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Now It's Our World

Chapter 20 – Stupid Tragedy

Chad's POV

It's been a week since the middle of the night murder incident. The tension levels in this house have reached bursting point. Sadness is still present, and the tense silence that lingers in the air is so thick that I can almost reach out and touch it, or slice it with a knife. Nobody seems to want to talk to each other anymore, unless it's completely necessary, and that irks me. It's not so much the fact that nobody wants to talk – the silence itself is what irks me.

I don't like silence. It drives me insane, and slowly, that's what it seems to be doing now. It makes me think of those endless days of being locked alone in that white room, two years ago. That's why I'd been scribbling and writing on the walls when I was stuck in that mental hospital. Yes, I consider it to be a mental hospital – it was more that than a rehabilitation centre. And the loneliness, the silence, the solitude of that room, had been slowly causing me to lose my mind.

There. I said it. I admitted that I was going mental.

Anyway, back to the present. Today is the day of Tia's funeral, and I'm alone in my room. Tawni and Chris have already left for goodness knows where. Maybe Tawni wants to go glamorize a coffin or something. Who really knows, with that girl and her messed up mind? (Don't say anything about my messed up mind.) Kat and Sonny are in the kitchen, discussing something I don't know or care about. And I'm alone, seated on the edge of my bed, resting my head on my hands. No, it isn't because I'm sad about my daughter's death. I'm not affected by it at all, to be honest. I never even accepted that Tia was my daughter. It's because I'm stressed. Stressed, afraid, confused… What if I get caught? I'll end up with a life sentence in prison, or Tawni will just kill me on the spot – there's no doubt about that.

"Chad! It's time to go!" Sonny shouts from downstairs, and I sigh. I have no plans of respecting any traditions, so I simply pull on a black t-shirt, along with the light, faded jeans I'd been wearing. I step into my beat-up navy blue Converse, and walk out of the room and downstairs, holding my phone.

"You ready?" Kat asks me, looking concerned. At least I have nothing to hide from her and Sonny. There's no way I could've hidden it from them for too long anyway.

"I don't even wanna go," I mumble, and grab a slice of buttered toast off the worktop. We don't even get decent food in this house anymore.

"You have to go, Chad. If you don't, people will get suspicious," Sonny says simply, and I say nothing against that. Instead, I silently eat my toast, aware of their stares.

"Come on," Kat says when I've finished eating, and walks out of the house. Sonny and I follow, and we get in her car – Sonny on the passenger seat, and me at the back. No one says anything, so I lean forward and hit the radio button. Loud music starts to play, and none of us can resist. We all exchange knowing glances, and without warning, burst out into a chorus of song.

Yup, together, the three of us belong in hyper city. (:P) Whatever the situation may be, we automatically know what we're all are thinking. And that is what we're thinking. But as the car nears the church, we turn down the music and stop singing, so as to keep away from any unwanted attention. That sure will raise suspicion.

You know, I'm actually quite proud of myself for killing Tia. I know that sounds horrible, but it's true. And I'm even happier that Sonny and Kat aren't that mad at me – after all, they know the story. It's just kind of amusing that no-one in the house really suspects me for the murder.

We arrive at the church, and after Kat parks the car right in front of the gate, we step out, looking like some kind of spy team. You know, wearing sunglasses and all that.

"Kat?" I say, grinning as we walk into the church. I wanna tell her about the spy thing.

"Chad, you're at your daughter's funeral. Why the heck are you smiling?!" Kat asks, glaring at me, "I mean, maybe people wouldn't care much if Sonny did that –"

"Which I wouldn't," Sonny adds in.

Kat continues to yell at me, "Yeah. Maybe they'd even forgive me for it, but you can't! And you're an actor. If you aren't really upset, at least act like you are."

"Fiiine," I say, abandoning the idea of telling her. I take off my sunglasses, and stare at the crowd of people dressed in black funereally clothing. They have these sad, tragic looks on their faces, but the funniest thing is that I don't recognise many of them. A few are definitely people who work at the nearest hotel that Chris owns, but the rest are completely unfamiliar. And most of them are female – they're all probably Tawni's friends.

Suddenly, someone literally comes up and attacks me with a tight hug. She's sobbing like crazy, and I realise it's Tawni.

"Chaaaaad," she whines, "I can't believe this!"

"Really? Even after a week of destructive silence and Chris constantly talking about it, you can't believe it?" I ask, in something of a sarcastic tone. She glares at me like she's trying her best not to do something to harm me.

"No. Now come on; you were her father, and you need to be involved in this. Go with Chris – he's got your suit. I knew you wouldn't even try to look decent."

This is the stupidest funeral ever. And it's the only reason I'm starting to regret killing Tia… But Jordan's work isn't done yet. Oh no, he still has many more villains to get rid of, and one by one, he's going to kill them all…

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