Hello All!

I had a dream about two or so months ago about Scar holding Simba hostage in return for becoming King of the Pridelands. Being the sort of person who makes up stories in my head while I'm trying to get to sleep, the fragments of my dream that I could remember began to form into a fully fledged story. I intended to keep it to myself, but today I decided that I'd like to share it, as I think it would make for an interesting read.

Anyway, ONWARD!

What if Mufasa survived the fall during the stampede, and the only way for Scar to become King and avoid exile was to hold Simba hostage..?



"Kill him."

The order seemed to echo through the gorge, despite the fact that it was barely more than a whisper. The hyenas bounded off into the mist in pursuit of the cub, tongues hanging out and teeth bared.

Scar turned once more to survey the fallen king. He could have been sleeping. He almost thought that he felt a twinge of regret for what he had done, but he ignored it. As he turned to return to pride rock to inform the lionesses of the news, a noise caused him to stop in his tracks.

Coming from behind him, he heard a muffled grunt. He quickly and quietly crept into the shadows where his dark pelt helped him to not be seen. He could barely believe his eyes.

Mufasa stood up on shaky legs. He was covered in cuts and bruises where the wildebeest had hit him. He looked around.


Scar remained silent.

"Simba?" he cried with more urgency.

He tried to take a few steps, and after being successful, walked to the side of the gorge to a low platform. After eventually climbing on top of it, he headed towards Pride rock.

Scar's seemingly flawless plan was now ruined. He would be exiled for sure. He racked his brains for ideas as to how to get himself out of this mess.

Then he thought of it.

Use the cub.