Kurt waited back stage at the Vogue runway show, trying to get into the zone. He wouldn't be rattled by the fact that Blaine Anderson was here.

The two of them had been battling on the catwalk since he could remember. If one person wasn't asked to work a show, the other would be there. Both had more covers then could be counted, both worked for the same modeling company. It was just assumed the two held a rivalry against the other from the way they acted on the job. Working together put everyone was on edge, because they never knew what to expect from them.

No one had ever seen them fight, they traveled in different cars. Both were so dedicated to their work and when asked about the other, it was always the same reply. A roll of the eyes and a 'no comment'.

So here they were at the show, dressed to the nines and listening to the music, watching the others work the runway as they only knew how. But the audience wasn't here to see everyone else. They were here to see two of the best models in the business strut their stuff and give them something to write about on the all the best fashion websites.

Blaine stood in the wings on the other side of the stage, watching Kurt, a dangerous smile on his face. Kurt looked up and caught Blaine's eyes, glancing around to make sure no one else was watching them. They were alone with the exception of a lone stage manager. He was far to distracted to see them and they were tucked to far behind the scenes for the people by the stage to catch a glimpse. Kurt looked at him there in his red suit, his eyes boring into his own. Kurt returned the smile, touching himself over his tight pants. Blaine just nodded his head, doing the same.

And Blaine was off, walking down the runway. Kurt watched him walk. Flawless. Anderson was absolutely flawless. The way he touched himself and worked the outfit, how he charmed the crowd with that deep smoulder and those puppy dog eyes. Kurt breathed in deep regretting that they'd put him in these skin tight pants. No one would notice and if they did, it would give them something to talk about in the rags.

He was given his cue to walk and Kurt was off, his slender legs stomping down the runway, right towards Blaine. The other boy dodged Kurt's charge, their eyes meeting for a second, before they went their seperate ways. The crowd made some noise between applause and 'oo's', sensing the tension on the stage. Blaine lingered back watching Kurt for a moment, before he disappeared backstage, lining up for the final walk.

Hummel was backstage moments later, getting in line behind the other. The newer male models were all so high off their runway walk, that they paid no mind to the two men at the back of the line up. Maybe that and they knew better then to think they could talk to them. Blaine and Kurt were considered royalty in the modeling world.

"Nice walk, Anderson," Kurt whispered. "A little flirty today, don't you think?"

"I find it very affective. Do you have a problem with that, Hummel?" Blaine glanced over his shoulder, the smoulder from before still in his eyes. Kurt shrugged, his front pressing to the man's back, causing him to go stiff. Before they knew it, they had snapped back into runway mode and were taking their final walk to a cheering crowd and a onslaught of flashing lights.

Kurt made it behind the curtain, before he was tugged into a dark corner. Blaine's lips crashed against the slimmer boys mouth and he could only return it, doing his best not to moan and draw attention to themselves. "Dressing room, 20 minutes," Blaine groaned against his lips, before pushing off to join the rest of the crowd and disappeared.

Kurt licked his lips, taking a moment to calm his breathing, watching the red suit vanish in the sea of fashionable clothing. A small smile graced his lips.

Nothing like rival sex.

The cameras met him and once again, he gave minimal information, thanked the designer and disclosed rumours that he was courting any of the Angels from Victoria Secret. He heard mention of Blaine Anderson and shut down, continuing to walk off towards the dressing rooms. Ahh yes, Blaine. Where was the sexy bastard anyways?

Kurt started to strip down, taking the hat off his head, slipping the scarf off when he looked in the mirror. Sitting on the couch behind him in a pair of tight jeans and a t-shirt was Blaine. Kurt inhaled sharply and turned around to face him, before he moved to the door to lock it. "Do you want to get caught?" he asked mussing up his tightly slicked down hair.

"Do I look like I care. You're the one that wants to keep it this big secret. Which is hilarious, because you don't seem like the shy type to hide something like this."

"Oh, I could care less if they find out I'm gay. You were the one that didn't want this getting in the way of our careers."

"Well, when you're right, you're right." Blaine smiled, his chin tilting up. Kurt took the jacket off and hung it over the chair to the vanity before he made his way over to the man on the couch, strattling his lap.

"I'm always right, Anderson," Kurt smiled back before he started to kiss the other. Blaine groaned against Kurt's lips, his kissing fighting back against the others. Before long, shirts were tossed aside, hips were grinding hard against the others. Kurt could feel the sweat building on his skin, his hand pressed to Blaine's damp chest.

Blaine's fingers tugged at the spandex fabric of the man's pants, slidding them down and off his hips to reveal Kurt's hard on. "This must have been killing you during the show," Blaine said as he nipped at the skin by Kurt's ear.

"I could say the same about you," Kurt moaned, his own hands now working on freeing his partners buldge from the jeans he wore. He tugged hard, lifting up Blaine's hips and with one good tug, skin rubbed against skin just the right way. Both of them moaned, lips crashing into one another, hands tangled in each others hair.

"We don't have much time," Kurt whined, pushing up onto Blaine more. "I have to be on a plane to Venice in a few hours. Fuck early check-INSSSSSSSS-" Kurt hissed as Blaine pushed back, just as eager to get things moving. "Christ it's been to long since we've been together."

"It's because we rarely do a show together. Normally were on different sides of the globe." Blaine rolled Kurt onto his back on the couch, completely removing the other's pants and his own. "Four months? Was it Boston last time?"

"Forget last time, just get inside me." Kurt half growled as he spoke to Blaine, hand reaching down to tug on him rather roughly. That got the perfect reaction out of Blaine. Anderson reached down to grab the small tube of lube from his pants pocket and lathered himself well. The excess on his fingers rimmed Kurt getting him as ready as he could for his quick entrance.

He entered the man with one strong thrust causing Kurt to arch off the couch into him. His smaller frame pushed down on the cock inside him, fingers digging into his neck to bring him down into a kiss. The two man rocked against each other roughly. Blaine reached between them to jerk off Kurt, helping him along to match how close he was to cuming.

It didn't take long before the two men to reach their climax, kiss each other so they wouldn't yell out and get visitors to check on them. Kurt's chest hurt from breathing so hard, ever muscle in his stomach clenched as his body washed over and over again in orgasm. Blaine was shaking as well, pulling out carefully. After a moment or so, he slid off the couch, getting them both a towel to clean off with. Both men dressed in silence, fixing their hair in the mirror of the vanity, before they turned their attention back onto one another.

They kissed once more, letting it linger. Who knew when they'd be on a show together again. "Till the next four months?" Blaine asked, picking up his bag from the floor.

"You have my cell number," Kurt said, grabbing his own luggage. "When's your next show?"

"Paris in two weeks, photoshoot for Out the week before."

"Might not be as long as you think then," Kurt winked. "See you in Paris, Anderson." Kurt unlocked the door and stepped out, heading to the exit for his car that was waiting. Blaine took out his phone and checked his contacts, when he saw a message on his phone.

One of the models is sick. We need you in Venice on the next flight.

"Might not be as long as you think, indeed," Blaine smiled.


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