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Chapter Six: The Return of the Angel

Sunlight streaked through the curtains as Rihanna slowly entered the world of the conscious. She smiled in her sleep as she remembered that today was the day that Doc let her out of her bed and move around. About time too! The snake hated not being able to anything. It had been like that ever since she was a kid. Of course, her friends stopped by to see how she was doing, but she longed for the Mojave sun to warm her scales. Rattlesnake Jake had only visited her the one time and for that she was thankful. It had been at least six days- including the time she was unconscious- and she was already feeling the beginning effects of vitamin D deficiency.

She stretched, the pain her injuries now a dull ache and slithered over to the window. When Rihanna opened the curtains, she was met with blinding sunlight. She squinted and held her rattle up to shield herself from some of the glare. She had forgotten that her eyes weren't used to the light from outside.

Outside, the people of dirt were scurrying about, either going to work or doing their daily errands. She chuckled to herself when she saw Waffles dodge a rock that a child had thrown. The little lizard dove to the ground which caused the group of children to laugh at his expense. The female rattler rolled her eyes. That reminded her so much of Rango. Speaking of the chameleon, she caught a glimpse of him and Beans standing outside the sheriff's office a little way off. The two looked to be in another heated argument. Probably Beans giving him a talking to for something that he did. Suddenly, Beans' defence mechanism kicked in and she froze. Rihanna laughed when she saw Rango pause and start to wave a hand in front of her face.

She was so preoccupied with what was going on outside that she didn't hear Doc enter the room.

"Well now, look who decided te get outta bed?" The Jack Rabbit chuckled, startling the rattlesnake.

Rihanna turned abruptly, but smiled when she saw the elder rabbit. "Hey Doc."

Doc gave a warm, amused smile. "I can tell yer itchin' te get outta 'ere, ain't ya?" He chuckled again when he saw Rihanna nod enthusiastically. "Alright, jus' let me change yer bandages then yer free te go."

Rihanna watched as Doc carefully unwrapped the old bandages. They were not as blood stained as the ones from a few days ago –there was barely any blood on it at all. Her gashes were still in the scabbing stage so they weren't completely healed yet and they didn't hurt as much so that was a plus. Once Doc finished wrapping the new bandages, he put his supplies back into his black bag. Rihanna smiled in thanks.

"Now, I think that after I change those bandages tomorrow, I'll let yer wounds breath. They might be a lil' tender at first, but ye'll get used te that."Doc said as Rihanna tenderly stood up. "Also take it easy, I don't want ye te-"

Rihanna was already gone.

"-strain yourself."

# # # # #

Jake was seriously considering on putting a bullet in someone's head. Rango was retelling how he and Jake had saved Rihanna and killed the hawk, but how many times could that chameleon tell the same story over and over again? Apparently fifteen times over the span of six days! The first three or four times were mildly annoying, but after ten it really started to infuriate him. He hoped the sheriff would stop his story telling or he would have a gunshot victim on his hands. He had to get out of there before his gun 'unexpectedly' went off. The snake glared at the crowd surrounding the chameleon and with a growl, chugged the rest of his liquor and slithered towards the door. His exit startled a few townsfolk as they quickly moved out of his way.

Once outside, Jake found himself wondering the boardwalk towards the outskirts of Dirt. The day was not overly hot as every so often a light breeze would blow somewhat cool air against his body. Townsfolk avoided him as he passed by. A mother took her son's hand and crossed to the other side of the road, intending to stay as far away as possible from the pit viper. The snake gave a devious smile. That was how he liked it.

Just as he was about to cross an intersection, something- or someone- collided with him. He shook his head and came face to face with Rihanna. She was still bandaged up and did not look as bad as before. He glared at her.

"Watch where yer goin', woman!" He growled, his hellfire eyes glistening.

"I could say the same to you Hell Spawn!" She replied, glaring back at him with the same intensity. "Here's an idea, why don't you go back there?"

Jake raised an eye ridge and gave a dark chuckle. "Why do I get te feelin' that ye want te get rid of me?"

"What was your first clue?" Rihanna said, sarcastically rolling her eyes.

With that, the female rattlesnake brushed passed him and headed towards the saloon. Jake watched her go with a sly smirk. It was mildly amusing for him to get her riled up; even more fun than scaring the hell out of the sheriff. She was kind of cute when she spat out sarcastic remarks at not only him but others. He still racked his brain for where he had seen her before. The only information he had gotten from her was that he had somehow given her the scar on her cheek. That was not very helpful in Jake's opinion. He was right; the notion that he knew her from somewhere was starting to drive him nuts.

As Rihanna's tail disappeared into the saloon, Jake turned and continued on his way. "Damn woman" He thought, shaking his head.

# # # # #

Later that evening, the weekly party at the saloon was in full swing. The noise was so loud that it could be heard from outside. Those who did not attend, which was pretty much every child in Dirt, would have a hard time getting to sleep that night. Almost all of the adult citizens were there. The ones that were not were the ones who did not get out much.

This was Rihanna's fourth time at a saloon party and it was no different than when she first arrived in the little town. The only different was that she knew more people than before. It was the same type of music and the same general set up. Rather than sitting at the bar, she was now sitting at a table with Rango, Beans, Wounded Bird Doc and Waffles. Her bandages were off as doc had removed them to let her wounds breath like he said. He had also told her that there might be a chance that the cuts would not turn into scars. If they did, they would be faint.

"Doc, can I please go up there?" Rihanna begged the Jack Rabbit, who was currently downing his third bottle of cactus juice. "Please, just one song?"

Doc sighed in defeat and tiredly waved her off. Rihanna smiled and started to push her way through the crowd towards the stage. Of course, people move as they did not want to get in the way of a rattlesnake, even one as docile as Rihanna. It was still slow goings as the saloon was pretty much packed.

Out of the corner of her eye, Rihanna caught a glimpse of a shadowy figure in a dark corner of the saloon. She turned and saw the scaly form of Rattlesnake Jake hunched over yet another bottle of liquor. She could see a total of around four or so empty bottles, plus the one he was still drinking from. "Wow, he can really hold his liquor." She thought as she continued to observe the outlaw. She shook her head and continued to the stage.

When she approached the microphone, the crowd broke out into cheers of joy. The snake smiled to herself. They had missed her.

"Um, hey everyone. This song is called "Cowboy Casanova". I hope it makes up for bein' gone for a week." Then the music started to play.

Just as he was about to take another swig from his drink, Jake paused when he heard Rihanna say something into the microphone. He glanced over at the stage to see the female rattlesnake up at the microphone, addressing the audience. Then some country rock type of music started to play.

You better take it from me, that boy is like a disease
You're running, you're trying, you're trying to hide
And you're wondering why you can't get free
He's like a curse, he's like a drug
You get addicted to his love
You wanna get out but he's holding you down
'Cause you can't live without one more touch

Jake was surprised. Instead of her voice being higher in pitch like it was before, it was slightly lower, perfectly matching with the music. She sounded pretty good actually. He found himself lightly bobbing his head to the beat, although it was most likely the five bottles of alcohol he had.

He's a good time cowboy casanova
Leaning up against the record machine
Looks like a cool drink of water
But he's candy-coated misery
He's the devil in disguise
A snake with blue eyes
And he only comes out at night
Gives you feelings that you don't want to fight
You better run for your life

(oh oh oh)

Rihanna looked over at Jake just in time to see him take another drink from the bottle. She hoped that he would not get drunk; the last thing this town needed was a drunk outlaw with loaded firearm as a rattle. One advantage to him drinking so much alcohol would be that he would have one hell of a headache when he woke up. She tried her best not to laugh at the image in her head of the most feared outlaw in the Mojave Desert suffering the effects of a hangover. The most she could do while she was singing was give a tiny smirk.

I see that look on your face
You ain't hearing what I say
So I'll say it again
'Cause I know where you been
And I know how it ends
You can't get away
Don't even look in his eyes
He'll tell you nothing but lies
And you wanna believe
But you won't be deceived
If you listen to me
And take my advice

He's a good time cowboy casanova
Leaning up against the record machine
Looks like a cool drink of water
But he's candy-coated misery
He's the devil in disguise
A snake with blue eyes
And he only comes out at night
Gives you feelings that you don't want to fight
You better run for your life

Run run away
Don't let him mess with your mind
He'll tell you anything you want to hear
He'll break your heart
It's just a matter of time
But just remember

Rihanna desperately fought the urge to just start dancing like a crazy person. Her wounds were still tender and she knew that if she was not careful, she could end up having Doc patching her up again. The song's tip-tapping beats did almost nothing to help her thought. So she just settled for nodding he head to the beat like so many others were doing.

He's a good time cowboy casanova
Leaning up against the record machine
Looks like a cool drink of water
But he's candy-coated misery
He's the devil in disguise
A snake with blue eyes
And he only comes out at night
Gives you feelings that you don't want to fight
You better run for your life

Oh you better run for your life
Oh you better run for your life

The minute the song ended people cheered and applauded loudly. Some of the men, drunk and sober, wolf whistled. She looked back in the direction of Jake and the two locked gazes for a moment before Rihanna moved back to the table where her friends sat, Jake's eyes following her from underneath the brim of his hat.

# # # # #

People started to disperse the saloon around ten thirty; although some were literally thrown out due to the typical bar fights. Rihanna left at around ten o'clock stating that she was feeling tired, which was surprising considering that she had spent a whole six days bedridden. More people followed after her until there were only a handful of people left, both conscious and unconscious. The noise and music was slowly dying down, much to Jake's relief.

He threw his head back and gulped down the last contents of the bottle. He had drunk more than six bottles of cactus juice and he was beginning to feel the effects of the alcohol. His mind was starting to go fuzzy and he felt only slightly nauseous, but it was nothing he could not handle. He set the bottle down on the counter and slithered to the door.

The moment the cold, night air from the desert hit him, his vision blurred. With a quick shake of his head, his vision cleared and he headed down the road to where the inn lay. He stumbled a few times, but luckily there was no one around to see him. Suddenly, he heard a familiar voice come from a nearby alley. He frowned in confusion and peeked around the corner to see the familiar serpentine figure of Rihanna.

"The hell is she doin' out 'ere?" Jake asked himself.

He then heard more voices; he recognised these ones as well. They belonged to the Gila Monster named "Bad Bill" and his posse. Jake snarled and loaded his gun. He never liked them. They were like criminal versions of Rango. Their mere presence irked him. His snarl twisted itself into a wicked sneer. He then slinked into the shadows. Maybe he could have some fun.

# # # # #

"Ah come on Love, just once fer old Bill."

Rihanna snarled and gave him a savage hiss, unsheathing her needle like fangs. Although, unlike last time, the Gila monster only flinched. He was probably too drunk to care. His friends, who were surrounding her with their guns drawn, took a step back in fear. This made the rattlesnake smirk. Bad Bill and his gang had ambushed her in the alley that she took as a short cut to her house and cut off her escape. Now the asshole wanted to 'have his way with her'- as if that would ever happen.

"In yer dreams, Asshole!" She replied, trying to look as menacing as possible.

Bill smirked. "Is that right?" He reached into a holster on his belt and pulled out a large knife. He looked at her with a wicked grin and started to strut towards her. "Well then, I think you should meet my lil' friend 'ere."

Rihanna stared at him as he drew closer, knife in hand. Her rattle started to shake, making the signature sound of a threatened rattlesnake. Bill just continued to smirk as he approached her. Then, without warning, he darted forward and sliced into her semi-healed cuts, leaving a thin gash across her hide. She hissed in pain, while the rest of the mob laughed at her pained cries. She covered the new injury with her tail and glared daggers up at the Gila monster, who was laughing as well.

Suddenly, a blur of scales burst from the shadows and engulfed Bill. The sudden jerk of him being wrapped in the muscular coils, made him drop his knife. He gasped in surprise as he found himself staring into the glowing hellfire eyes belonging to Rattlesnake Jake. His eyes widened in fear as the giant serpent hissed dangerously at him, Jake's eyes seemed to swirl like molten lava.

"Ye got a lot o' nerve corruptin' young girls." Jake growled, his voice deep and threatening, before tossing the lizard a good ten feet away. "If I ever catch ye in the act again, ye'll be joinin' Sheriff Amos in the pit!"

Jake smirked as he watched Bill pick himself up and scurry away, his posse right behind him. Once he made sure they were gone, he turned to face Rihanna, who was grimacing in pain from her new injury. His gaze softened slightly at the sight of her, but he still held a firm frown.

"Woman, ye make one hell of a damsel in distress." He said, glaring at her.

Rihanna looked up at the rattlesnake before her and returned the glare. "I didn't ask for your help. I was perfectly capable of handling it myself."

Jake rolled his eyes. Why did she have to be so difficult? "I saved yer miserable hide twice over the past week, Woman!" He then got right in her face and whispered. "Ye owe me."

Rihanna scoffed and backed away from him. "I don't 'owe you' anything! In fact, you should owe me! I'm the one who let you stay at my place after that hawk attacked you and not on my accord, let me tell you that! E-Even after what you did!"

"What? After I did what, woman?" Jake exclaimed, losing his patience with her.

Rihanna was close to tears now. "After you shot the sheriff and his deputy! After you caused the whole town to pack up and leave! After you shot me! After you... ruined!"

And thus ends another chapter of Poisonous Love! Rihanna was kind of having a mental break down there at the end. Although I can't help realizing that she is out of character.

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