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It was late. Padmé was growing worried, she had not heard from Anakin since earlier in the day when he left for the Temple.

She had knots in her stomach. What was the Council going to do to him?

She had been grateful, however, that her family was here. Once they set aside their qualms and suspicions about Padmé's precarious situation and secret husband, they were overjoyed with the two new additions to the family.

Her family made her go rest in her bedroom by herself. They promised her that they would take care of the children. Sola said she would sleep in Luke's room, and Jobal would sleep in Leia's room. Poor old Ruwee had to sleep by himself in the guest room.

Padmé was sitting on her bed with her legs crossed. Her comlink was right in front of her. All day, she was sitting around for that one important call that could make her day.

It finally came.

A split-second after the comlink started buzzing, Padmé activated it and a small, blue hologram of Anakin sprang up.

"Ani!" Padmé whispered, delighted. "Where are you?"

Anakin looked around, "Nowhere really. I've just been flying around Coruscant."

Padmé pouted, "Come home."

"I can't, Padmé."

"But you told the Council, right?" Padmé asked, "There's nothing to hide from anymore. I can tell my parents if you want."

Anakin shook his head, "The Council didn't make its decision. I don't want to risk anything."

Padmé sulked, "I miss you."

Anakin smiled, "I miss you more. But we've been apart for much longer."

Padmé shrugged, smiling a little. "But before you didn't have Luke and Leia missing you too."

Anakin felt a sudden pang in his heart, "Oh, Padmé—"

Padmé shook her head guiltily, "No, I'm sorry. Forget I said that."

Anakin sighed, "Hopefully I will have an answer by tomorrow. And I will soon come home to my family."

Morning came, and so did an answer. Obi-Wan called earlier and informed Anakin of a Council meeting at 0900 hours.

Anakin was bursting with anxiety; hopeful for forgiveness from the masters, however fearfully anticipating them to condemn him to a dreadful sentence of a life of solitude, apart from his family.

Anakin would not allow such a thing. He would stay with his twins even if it meant he was branded as a Galactic criminal.

Anakin made his way up to the Council chambers. After being admitted in, he stood in front of Master Yoda without a single expression on his face. He was ready to face the pending wrath of the Council.

"Your news was quite distressing yesterday." Mace Windu stated casually. "We never had the chance to talk about the future of the Republic."

Anakin frowned, "What do you mean?"

The masters all looked around at each other. Every single seat was filled except for four of them—the three dead Jedi were scheduled to have their funeral pyres tonight, and Anakin was not in his regular seat. He looked over to his former master. Obi-Wan sat in his seat. He seemed tense, as if he was dreadfully anticipating the decision of Master Yoda. His arms were folded. This made Anakin wonder what happened last meeting after he left.

He turned back to Yoda.

Yoda frowned and put his three fingers on his chin, as if he was contemplating hard. "Appreciate your dishonesty, the Council does not."

Anakin made a simple nod and looked down.

"However," Yoda began.

Anakin snapped his head up.

This was it. This moment would forever change Anakin's life.

Master Yoda's mouth was moving, but Anakin couldn't hear a thing.

Padmé was sitting in the living room with her family. Leia was in her arms while Luke was with Jobal. Ruwee was flipping through channels on the HoloNet News.

Sola walked into the room carrying Padmé's comlink. "Padmé, someone's comming you."

Padmé stood up and traded Leia to Sola in exchange for the comlink. She missed the call, but the caller left her a written message. It read "go upstairs."

Padmé frowned and glanced back at her family. They weren't paying attention.

She quickly went upstairs and into her room. She closed the door behind her and then felt a hand on her shoulder. She opened her mouth, about to scream, but a hand clasped over her mouth.

"It's me, relax!" Anakin chuckled.

Padmé whipped around and gave Anakin a glare, then she engulfed him in a hug.

Anakin hugged her back. "I just got back from the Council." He murmured.

Padmé lifted her head up and looked up at Anakin. She was concerned.

Anakin chuckled softly, "It's fine. Everything is fine."

Padmé let go of Anakin and gave him a look. Anakin continued, "Actually, it's more than fine. It's great. The Council agreed to our marriage."

Padmé's jaw dropped, "You're kidding!"

Anakin shook his head excitedly, "They've allowed me to remain a Jedi. In fact, I'm being promoted to a Jedi Master."

Padmé squealed and attacked Anakin in a hug once again. Anakin grabbed her cheeks with both of his hands and planted a long-overdue kiss on her lips.

The excitement of the situation was so much that Anakin let his guard down, not noticing when Padmé's entire family rushed into the room.

Anakin and Padmé pulled away quickly, embarrassed.

Her family was completely shocked.

"I can explain." Padmé said quickly.

"No," Anakin interrupted, "Let me."

Anakin explained to Padmé's family how he had to keep his relationship with Padmé a secret from everyone because of his duty as a Jedi. He explained to them that he and Padmé were married and that their children were indeed legitimate.

Padmé's family had mixed emotions. Ruwee was definitely uncomfortable with this. His youngest daughter was keeping secrets about her love life and what not.

Jobal was concerned for Padmé and the safety of her new children.

On the other hand, Sola seemed completely excited.

"So," Sola said, grinning, "does that mean they are Luke and Leia Skywalker?"

Padmé smiled, "Yes."

Ruwee and Jobal noticed Sola's delight with the situation and then they realized that it was a happy moment indeed. Their daughter has a family now. She could finally start having a normal life.

It was their biggest concern for her all her life.

Anakin observed this and smiled. He knew that Padmé loved her parents, and once her parents had Anakin's approval… Everyone could be happy.

Everyone except the twins, of course.

All of a sudden, Leia began to cry.

Anakin—who had barely seen his children since the day they were born—rushed out of the room and took his daughter from her crib. Padmé's family followed behind and watched.

Anakin was overjoyed. The feeling of having his small young daughter in his arms was overwhelming.

Not to be outdone by his sister, Luke began crying in the next room. Padmé went to retrieve him and came back.

Ruwee and Jobal glanced at each other. They smiled and left the room, leaving the new parents alone. Sola followed them.

The two new parents stood in Leia's room, each one of them holding a small child in their arms.

Anakin felt complete.

The End