Chapter 10 ~~

Well Here it is! Last chapter. It's been a LONG time coming! Pretty dark but Enjoy.

"Awe! Y'all are so cute!" Stevie squealed.

Olivia laughed walking to meet her over at the punch bowl.

"Well I love him. He's the greatest." Olivia smiled.

"My ears are burning!" Elliot laughed walking over to them, "Josh said that we need whoever has the prizes to go grab them."

"Oh they are in my room!" Olivia said, "I'll go run and grab them. Be right back."

Elliot watched Olivia walk away. ' God I love her' he thought.

Olivia walked down the long hallway to her classroom to retrieve the prizes. She stuck her key in the door and pushed it open. At the same time she was forcefully pushed inside and thrown to the ground. She tried to crawl away but the stranger grabbed her hair and cracked her head against the side of her desk. Unfortunately she didn't black out, but she was dazed. She tried to yell for help but her body wouldn't let her. She crawled along the floor until she got out the door. She could hear the music blasting from the gymnasium. At the same time the stranger behind her slammed her right leg in the door. This time the pain in her powered past her body's mute. She screamed loud but was met with a hand across her mouth. The powerful force behind her dragged her back into her room. The stranger threw her onto her desk then went to the door to lock the door.

"No more running for you!" She looked into his face. Jeff AMcow.

'How cliché' Olivia thought.

She yelled again but he smacked her face hard again. She lay dizzy when she felt him grabbing he wrists and tying them above her head.

"Good now you will listen."

The intensity in Jeff's eyes was intense.

"So you let Blaine touch you but you won't let me? That's unfair!"

Jeff pulled out a knife and held it up to Olivia. He started at the top of her dress and cut it down the front. He caught skin as he went. Olivia screamed at the knife piercing her skin, and knowing what was going to happen.

Jeff cut Olivia's bra down the middle. Then went to cut her underwear.

"Oh? You got dressed up for me!" He said seeing the red lace thong.

He pulled them down to her ankles. He quickly removed his pants and underwear. He went around to the side of the computer and grabbed Olivia's face. When she refused to open her jaw, he put the knife up to her cheek bone and pulled. The force made her scream and when her mouth opened he shoved it in. Olivia bit down and he screamed out in pain.

"You Bitch!" He slapped her.

Obviously still mad, he put the knife on Olivia's stomach and pushed down hard. Then he moved to between her legs and did the same thing. He mutilated the inside of her legs, and her genitalia. Before pushing himself into her. The pain made Olivia dizzy.

"You made a mistake." She managed to say," I saw your face. The other didn't."

Her painful voice made him grunt and groan until Olivia realized that he finished.

"Hey Stevie?" Elliot asked.


"Have you seen Charolette?"

"No she should be back by now though." Stevie said concerned.

Elliot's mind raced.

"I'll go look for her!" Stevie said.

"No! you get all of the kids out of the school and across the street and call 911 for an ambulace." Elliot said.

"What? Why?" Stevie laughed.

"Please." Elliot sighed," My name is Elliot Stabler, I am an NYPD Detective so is Charolette… I mean Olivia. We are here investigating the rapes. ." Elliot showed her his badge. "Please get these kids out of here."

Stevie's face went pale," Okay I'll do that right now. And I'll call 911."


"No your wrong. I let them live. I don't care if you see, because I am going to kill you."

Olivia's heart rate picked up, "Please!"

"No begging is going to help you now." Jeff got a smirk on his face.

Olivia felt pain like she never had before. He plunged his knife into her core. And stars filled her eyes. She could faintly see him come up to her face. He set the knife against her neck and she braced herself for the darkness coming her way. It never came. A loud thud, and the door flew open, before a shot rang through the room.

Elliot ran to Olivia's side." Liv! Olivia! It's going to be okay. The bus is coming now! It'll be okay!"

"El, don't leave!"



Elliot stood talking to the nurse. It had been eight hours since the attack and was finally getting news.

"Miss Benson had multiple injuries. We had to operate on her leg which consisted of both a broken tibula and fibula. We put pins in and she will be in a cast for awhile. She also suffered a severe concusion but is fully conscious even with the pain meds. As for other wounds she has a gash on her forehead and seventeen knife cuts."

Elliot willed himself not to throw up

"One to the cheek, one to the chest, one to the abdomen, twelve to the inner thighs, and two genital mutilation. The internal genital mutilation was worse and we were unable to count but she has had stitches on all of the cuts and is doing good."

"Internal…" Elliot couldn't finish his sentence.

"Yes it appears as though the knife was forced into her vagina several times."

Elliot found the nearest garbage can and emptied his stomach contents. After regaining his composure he asked," Was she raped?"

"Well, ummm, Miss Benson has asked us not to disclose any more information."

"Elliot knew that was a subtle way of saying yes."

"When can I see her?"

"Well Miss Benson is awake now and has been asking for you!"

Elliot rushed to her room. She lay so pale and brittle. He had never seen her so vulnerable.

"El." She said with tears in her eyes.

Elliot rushed over and planted a kiss on her lips. He gave the kiss a second thought when he realized most rape victims resist any romantic gesture, but Olivia didn't. this kiss was one of thank, hope, and apology. Elliot took a seat beside her bed and held her hand between his.

"Liv I'm sorry I should have come with you. I'm such an idiot for letting you go alone…"

"Elliot! Stop it wasn't your fault I should've made sur ei had backup ! Please you can't blame youself, I can't take that!"

Elliot kissed her hand and they looked into each other's eyes.

"Liv. Did you take the test."

"Yes." She said sadly," but I already knew the results."

"why are you keeping them secret?"

"Because Elliot, he's dead, we caught him and got justice for all the women. I don't need people seeing me as weak."

"Liv no one will see you as weak."

"Please Elliot. He's dead there is no reason to tell anyone. Please?"

"Okay Liv. For you."

She smiled weakly.

"I Love you Liv. And I always will."

Someone knocked quietly on the door. The two turned their attention to the woman.

"Hey Stevie." Olivia said.

"I'll give you two a minute." Elliot said giving Olivia one more kiss.

"Hey char, I mean detective Benson."

"Please, you can call me Olivia."


"Look Stevie I am sorry."

"No I understand you were doing your job. I just came to see how you were feeling."

"I'm good I was just a little roughed up."

"So Blaine, I mean Elliot you two weren't really married?"

Olivia smiled slightly," No were aren't."

"Well you two were very good actors because you had me fooled. The pure love in your eyes."

"Well me and Elliot have found love. Just not until we went on this sting."

"Well that's a good thing. At least you found love."

"And a friend. Stevie I really hope we can be friends, because I really enjoyed talking with you this week."

"Me too. Maybe we can go for dinner some time. Once your feeling better."

"that would be great!"

"Okay well I'll let you rest. You have my number."

"Ya I'll text you."

"See ya.

Stevie left and Elliot came back in.


"I found a new friend. And love."She smiled at Elliot. He leant in for another kiss.

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