing his hand.

"Damn it," Adam tosses his cards down. "I'm out," he stands taking his cup to go get more coffee.

"Me too," Ash stretches as he stands, "Gunna go shake the snake," he winks wondering off into the trees.

"I didn't even get a chance to play."

"We'll probably play again later, Dean," Sam assures him also getting up, "If everyone's sober enough, anyway." He adds, traipsing off.

"You certainly know how to clear a poker game," Cas intones.

"Me?" Dean looks at him affronted, "You're the one who practically robbed them blind."

"Details," he replies flippantly before leaning into Dean's shoulder a bit.

"How ya doing?"

"I'm fine Dean," he fixes him with a glare.

"You need to take it easy," Dean tells him, "I know a day isn't much, but…"

"I am taking it easy."

"I'm ain't just saying rest," he informs him meaningfully.

"It hurts, I'm managing it." Cas states shortly.

"Right," Dean nods.

"I'm going to lay down," Castiel snaps sharply, blatantly refusing to use Dean for help as he gets to his feet. "Perhaps you can play solitaire," he offers, dropping the cards on the ground in front of Dean.

Castiel sleeps for the majority of the day, waking up for supper; which he once again only picks at. He forces himself to eat what he can; knowing Dean is watching and worrying. All of which is unnecessary in Cas' mind. The men turn in for the night, leaving Cas staring absently into the fire, lost in thought.

A couple hours later Dean finds the other man in the exact same spot, seemingly unmoved. "Cas," Dean questions, sleep evident in his voice.

"Dean," Cas replies, gravely.

"I know you slept all day, but a few more winks won't hurt." He squeezes his shoulder, trying to coax him up to no avail. Sighing tiredly, he sits down on the log next to the stoic man.

"You ever wonder…" Castiel starts, unsure of how to phrase his thoughts. "What it's all about?"

"Jesus, Cas, you really know how to ask the big questions." Dean huffs lightly, scratching the back of neck, "I'm not really qualified to answer that, I'm afraid."

"Hmm," he hums, leaning into Dean.

Dean places his arm around Castiel's shoulders, rubbing his upper arm. "What's this all about?" he asks warily.

The question seems to stir the dark haired man completely from his reverie, "Nothing, I suppose," he shakes his head. "You are right, I should get some more rest." Cas gingerly rises, offering a hand to Dean.

Once both men are on their feet, Cas leans up to bring their lips together briefly as if unsure.

"G'night, Dean," He whispers, turning to walk away.

"Wait, Cas," Dean grabs his wrist pulling him back for a much deeper kiss. Smirking triumphantly after they pull apart, "Sleep well."

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