The dropship lurches a little, rocking Blossom in her shoulder harness. She looks around to her sisters, Bubbles and Buttercup, and the other fifteen marines on-board the shuttle. Bubbles looks back and smiles, she never did get nervous when moving into the face of battle.

"Mind telling us what we are looking for on the bloody moon, ma'am?" One of the marines, a British man by the name of Ben, asks.

Blossom, the CO of this mission, nods at him. "At Oh-five hundred, professor Utonium's lab received a distress signal from one of his research stations on Luna. I'll play the recording now."

Blossom presses a few buttons on her wrist mounted command and control unit, and a female voice comes through the speakers on-bored the shuttle.

"Mayday! Mayday! This is Doctor Hellen Phillips, we have a breach! The Necromorphs have broken free from their cells, the security teams can't hold them off! We are requesting military support, repeat, we are requesting military support! If anyone gets this, for the love of God, send the powerpuff unit!"

A loud bang is heard, followed by an ungodly screeching noise.

"Oh god! Their trying to get through the door!" Gunshots blast into the recording. "No! Stay back! No!" There is an inhuman roar, and Dr. Phillips scream is cut off by static.

"Jesus-titty fucking-Christ." A bigger, bald, tattooed marine named Rick says.

Buttercup scrunches her brow. "She said Necromorph. Any clue as to what the hell that is?" She asks.

"Unknown, as of now, but the professor fears the worst." Bubbles replies.

"The scientific term for 'Necro' means dead, or deathly. And obviously 'Morph' means to transform or change." Blossom informs.

"So... What the fuck is the DeathlyTransformed?" Buttercup asks, confused.

"I don't know, sister, but it sure as fuck sounds ominous." A third marine, John, cuts in.

Rick laughs a hardy, deep laugh. "We are the goddamn Marines! The best of the best! Anything gets in our way we just cut em' down! Am I right marines?"

The other fourteen marines reply with a simultaneous 'Hoo-rah!' that reverberates through the dropship's hull. Blossom rolls her eyes and smiles, happy that she has the 'Best of the best' to back her up. Bubbles giggles, and Buttercup laughs full on.

The lighting inside the dropship cuts out, and a single red bulb illuminates the inside of the 'Holding Pen', as it's nicknamed, in an eerie glow. "Touchdown in one minute, everyone get ready." The pilots voice says through the speakers.

"Let's get tactical marines!" Buttercup exclaims.

The three super powered sisters and the other fifteen marines reach up for their weapons, and begin checking and rechecking them.

The marines were equipped with standard TAR-21 assault rifles, with the exception of Rick who carried the same MK46 LMG as Buttercup. Blossom was outfitted with a non-standard issue G36C, equipped with a holographic sight, under-slung flashlight, and extended magazines holding fifty 5.56mm NATO rounds. Bubbles was the only one not to have a fully automatic weapon.

She, instead, carried the mark XIX Desert Eagle, with a short muzzle break extension, laser sight, and extended magazines holing .50 holotip rounds. Twenty tally marks were scratched into either side of the reflective silver surface of the weapon. Forty kills were all Bubbles could fit onto the weapon before she ran out of room.

The pit of Blossoms stomach moves towards the front of the ship, indicating a decreasing of speed.

The pilots voice comes over the speakers. "Touchdown in three... two... one..." The shuttle bounces slightly, indicating its landing. The shoulder harnesses around it's cargo's torsos lift up, while the offloading ramp comes down.

"Move move move! Let's go! Everybody out! Take positions!" Blossom orders, waving the others past her. Making sure everyone is out, she then exits herself.

"Left flank, clear!" Bubbles informs. "Right flank, clear!" Buttercup echos. "Airlock doors, clear!" Rick says, standing with three other marines at the entrance to the base. "Roger. Pilot, as soon as we step through those doors I want you to depressurize this dock and take off." Blossom orders.

"I copy ma'am." The pilot responds.

"Heavy weapons, you're in first. Rick, Buttercup, take positions on either side of the airlock doors. You're our point men." Blossom says.

Following orders, Rick and Buttercup take position at either side of the airlock, and as it hisses open they move inside, sweeping their weapons to the left and right. "Clear!" Buttercup relays.

Blossom looks around the hallway. It was dim, but she could see. There was blood stroked across the floor, like someone had used a giant paintbrush soaked in blood. The bloody footprints told a different story, showing that someone had actually been dragged away.

The hallway went three ways, and signs indicated what was there. The hallway directly in front of them led to the mess halls, and then to the living area. The hallway to their right, with the blood trail, led to the med labs and armory. To the left was the security station, and generator rooms. Judging by the little light there was, the power must be almost completely turned off.

"All right, we are splitting into three teams. Buttercup, you and Ben take a team of three with you and see what you can find in the armory. Bubbles you and John do the same and head to the generators, see if you can't get the power back on. I'll take the Rick and everyone else to the living quarters and see if anyone is still here. Watch for survivors and keep in radio contact, let's move!" Blossom orders

"Blossom, is it really such a good idea to follow the trail of blood?" Buttercup asks.

"Are you scared, Buttercup?" Blossom teases. Buttercup shakes her head. "Not for me, no." She jabs a thumb at the marines going with her. "For them." Blossom makes a mocking 'awww' and says "So the big bad Buttercup does care!"

Buttercup looks angrily at Blossom and waves her team forward. "Alright, ladies, let's move!" She yells, and they proceed to the armory. "Let's move out, people." Bubbles says, and her team follows her to the generator room." Blossom smirks and leads her team to the mess halls.

A few minutes later she gently pushes on the radio bug in her ear and says "All teams, tune on your mics. I want radio chatter at all times, and give me a sit-rep!"

"This is Bubbles, still en-route to the generator rooms." Bubbles voice says.

"This is Buttercup, we just reached the armory. Loots like someone fried the locking mechanism from the inside. There's a whole lot of blood but not a single body." The sound of Buttercup pounding on the armory's door is heard. "Hey, anybody in there? We're hear to help!" She yells.

"Anything?" Blossom asks. "Negative. Seems like no ones home." Buttercup replies.

"This is Bubbles. Just reached the Generator room stairs. Proceeding down, over."

"Roger that Bubbles, check in when you reach the bottom."

"Orders, sis?" Buttercup asks. "Cut the doors open, see if anything useful is inside. No heat vision though, it'll burn straight through and I can't risk it cutting ope the bases protective armor." Blossom replies.

"Affirmative. Ben, get that cutter up and going!" Buttercup says, then keys off her mic.

By that time Blossom had reached the door to the mess hall. "Rick, on me, take cover near the door." Blossom says, and Rick moves to one side of the door as Blossom moves to the other. She nods at him and he nods back, and they sweep into the mess hall.

Unfortunately, it was pitch black. Blossom flicks on the flashlight on her gun, while the other marines flick on the flashlights on their helmets. Circles of light float across the walls and tables of the mess hall, lighting up half eaten food and blood soaked floors.

"Looks like everyone just up and left right in the middle of breakfast." Rick says, looking down at a plate of unfinished eggs. "Where the hell is everyone?"

Blossom keys her mic. "Buttercup, Bubbles, status report!"

"Buttercup here, we are halfway through the door. The sparks must be playing tricks with my eyes though, I thought I saw something move in the darkness down the hall to the med labs. That's the way the blood trail leads. Should I check it out?"

"Negative." Blossom replies. "Let's not do anything further until we finish what we've got now. One thing at a time."

"Roger, Buttercup out."

"Bubbles here, we just reached the generators. The place is empty. Ill begin reboot of the generators now. Standby."

"Roger Bubbles." Blossom replies. "The mess hall is completely dark, I'm hoping the Living quarters is better but try and be quick with that reboot. Blossom out."

Blossom waves her team forward, and they head through the second set of doors into the hallway to the living quarters. It, like the mess hall, was black.

"Eyes sharp, and watch your flanks. Overlap your lights, I want as little shadow as possible." Blossom says.

Rick and the three marines keep there lights moving in a left right up down pattern, checking every crevice. The five of them make there way down the dark, blood soaked hallway. So much blood. Where were all the damn bodies?

Buttercup's voice comes in over the mic. "Buttercup here, we got through the door. Looks like some small arms fire, and shells are all over the floor. Whatever party went down here we sure as hell missed it. There's blood everywhere. No sign of any other exit. So how the hell did whoever was in here get out?"

Blossom thinks for a moment. "Are there any air ducts maybe? Could they have used those to escape?"

There is a slight pause and Buttercup says "Yes actually. There are blood trails leading to the one vent in the room. But the vents grate isn't bent inwards, as if someone where trying to get out. They are bent outwards. Something use this vent to get IN to the room."

"Grab any extra ammo from the armory and then wait for further orders." Blossom says.

"Roger that."

"Bubbles, what's the sit-rep?"

"The reboots close to complete. But Blossom, I can here things. Somethings moving down here." Bubbles replies, a bit of an edge to her voice.

"Keep your eyes peeled, Bubbles. Don't shoot until you know if its a survivor or not." Blossom replies.

"Copy that.." Bubbles trails off.

"Blossom, we got all the ammo we could. There wasn't much left. We are filing back out into the hallway... Wait." Buttercups stops.

"Buttercup?" Blossom asks.

"There's... Something down the hall towards med labs. I can barley make it out in the shadows, it looks vaguely human."

"A survivor?"

"Possibly... Hey! Hey are you alright? We are here to help you! John, get some light on it."

"Buttercup, what's the situation?"

"What the fuck...?"

"Buttercup come back, whats going on?"

"Holy sh... It's coming this way! Fire! FIRE!"

Gunfire fills the radio.

"Buttercup! What's happening over there?" Blossom exclaims.

"Blossom, there's some weird fuckin' thing here! Took a shit ton of bullets to put it... Aw fuck! It's getting back up!"

More gunfire blasts.

"Aim for the head!"


"What the fuck! It's still coming! Holy shit, there's more of them! Fall back! FALL BACK!"

Gunfire fills the line yet again, and Blossom hollers into her mic. "Buttercup if you can hear me fall back to the airlock! We're coming to help you!" No response. She clicks of her mic and looks to her team.

"Let's move, people! Now!"

A/N: Toten Mond actually means Dead Moon in German. Why did I put it in German? Cuz German is amazing, that's why. And maybe for something later into the story. Reviews are appreciated. ^_^