Hello - Sniperrolf from Final Fantasy VII Land.

I have been wanting to write a Ghost Hunt fanfiction for some time now. But I could not think of any story idea. Then I read a story for Final Fantasy VII, called '50 Things I'm Not Allowed To Do: By Reno.' From the author 'Asuka Neko'.

Then I said, "That would be a funny story for Mai... he, he, he..."

Enjoy. :)

Yasu sighed, looking up at the wall. I was on the other side of the room and looked over at him. He had been sitting on a desk chair typing on his laptop for the past 20 minutes.

I finally decided to ask, "What are you doing?"

He looked up at me and said, "Oh, nothing much, just writing everything all the SPR members say you can't do."

I had no comment to that. "Uh..." I said walking over to him, "Why me? Why don't you write all the things 'you' can't do?"

"Mai, I was done with my list in 5 minutes. But then I started to write one for you. And it kept going, and going, and going."

"Okay then... Can I read it?" I asked.

"Of course you can. I needed a break anyway," he said getting up. I sat down and started reading the list.


1: Mai is not allowed to go in Naru's office if he is not present. Ever.

I don't. I get dragged in by Madoka.


2: Mai is not allowed to make strong, undrinkable tea.

I forgot about that one... Naru had to go and wash his mouth out.


3: Mai is not allowed to have pocket knives.

Let's not even recall that memory...


4: Mai is not allowed to go on Youtube.

He he. I got internet memes stuck in Monk's head.


5: Mai is not allowed to use chat speak at work.

Oh, that was a fun day. No one could find out what I was saying until they looked it up.


6: Mai is not allowed to sing the Ghost Buster theme song at work.

That song, really, really, annoys Naru.


7: Mai is not allowed to read Shakespeare.

Oh yeah... I started to try to speak like it.

"Hello thouy," I said.

"Mai it's ' thou ' not 'thouy'," John said.

"It niee?"


"I speak of it wrong?"

"Mai. Stop..."

Heh, Heh.


8: Mai is not allowed to control the thermostat.

It ended up either really hot. Or really cold. And a big electricity bill.


9: Mai cannot bring her video games to work.


"Mai make some tea," Naru said.

"Okay, one minute," I said not looking away from my DS.

Naru did not get his tea until an hour later when he came into the room and said, "Mai... Where... is my tea?"

Yeah... No comment.


10: Mai cannot tell the address of SPR to her friends.

That day ended with seven girls all around Naru, asking for jobs. And Naru looking for a new location for the SPR office.


11: Do not let Mai carry Ayako's china plates.

Err...let's just say that when she went to get them out, they were glued.


12: Mai cannot make fun of Monk's stuff.

"What is that?" I asked.

"It's an eight-track," Monk replied.

"Uh, what?"

"An eight-track, it was what they used to listen to music in the 70's.

"Wow Monk. You are really old..." Yasu said, walking in, Mai nodding in agreement.

"Okay, remind me, why did I invite you two to my house again?"

Yasu still goes on about that...


13: Mai is not allowed to let Madoka in Naru's office, especially when she is carrying something.

And that is the main reason I can't go into Naru's office...


14: Mai cannot try to draw a manga of their adventures of Ghost Hunting.

Oh, come on! That was a great idea! Only problem is I'm not good at drawing, Urado did not look all that scary all of a sudden...


15: Mai is not allowed to use matches.

Err... That day started with Ayako setting up her exorcism, and me helping by lighting the candles. And ended with Ayako's dress burnt black, and something laughing at us in the background...


16: Mai is not allowed to try to have a foreign accent.

I don't know why Naru took offense to me doing a British accent...


17: Mai is not allowed to use Lin's computer. Ever.

Oh, come on... It was just one website. That gave his computer a virus that his anti-virus scanner did not pick up, until it was too late...


18: Mai (And Yasu) are not allowed to make fun of Monk's record player.

"Monk... you really... need to come out of the 80's..." Yasu said.

"Shut up, you just don't know how cool this was back then," Monk replied.

"Monk, I'm sure it was very cool back then, It's very old now," I said.

"Kinda like you," Yasu said.

And so they were never invited to Monk's house again...


19: Mai cannot change the overhead light bulbs.

"Mai. The overhead light bulb blew out in here, come and change it," Naru said in his office.

"Okay," I replied.

I came in and reached for the light bulb.

"I can't reach," I said.

"Then get a chair," he said, not looking away from his computer.

I went and got a chair, and tried again.

"I still can't reach!"

"Then get a ladder."

"We don't have a ladder!"

"Mai, move," Lin said behind me. Which scared me so much that I fell off the chair.

Lin moved the chair and took the light bulb out, and then took the one that was in my hands. He put it in, and walked away.

"Is he still mad at me for killing his computer?" I asked, looking at Naru.

"He will be until he gets a new one."

Yeah... I did not think Lin was so picky about computers. He still does not have one...


20: Mai can't cook anything that's too hard.

"What is that?" Monk asked.

"It's a bundt cake, Monk," Yasu said.

"It's angel food cake you two!" I yelled.

"Oooh," the two said together.

"What did you do to that poor cake, Mai?" Ayako said.


"So what do you think Mai?" Yasu said behind me.

"I think you're a jerk."

Hoped you liked it :)