Chapter One:

"Death is the beginning of immortality" ~Maximilien Robespierre

I'm not sure what woke me; the shadow passing over my face or the long, unkempt grass tickling my back. I slowly opened my eyes, but nothing met me but darkness. My left arm was in an awkward position underneath my back palm-up, making it very moist and stiff. On the other hand, my right arm was rested comfortably on my damp stomach. I quickly ripped my arm from under my back, feeling the pain jostling my attention. I held it above my head – still lying on the soft grass – and examined it; but for some odd reason, It blended in unnaturally with the darkness around me. Gloomy, unfathomable darkness; and I was a part of it.

Nothing was visible. Not even my own body. It gave the most foreboding feeling; that of both sadness and depression. It was bad enough I had no clue where I was, but the fact I was in one of the saddest places ever encountered in my lifetime made it that much worse. Just an endless void, nothing here nor there. However, I knew something must be there, for grass still lived on the current plane of existence. The question was: did I even wish to see beyond my optical borders? The answer was most likely a resounding "no".

I sat up in my dark trance. My legs were spread out at an angle from my body. Being engulfed in darkness was quickly chipping away at my remaining sanity; so I resolved to stand up and move. Standing up was no easy feat, though, and required intense concentration. My legs felt as if they were made of lead... As if I hadn't used them in ages. I managed, but barely.

I started walking straight forward instead of any other direction; it was best to stick to a predetermined path: one direction. I didn't quite understand what was happening, and my primal instincts told me I should be panicking beyond belief at this moment. Yet, something suppressed those modern feelings of shock and surprise. It may have been due to the steadiness of the air around me... Or the wonder of my current predicament; I wasn't exactly too sure at the minute. In fact, I wasn't too sure of anything at the minute. Where are all-

But before I could finish my thought, light.

I could finally examine my surroundings; however, the calmness of the static darkness was gone. I was suddenly thrust into the unknown world. If I wasn't so zen, I most likely would have screamed at the sudden burst of light flooding from the sky. Instead, I simply flinched, nothing more.