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I'm so terrible with word counts and stuff, I always write far too much so I thought I'd challenge myself by starting a 100 word drabble series about my OFC Boo, Tig and Chibs based on one word prompts! Feel free to leave me prompts guys! Enjoy!

Beginnings – When Tig first met Boo

"Is that Clay's kid?" asked Tig nodding at the young girl with pale skin, dark hair and startling blue eyes.

Gemma nodded.

"Yeah, leave her be Tigger, she's a bit overwhelmed."

Of course that only encouraged the Sergeant at Arms.

"What's up kid?"

Nothing. She didn't even look at him. She just slumped low in her chair, paled further still and hid behind a book.

This was going to be fun.

He waited until the next day.

"BOO!" he cried, grabbing the girl's shoulders.

She screamed, practically jumped out of her skin and ran away.

Tig almost pissed himself laughing.

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To the anonymous 'guest' reviewer who keeps leaving snide comments about Tig. If you don't like my portrayal of him that is fine, you don't have to read my work and you don't have to leave guest comments, message me and I will be happy to discuss it with out. Secondly, if you'd actually read the story then you would realize Boo isn't dating Tig – she isChibs wife - so you're comments are ill informed. Finally, if you watch the show it's obvious there is more to Tig that the sociopath he appears to be.