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Hints of a Future Untold

All of Mike's problems lately centered around one person, Kyle. He didn't remember ever dealing with the man before the fiasco of the mock trial, but it was plain that the other man had a grudge against him. Usually, Mike was able to avoid or ignore the other associate, but Kyle continued, usually alone but occasionally with Gregory or Seth adding their own barbs. Then Kyle dropped a bomb that Mike couldn't ignore.

Mike found the note haphazardly tucked into his desk drawer Monday morning. He dropped his things, rolling his eyes, sure it was another prank or jab, but when he unfolded it, he dropped into his chair staring at it blankly.

'Ross. I've done my homework, and I know exactly what it costs you to keep your poor old grandmother in her nice comfy nursing home. Very admirable, but I know people, Ross. People you only wish that you knew. People that can guarantee that she is removed from her nice plushy room and put in the worst old folks home in Harlem. Oh, I doubt that you will believe me based on just that, but know, Ross, that my uncle is in charge of the Board of Examiners. You know them, don't you? The people that decide which public home will give the patient the best care. He can also pull anyone from a home based on his say so. Now, as long as you do exactly what I want, your grandmother will stay right where she is. It won't matter if you tell anyone, they won't be able to keep her there. So think about it, Ross, and let me know what you decide, because I'm having lunch with my uncle today. Kyle'

There were only one thing that Mike was willing to sacrifice everything for, and that was the people that he cared for. He didn't have to think, he knew his answer. He would do anything for his grandmother, the one person that was always on his side.

Harvey knew that something was wrong with Mike. The kid had been on edge for over a week, jumpy and dodgy to the point that even Harvey was having trouble pinning him down. Normally, he would have just cornered Mike and demand an explanation, but he had already tried that. The only thing he had gotten out of Mike was a slightly nervous expression and a lot of muttering that made no sense. He even tried threats, something he hadn't had to resort to for months now, but Mike just accepted them. So, Harvey decided to adopt the wait-and-watch tactic, reasoning that eventually he would figure out what the problem was. He shouldn't be as concerned with it, as it had caused no problems with Mike's work, if anything the kid was going above and beyond his usual superhuman standards. Normally, Mike did the work of two associates but his workload seemed to have doubled in the last few days. Harvey had checked with the other partners and no one, not even Luis, had given Mike extra work.

The extra work had started at the beginning of last week, that hadn't bothered Harvey, because Mike hadn't said a word about it and the younger man tended to be very vocal depending on the giver. It wasn't until Thursday that Mike started jumping at little things, and started avoiding people, namely Harvey, Donna, and Rachel. By Saturday, Rachel and Donna had a long discussion about it, and Harvey listened in over the always on intercom. That was when he decided to go straight to the source and ask Mike.

It was Friday, now and Harvey had stayed much later than usual finishing up papers for a case that was due in court Monday. He called for Ray and went down to wait for him, looking forward to spending his evening sipping scotch and watching the Yankee game. But when he exited the building, he noticed a familiar bike still sitting at the rack. He knew that Mike should have already left for the day, so there was no reason for his bike to still be there. Before Harvey could actually remember the last time he saw Mike that day, he spotted him, with another associate, standing near the street. Considering that Donna had repeatedly told him that Mike didn't get along with any of the other associates, the sight confused him. Mike was holding his hands up, in the universal placating gesture, but whatever he was saying didn't seem to make the other man... Keith? Karl.. no Kyle, very happy. Naturally, the only person other than him that was allowed to bully his associate was Donna so Harvey decided to remind Kyle of that fact.

Mike didn't have any idea what he had done to make Kyle mad enough to drag him away from his bike and start yelling. Most of it didn't even make any sense, something about a typo on one of the papers Mike had done for Kyle the day before. He honestly couldn't remember, he had barely slept at all in the last week, mostly due to the dramatic increase in his workload, which now consisted of Harvey, Luis and all of Kyle's papers, but was also due to the fact that Kyle had punched him in the stomach, so hard last Thursday, for getting behind, that Mike couldn't get comfortable.

Finally, Kyle had stopped, glaring at Mike, before spitting out a few more threats about his grandmother's care. Mike dropped his hands and nodded, knowing that in the end he would always choose her over himself. He could handle it after all. Then he saw Harvey, casually walking toward them. He opened his mouth, why, he wasn't sure, when Kyle pushed him as hard as he could. Mike was skinny, but he could take care of himself. Long periods of time with Trevor had made sure of that. But, Mike hadn't been prepared and Kyle, although shorter, was stronger and Mike was forced backward several steps. There was a shout, a loud screech, and he was vaguely aware of a sharp pain before everything went black.

Harvey saw the whole thing. He had never believed people when they said that their car accidents seemed to happen in slow motion. But he believed now. He watched as Mike noticed him, an odd emotion in his eyes. He saw Kyle shove Mike backward with enough force to nearly knock the kid over, sending him into the street. He was still too far away to do anything other than shout Mike's name, and break into a run as a car slammed on it's breaks. Mike hadn't regained his balance before the car hit him, dead on, and vaulted the kid backward. He was still two running steps away when Kyle bolted, shoving through all the people that stopped to stare. Harvey watched as Mike hit the concrete hard, bouncing a bit as he slid further away and striking his head on one of the parked cars on the side of the street. Then everything seemed to speed back up and he was kneeling next to the unconscious man, repeating his name over and over, trying to see exactly how bad Mike's injuries were.

Harvey was a man that prided himself on his control. It was what made him such a good lawyer, and kept him out of additional trouble. His control was what made him pretend not to care because then people couldn't use it against him. Control helped him, some, to keep Mike at a distance, pretend that the kid was just an associate, nothing more, kept him from admitting exactly what he felt for the kid every time Mike called him on something or did something brilliant. Control was the only thing keeping him from loosing what was left of his lunch at the injuries. Mike's left arm was broken, there was no doubt of that, due to the odd angle that it was laying at and the torn skin from where the bone had sliced it open, but Harvey couldn't tell if anything else was. There was a horrible scrape that tore through Mike's pant leg and was bleeding slightly. But what worried Harvey the most was where Mike's head hit the parked car. There was no visible injury, except for a rapidly growing welt and a slowly developing bruise. Fighting down panic, Harvey shouted for someone to call 911, continuing to try and wake Mike up.