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Mr. Shu walked in the glee room like a man on a mission and they all knew something bad was about to happen.

"Disney!" he exclaimed, writing on the dry erase board. Blaine squeaked and grabbed Kurt's hand who grinned widely, knowing his boyfriend's love of the movies. That was when he noticed Rachel do the same to Finn, beaming at the chance to sing a beautiful love ballad with her boyfriend. There were a couple of moans, one from Puck, Kurt was sure, but everyone else hummed pleasantly.

"Mr. Shuester, I would just like to say that I whole hearted agree that Disney is a lovely choice, it will show off Finn and my talent, and the others will make fantastic backup singers."

"Bitch please," Blaine and Santana said at the same time, meeting eyes before smirking.

"Actually Rachel, you will not be choosing your own partner," Mr. Shu explained.

"What?" Kurt cried, his hand tightening around Blaine.

"Hat of fate then?" Tina asked, bored.

"Not this time, this time, I paired you up myself, based on who hasn't worked together before and whose voices I think would sound best together." The teacher shook his head as there was an instant protest. "I'm not discussing this, I've already picked partners, now the song you want to sing is entirely up to you, it can be a duet or a mash up and it can have a meaning or it can just be for fun."

"Ugh!" Rachel moaned, "Like we are going to have fun with partners that we don't really want to work with, or even like." And as if to make a point she shot a glance at Quinn who glared back.

"That's not fair, Mr. Shu, we already know who we work well together with, why do you always insist on trying to shake things up, you know it always ends badly," Kurt rolled his eyes, Blaine smiled softly as Mr. Shu sighed.

"Kurt, if you always work with the same person, I won't deny that you and Blaine sing beautiful duets, but you won't push yourself, and you won't challenge yourself." He raised his eyebrows, reminding Kurt of when he claimed that Mr. Shu's methods didn't challenge him. Kurt huffed,

"I hate it when my words come back to bite me."

"So go ahead and get it over with, since you insist on stifling my talent," Rachel sighed. Mr. Shu sighed before clapping his hands together and grabbing a sheet of paper and looking up,

"Ok, first couple, Finn and Mercedes." Finn fist pumped the air,

"YES! Black girl mutant lungs," he grinned at Mercedes who smiled widely, nodding satisfied with her partner. Rachel frowned slightly then shrugged, though she pouted with her arms crossed tightly in front of her.

"Next, Mike and Artie,"

"Wait, what?" Mike cried, "I can't sing, and Artie can't dance, how is this gonna- oh," he realized that was the point, they were what the other wasn't.

"That should be interesting," Santana chuckled, only to receive a swat from Brittany whose face wiped the grin right off Santana's face.

"Now, Kurt and Puck," Mr. Shu called next and Kurt turned back to look at Puck who was grinning,

"We got this, my man." Kurt grinned and nodded, a pleased grin on his face, his and Puck's voices would flow well together. Blaine smiled, until Mr. Shu said his name,

"Blaine, and Santana,"

"Hellz yea!" Santana cheered and Kurt whipped around,

"Let me get one thing straight, you touch my boyfriend below his waist and all the people in Lima Heights Adjacent won't be able to hide you from me." Santana paused for a moment, her eyes flickering to Blaine whose eyes were slightly wider, she knew Kurt wasn't kidding, so she nodded. Mr. Shu had to smile at that, the fire in Kurt that had been dimmed by Karofsky was back full force now that he had Blaine.

"Tina and Lauren," he continued, the girls reached out their hands and wiggled their fingers against each other, smiling. "Rachel and Sam," Rachel paused, looking at Sam who flinched but smiled, knowing Rachel was brilliant and also a headache. "And last but not least, Brittany and Quinn," no one missed the quiet moan that Quinn released. And no one missed the wounded look on Brittany's face, nor the glare from Santana as she linked her pinky with Brittany's, making the girl smile softly. Kurt chuckled as Mr. Shu dismissed them and he rush over, grabbing Puck's arm,

"I have the PERFECT songs for us!" Puck smiled,

"Let's hear it," he threw his hands out.

"Junkyard Society Rag for you, and Perfect's not easy for me," Kurt gushed. "I have an act to go with it, but I don't want to talk about it here, what do you think?" Puck stared at the boy in front of him, the light in his eyes bright and shining.

"You came up with that in less than 2 minutes." He stated, "You're awesome!" Kurt grinned and nodded,

"Yeah, I am." They both laughed and Blaine smirked,

"Am I going to have to threaten Puck to not touch you below the waist?" he teased, but then Lauren walked up and wrapped her arm around his waist.

"Nah, I've got my man on a short leash," she claimed, smirking. Blaine made the motion and sound of a whip and Puck just smiled,

"Yeah, but dude, being whipped has never been so awesome." Lauren kissed him lightly before smacking Puck's ass, and they all laughed.

"One week from now guys, Mike and Artie, I want you guys to go first." Mike and Artie nodded, heading off to discuss what their plans were.

"Well let's get started," Puck said, leading them out of the glee room. This was going to be a fun experiment, though the results were yet to be found.

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