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Precinct interrogation room... Elliot Stabler has his sleeves rolled up and is leaning on the table giving the 'Elliot Stabler' death glare.

Elliot: Do you or Do you not own the rights to SVU...

Me: I don't know. Have you and Olivia ever fucked like crazy on your desks or anywhere else for that matter?

Elliot: Well, not on TV.

Me: So I obviously don't own it then do I!

"This is as good as it's going to get tonight!" Elliot thought while he look at his attire in his bathroom mirror.

Elliot was dressed in a black tuxedo, and black mask that just framed his eyes. He was being dragged to a black and white ball by his old military friend. Aaron Derkaine told Elliot that he needed to get out and meet some new girls.

" You have been so shut out from the dating life since your divorce. If you are not going to make a move on your damn sexy lady partner, you have to meet someone else!"

" Hey! I told you to never talk about Olivia in that way!" Elliot got defensive.

"Okay I am sorry. But please come with me. I need a wingman. If you don't want anything, at least you can help me get some!" Aaron nudged Elliot's arm.


Elliot and Aaron shared a cab to the hotel. The decorations in the dining hall indicated that this was where the party took place. Black and white streamers hung from the ceiling, on the lights, and on the back of every chair. People were scattered in large numbers around the dining hall. Most dressed in black and white and everyone in a mask, hoping to conceal the true identity of themselves.

Elliot and Aaron made their way to the bar and ordered their drinks. As Elliot waited he turned his attention to the dance floor. Large groups of people danced and conversed but one person caught his attention instantly. She was tall, thin, and fit. Her arms made of muscle, her stomach smooth and flat, and her legs flexing as she moved. She wore a bright red strapless dress that hugged her body. The hem line came high thigh, and her neck cut showed enough cleavage to be classy and sexy. She had deep auburn hair hanging around her shoulders in wavy locks and high black and red stilettos making her legs appear long and sexy. From what he could see she had dark eyes, but they were shielded by the black and silver mask she wore.

He watched her move. With every beat of the music she swayed and dipped.

Shawty had them apple bottom jeans

Boots with the fur

The whole club was looking at her

She hit the floor

Next thing ya know

Shawty got low, low, low, low, low, low , low

Elliot watched is arousal as the beautiful woman bent her knees and went low to the floor and then quickly back up.

"Drinks up!" the bartender yelled.

Elliot snapped back into attention. The song had ended and Elliot saw the girl in the red dress and her friend walking toward the bar.

"She's pretty hot!" Aaron said gesturing to the brunette Elliot was string at.

"She's a goddess!" Elliot said.

"To bad." Aaron frowned.

"What do you mean?"

"Well hot girls like that are usually prudes. I mean it would take a whole lotta booze to pry her legs open!" Aaron explained.

Elliot sighed at his friends theory. "I bet I could get her to dance with me!"

"No way!"

"Watch and learn my friend. Do you have a pen I can borrow!"

Elliot grabbed the pen his body lent him and wrote on a napkin:

" You are by far the most attractive woman here tonight!"

He called the waiter over and told him to make what ever she was having and give it to her along with this napkin.

Elliot watched as he delivered the note and drink to the other side of the bar. Elliot watched the bartender explain and motion to Elliot. The brunette goddess smiled at him before taking a pen and writing back on the napkin. The bartender then delivered Elliot a drink with a note:

"You're not so bad looking your self!"

Elliot wrote back:

"Would you like to dance?"

The brunette read the letter and looked up at Elliot. She nodded and mouthed "Yes."

Elliot winked at Aaron before walking to take the hand of his goddess. They moved to the dance floor without a word.

The song was fast and upbeat and Elliot was slightly shocked when the goddess dancing in front of him put her hand on his shoulder closing the gap between the two bodies.

Elliot's body burned in the quickness of the evening. The beauty in his presence was grinding to the music:

I found you miss new booty

Get it together and bring it back to me

By the fifth or sixth song, not known to Elliot, he had lost track of all time and movement. Elliot just kept his attention to the beautiful sexy woman grinding against him.

Oh shit shake that ass ma

Now move it like a gypsy

Stop whoa back it up

Now let me see your hips SWING

In sync with the music, the goddess turned and ground her ass into Elliot's crotch. In any other instant he may have felt like the woman was going way to fast but this just felt so right.

There was something so familiar about this girl. It was the way she moved, smiled, and smelled. It was so close but so far that he couldn't place.

Before Elliot knew it, the dj announced that the last song of the night would be played. It was nearly three o'clock a.m. The last song was fast but slow enough to slow dance but Elliot enjoyed it. He put his arms around the goddess' small, fit body and sighed in relief when he felt her arms reach around his neck and her chin rest on his shoulder.

A drop in the ocean

A change in the weather

I was praying that you and me

Might end up together

It's like wishing for rain

While I stand in the dessert

But I'm holding you closer than most

Cause you are my heaven.

Elliot held on tight not ever wanting to let go. Quietly he whispered into the woman's ear.

" I never want to let go, my goddess."

Surprisingly she replied back," Me neither."

They pulled away from each other and were quickly drawn back with a hot meaningful kiss.

When the song was over, Elliot's goddess was pulled away by her friend and they were quickly off the dance floor and out of the hotel. Aaron found Elliot standing alone on the dance floor.

"Elliot man I cannot thank you enough!"

Elliot, finally composing himself, said," For what?"

"Well once you left with that hot mama, her friend was lonely so, i have a date for tomoro night. I'm going to go to the bar aroun the corner. Sorry though you will have to take a cab by youself. Is that okay?"

"Yea sure that's fine. You go have fun. I'm going to go home I have to work tomorrow."

"What? Tomorrow is Saturday!"

"Yes it is. The joys of being an NYPD officer!"

"Okay man, I'll talk to you sometime tomorrow, see ya!"

Aaron made a dash for the exit.

Elliot took a cab home, took two aspirin and headed to bed. Tomorrow was going to be hell, but he decided the more sleep he got, the better he would feel. He got to sleep quickly, but his dreams were filled with images of his goddess.

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