Most of you are probably wondering why I'm publishing this instead of a new chapter of Web of Lies. I'm working on that chapter, but I needed a distraction, leading to this. I randomly wondered if Anakin and Ahsoka had met before Christophsis. This is how I think their meeting would have gone.

Eight-year-old Ahsoka Tano hurried through the halls of the Jedi Temple. She wasn't running, no, that was forbidden, more of a very fast walk.

I'm going to be late... again, she thought. It wasn't her fault she couldn't get to class on time. Her alarm just didn't work. If only they didn't have lightsaber training at seven in the morning!

The halls were almost empty, most Jedi were meditating at this hour, sleeping, or in class. She allowed herself to speed up, there was no one in sight. No one except...

Ahsoka heard a small shout, then collided with someone at top speed. She fell backwards and her lightsaber went skittering away.

This is not my morning, she thought as she saw who she had run into.

Anakin Skywalker glared at her as he got to his feet. "There's this really cool thing- its called watching where you're going."

"You should try it sometime, then," Ahsoka retorted, retrieving her lightsaber. She saw a expression of shock cross the Padawan's face; he obviously wasn't used to being spoken to like that.

Ahsoka had heard of him, everyone in the temple had. He had only come to the Temple a few years ago. He was the only Jedi ever to be accepted into the Temple at nine years old, and the only one to already have a Master when he arrived. That made him kind of intimidating.

Anakin scowled at her. "And who are you supposed to be?"

Ahsoka wasn't ruffled by his glare. "I'm Ahsoka," she said.

Anakin was as impressed with her as she was with him. "What are you, six?"

"Eight." Ahsoka was beginning to get... not mad, annoyed.

"Watch where you're going, Youngling."

Ahsoka began to respond when a man appeared by Anakin's side. "What now?" he asked warily, taking in Ahsoka's now furious expression.

Anakin immediately took on a different tone. "Hello, Master," he replied cheerfully.

The older man wasn't fooled. "What happened?"

Anakin glared at Ahsoka, daring her to tell. The girl was silent.

"Well, if you two are done here, I'd like to get going, Anakin. Have you forgotten we leave this morning?"

"Of course not, Master." Anakin said. Giving Ahsoka one last glance, he disappeared down the corridor.

The Jedi Knight turned his attention to Ahsoka. "Are you alright?"

She nodded. "I have to get to class. Good luck on your mission, Master Kenobi."

Obi-Wan smiled warmly at her. "Thank you, Youngling. I won't keep you any longer."

Ahsoka nodded and continued down the hall, thinking about her strange encounter. Youngling... she didn't like that word. She liked Padawan, but she had several years to go before she could advance to Padawan.

Anakin would be an interesting Master, she thought briefly. Despite his dislike of her, she found him intriguing. She hadn't met too many people who could infuriate her as he had. But, there was only a seven year difference between them, and he would still most likely be a Padawan when she was given a Master of her own.

She reached the door to her class, and entered the room, banishing all thoughts of Anakin Skywalker. She would not think of him again, until seven years later when Master Yoda would tell her she was ready to become a Padawan...

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