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Now It's Our World

Chapter 1 – He's A Winner

Sonny's POV – One Year Later

"Sonny, what the hell are we doing at the Oscars?!" Chad yells, giving me a death glare.

"Calm down, and come on, Cooper. It's going to be good for you, I promise!" I tell him, dragging him out of the limo. What's going on, you ask? Well, me and the rest of the world are keeping a little secret from Chad. See, nobody's told him that he's been nominated for Best Actor – it's a surprise! And I got an official phone call yesterday, telling me that he's won; it was all up to me to get him to come. I'm so excited! We step onto the red carpet, and I'm instantly blinded by all the flashing cameras, people, noise…don't get confused, Sonny! This is supposed to be Chad's moment!

"Sonny, I still have no idea what you're trying to accomplish," Chad says, loud enough for me to hear him over the noise. He puts on a fake grin, acting as if he knows what he's doing, and slips an arm around my waist, leading me along in my dazed state.

"Don't worry! You'll see soon enough," I reply, as some guys with cameras beg us to pose for them. We're, like, the hottest couple in Hollywood right now, and because of Chad, I tend to get attacked by paparazzi quite often (which, I must add, scares me a little. I'm not used to getting all that attention), but he's always somewhere to save me. I'm still blinded by the flashes, but as Chad is putting up quite an act of knowing what he's doing, he manages to get us near the end of the strangely long red carpet. Wow.

"Chad Dylan Cooper and Sonny Munroe!" Someone calls out to us. I mentally squeal – all of these people know who I am! It's really exciting; never in my life had I dreamed I'd be with a guy as great and loving as Chad, at a place as amazing as this.

The guy who yelled out our names runs up to us, followed by a cameraman, and starts firing questions like bullets out of a sharp shooter's gun. Chad manages to answer every single one within a nanosecond of them being asked, and I remain confusedly silent. I will never understand how he and all these other celebrities manage to do this!

"So, Sonny, how's that plan of yours coming along?" The reporter guy asks me, with a wink. Creepy dude…

"See for yourself!" I giggle, still confused and caught up in the happy atmosphere around me. Chad and I walk in to the auditorium-like structure, only to be greeted by more flashes, as we run to our seats.

"Y'know what, Sonny?" Chad whispers in my ear, loud enough for only me to hear, and takes my hand in his.

"What?" I ask, wondering what he's going to say.

"I'd rather have stayed home with you," he replies, "We could've been all alone, and had the house all to ourselves…" This guy will never change.

"You and your dirty thoughts…" I say, with a fake sigh. He chuckles.

"Love you, Sonshine."

"Love you too, Chaddy."

After a tedious age of waiting, the moment we'd been waiting for finally arrives.

"And now, for the Best Actor award!"

"Can you believe they didn't even nominate me?" Chad growls, as the people on-stage start to ramble about something unrelated. He starts to ramble too. "I mean, I'm the greatest actor of our generation, for crying out loud! The Mack Falls movie was probably the most amazing thing CDC has ever starred in! And co-directed!"

"And the Oscar for Best Actor goes to…Chad Dylan Cooper!"

Not noticing this, he keeps on rambling random nonsense, and I punch him lightly to get his attention.

"You Chad-iot! You won!" I say, laughing.

"I what?" he asks, shocked. He's so cute when he's shocked. Heck, he's always cute.

"You won! Now get up there!" I tell him, pushing him. He runs up to the stage, totally confused and shocked, as the place erupts into thunderous applause. I try to hold back my giggles. Chad's so cute when he's confused!

Someone, who I currently can't place a name to (I'm still confused too!), hands Chad the award, and someone else hands him a microphone. He stands there for a moment, probably thinking about what to say. "Okay, this one was really a surprise, so I haven't got a speech or anything… Uh, damn! I'm so good that I won without even being nominated!" he says, grinning. A mic is thrown to me, and I decide to use this moment to make Chad laugh along with me.

"You were nominated, you Chad-iot!" I say, a little dazzled by the way the speakers are projecting my voice throughout the huge hall. I sound so…shaky!

"Hmm, but I'm your Chad-iot!" He laughs, making everyone else laugh as well. "Wait…I JUST WON AN OSCAR!"

"Yep!" I squeal, sounding like an excited fan.

"Aw, come here, Sonny!" Chad says, and I run up to hug him. "I hate you so much, you stunningly hot meany."

"I hate you too, you adorable idiot!" I say.




"Fine!" The crowd laughs at our now-famous fight.

"Did they just hear all of that?" I ask. I got so caught up in the crazy moment that I forgot about the microphones.

"Yeah!" The crowd yells, and Chad laughs.

"See how much they love us?" He smirks, and I sigh.

"They love you, Chad. I'm just a nobody," I say, and he frowns. The crowd 'aww's, so I quickly add, "Hey, I didn't say I didn't like being a nobody!"

"That's 'cause you aren't just a nobody. You're Sonny Munroe, the sweetest, kindest, most beautiful, amazing girl I've ever met. You've shaken my whole world and thrown it back the right way around. And lemme tell ya something, Sonshine; you've given me a reason to do all of this. I wouldn't be here without you in my life, and you know it. You ruined me, baby!" Chad says, laughing at the end. The imaginary audience in my head awws this time, as does the real crowd again.

"I ruined you? You made me go mad!" I say, crying with happiness. Only Chad can pull off something as crazy as this at a prestigious event like the Oscars!

"Sonny, I really love you. Like, a lot," Chad says, and gets down on one knee in front of me. He gets something out of his pocket. It's a sparkling ring, with a simple single diamond - as simple as it is beautiful. Oh my gosh…is he proposing? "I couldn't live even a day without you. I love you more than my own life, and I don't know what I'd do if I'd never have met you. Sonny, will you marry me?"

Without thinking for even a second, I give him my answer. "YES!" I squeal. He stands up, and I throw myself at him, hugging him tightly. "Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, y –" I'm cut off by his lips on mine, kissing me. He pulls away, grinning.

"You're so crazy, Sonny. And I love you so much; I think I'm going mad!" He slips the ring onto my finger, and I'm suddenly giggling like crazy, while the crowd keeps aww-ing.

"I love you too, my Chad-iot!" I say through my giggle fit, throwing my arms around his neck.

"Congratulations, Mrs Cooper." He says, lifting me up and spinning me around, and around, and… "OW!" We've fallen off the stage, but we still can't stop laughing. "See how crazy your love is making me?"

And that's the first chapter! Hope you enjoyed it, and there's more to come soon – expect drama in the next one! :)

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